Tuesday, 30 August 2011

British Midland International Wonderful Sale

Cairo is Capital of Egypt and most popular vacation spot for visitors, it includes fashionable malls, fancy restaurants to cultural souks, browse the wonders of the Egyptian Museum. We suggest you to spend some days so you can briefly uncover the more authentic, hidden pleasures of this inspiration of Arab world.
The contemporary art prospect in Cairo is electrifying, wired of multimedia, so shopping opportunities are widely available with reasonable prices, its markets are fully crowded you will find carnival at streets and different stalls beside roads. Arrange your trips with BMI, as Cairo awaits your appearance and get benefits of cheap flights.

The Sphinx Giza Cairo Egypt

We are offering bargained fares to Amman from £129, Beirut from £149, Cairo from £81, Damascus from £149, Dammam & Riyadh from £159. These fares are applicable for sales and ticketing from 1st Sep – 20th Sep 2011, travel may commence from 1st Nov – 31st Mar 2012. Above given fares is return and published without taxes, children and infants discounts apply.


South African Airways Offers Luxury Flights

South Africa welcomes you with open arms to its shore and home of warmest attractions, Arrive and experience hospitality of its inhabitants, where you go you will feel wide variety of fascinating cultures and local traditions.

People are friendly and guide you through natural wonders, wild life and modern, don’t miss beachcombing, vintage shopping and gallery hopping and archaic architecture which will make your journey unforgettable. The Airline also offers you fast check in, on board audio visual entertainment, variety of meal so take pleasure in extravagance flight of South African.

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Cape Town

Cheap flights to Johannesburg are starting from £209 and Cape Town flights are available with starting price of £279. These impressive airfares are announced for limited time period starting from now onwards and will remain applicable up 20th Sep 11.


Gulf Air Launches Amazing Airfares to Middle East

Billionaire sketches Name in Sand, yes its none other than Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan UAE based billionaire has his named carved out in latter’s so large on private island hence it is visible from space.
Each alphabet is 1 kilometer tall and spread over 3km of sands, they have a special crew who created it by digging deep and creating waterway, reason behind is it will absorb the tide on Island. To explore these wonders book your flight today with Gulf Air and experience the excitement in Middle East.

Palm Island Dubai

Cheap flights to Abu Dhabi are starting from £99, Doha from £179, Dubai from £99, Kuwait from 159, Muscat from £145, Bahrain from £199 and Dammam from £199. These fares are being offered for short time period so don’t delay and book your flights immediately.

However fares will be valid up to 4th Sep 11. Flights departing from London Heathrow are eligible for these fares from 30th Aug – 30th Nov 11. Black out period is starting from 22nd Oct – 30th Oct for both inbound and outbound flights.


China Airlines Taiwan Special

Taiwan has numerous powerful attractions for visitors, it is an island containing most captivating sceneries, breathtaking views of northern beach surrounded by mountains, warm hearted and most civilized people and famous for their hospitality.
You have an open chance to experience and explore sensational cuisines, enthralling cultural mix, shopping centers with boutiques and night markets, on-land sports, Art galleries, contemporary restaurants; it is our guaranteed that you will definitely enjoy holidays on this tiny island. It is so easy to make this journey cherished book a flight with China Airlines and get most excited fares.
Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Taiwan

We are offering cheap flights to Taiwan with basic price of £409, for a travel season which initiates from 30th Aug – 11th Dec 11, 24th Dec – 31st Dec 11, 1st Jan – 28th Jun 12, however these fares may be available for sales and ticketing from today onwards up to and including 30th Sep 2011.


Monday, 29 August 2011

Royal Air Brunei Makes Asia and Australia Cheaper

Fly in Sky over a bright and beautiful city “Melbourne” in Air balloon and experience chunk of enjoyment. This city is blessed with glorious sights and pleasures one of them is The National Gallery of Victoria, it is oldest art gallery in Melbourne it contains intellectual collection of art from Asia and Europe; it includes aborigine art as well.

If you are an avid photographer, this museum will give you much to photograph and enjoy gallery is situated in center of city. Royal Brunei Airlines have decrease prices for these destinations take benefits by saving a lot of money.
Caravan Parks Darwin Australia

Cheap flights to Melbourne are starting from £595, Dubai from £229, Kota Kinabalu, Manila, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Shanghai from £379. We are selling these fares from date up to 30th Sep 2011, though Airline have defined travel season in to two categories 09 OCT- 08 DEC 11 /  17 JAN – 31 MAR 12.

Most striking news for traveler is Royal Brunei Airlines are offering these tickets with any minimum stay restriction so purchase these tickets if you are not stay long

Ravishing Business Class Seat Offers to Mauritius

Air Mauritius proudly presents astounding promotional offer on its luxurious Business Class seats named as Early Bird Special, valid for sale from 27th August, 2011 until 30th September, 2011.  The carrier commence its outbound journey from London Heathrow for the travel season starting from 04th January, 2012 till 01st February, 2012 and18th February, 2012 till 21st March, 2012.

You can get cheap business class flights to Mauritius starting from only £1050(exclusive of taxes) with the validity of 3 months ticket. The carrier does not permit any kind of any shows, date changes, rerouting and one way flights in this offer however, discounts on child ranging from 2 yrs. till 12yrs are provided to passengers.
For booking and more information about flight schedules and for reservations contact us.
The Middle Eastern carrier, Gulf Airways delightfully presents spectacular summer Sale on its Economy class seats, effective for booking from 27th August, 2011 till 04th September, 2011.
In this limited time sale offers travellers can get a chance to experience the widest attractions of Middle East at fabulous discounted offers. Travel season begins from today 27th August, 2011 till 30th November, 2011 from London Heathrow only whereas as black out season on outbound and inbound flight is restricted for travelling from 22nd October, 2011 till 31st October, 2011.
Grand Hyatt Muscat Oman
You can get round trip cheap flights to Bahrain and Dammam starting from as low as £204(exclusive of taxes) with the maximum stay period of only 3months. In this stunning sale travellers can avail date changes on both ways by paying a charge of only £50. The carrier also offers Baggage allowance of 30 KGs per adult with approximately 8 KGs of hand luggage complementary. Moreover you can get cheap flights to Abu Dhabi starting from only £105, Doha£180, Dubai£105, Kuwait£160 and Muscat£145(exclusive of taxes).

Cheap flights to Bahrain Gulf Airways Late Summer Sale

The Middle Eastern carrier, Gulf Airways delightfully presents spectacular summer Sale on its Economy class seats, effective for booking from 27th August, 2011 till 04th September, 2011.

In this limited time sale offers travellers can get a chance to experience the widest attractions of Middle East at fabulous discounted offers. Travel season begins from today 27th August, 2011 till 30th November, 2011 from London Heathrow only whereas as black out season on outbound and inbound flight is restricted for travelling from 22nd October, 2011 till 31st October, 2011.

Grand Hyatt Muscat Oman

You can get round trip cheap flights to Bahrain and Dammam starting from as low as £204(exclusive of taxes) with the maximum stay period of only 3months. In this stunning sale travellers can avail date changes on both ways by paying a charge of only £50. The carrier also offers Baggage allowance of 30 KGs per adult with approximately 8 KGs of hand luggage complementary. Moreover you can get cheap flights to Abu Dhabi starting from only £105, Doha£180, Dubai£105, Kuwait£160 and Muscat£145(exclusive of taxes).


Korean Air Limited Release Airfares to Oceania | Cheap flights sydney

Korean Air is one of top 20 airlines in world and also a sky team member, with 118 aircrafts and operates almost 400 flights per day to 89 destinations in 33 countries. National flagged carrier of Korea has introduced some extra flights between Seoul and Both Australia and New Zealand to cater high volume of passenger in winter season, six additional flights will be operated to/from Brisbane in a week.
Korean will operate 10 flights per week to both Sydney and Auckland and 3 flights will provide through connection to London on return journey from Auckland but Sydney’s flight still provide free STPC.

Akaroa New Zealand

We are offering cheap flights to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from £449, Auckland, Honolulu and Guam from £468, Fiji from £486. These fares are valid for sales and ticketing from today onwards and will be valid up to 31st Sep 2011.

Travel season is starting from 27th Aug – 6th Apr 2012. Korean Air provides free stopover in Seoul, discounts on children and infants’ ticket with a facility of one way fares

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Stepping in to Cuba’s Heartbeat with business class flights to Havana

Before the communist revolution Havana was one of the best tempting spot in Caribbean and later on in 1990s when Cuba reopened tourism it has become a famous destination once again. It has romantic and vivacious atmosphere, people are devoted and friendly and forget any myth you have heard before.

Over 500 years of history have combined Latin America’s most electrifying and culturally sole society. It contains traditionally sights aside, concocted amusement park, and range of museums, beautifully preserved palaces, top hotels and tasty restaurants. Travel to this breathtaking destination with luxurious flights of Air Europa in Business Class.

Havana Beach Cuba

You can find business class flights to Havana with starting price of £1187; fares are valid for sales and ticketing from today onwards up to 15th Sep 2011. Though travel may happen any time from now and including 31st Mar 2012 except 2nd Dec – 5th Dec & 11th Dec – 30th Dec 2011 for outbound and 6th Dec – 11th Dec & 1st Jan – 19th Jan 2012.


Business Class flights to Bridgetown

Comfort, Convenience, Luxury combined with affordability and class is what we call Perfect Business class flights to Bridgetown.

We bring to you a promise of excellent service from the moment you dial us to the moment you land in the amazing city of Bridgetown.
We bring to you a feeling of care, that our experts leave no stone unturned in bringing out the finest airlines and cheapest business class offers to Bridgetown at your screen.
We bring to you a trust, that what you buy is the best you can find.

And how we do it? We enable you to zoom through all the airlines to Bridgetown and all the business class fares to Bridgetown advertised, announced, promoted and on their way !!!

Put your details in our online search engine and you can check from the lists of top airlines, one world alliance carriers, star alliance airlines, award winning as well as low cost airlines to Bridgetown with all their comprehensive business class flight offers, recent promotions, sale fares, early bird and last minute ticket offering great bargains and all that in decent price.

We believe in making every experience- a great experience !


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Deluxe spa experience while flying through the clouds | Emirates Airbus A380

Emirates proudly bringing you an update regarding its A380’s flights inauguration from London Heathrow with double daily flights (Outbound flight EK01 & EK03) and daily flight from Manchester (Outbound flight EK17).
Experience the most luxurious travel amenities on environment friendly double decker aircraft operating flights from UK to Dubai and beyond to chosen destinations around the globe. Emirates understands air travel can be tiring particularly during long haul flights, that’s why it includes two shower spas then indulge in a deluxe spa experience while flying through the clouds.

Emirates Airbus A380

Deep relax in harmony, socialize with your fellows and beloved through satellite phone, WIFI, Email. When you are ready for a snack, beverages its First Class and Business Class offer the perfect on board lounge, located on upper deck. If you value privacy and personalized facilities then close the door and enjoy your private suit, it is available with sliding door, a personal mini bar, adjustable ambient lighting, vanity table, mirror and wardrobe.

If you want to lie down and sleep, well trained crew will switch your seat to a fully flat bed so you can arrive at your destination completely refreshed. Emirates offers cheap flights to Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Narita, Malaysia, Manila, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and other a lot of destinations worldwide so book your flight today and share your experience with us.


Friday, 26 August 2011

Qatar Airways Knows Your Desires! Cheap flights Bangkok

In a place better known for its vibrancy and tropical realm and sanitized efficiency can be defined as dreamland, where local artists and entrepreneurs are finding many innovative ways to nourish their town with art and fashion though it’s fully blended with old historical temples and architecture.

Bangkok clearly has more potential than other places to greet visitors and entertain with variety of contemporary and typical cuisines, cheap hotels and restaurants, night clubs. Qatar Airways enlighten these attractions with its amazing airfares and tempting flights, so contact us now and book your share as Qatar Airway’s Hot Summer Offer is valid till 31st Aug 2011.

Sunset Bangkok City Thailand

Cheap flights to Bangkok are starting from £246, Amritsar from £245, Abu Dhabi/Dubai from £119, Colombo from £219, Cape Town from £259, Dacca from £199, Entebbe from £169, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar from £227, Johannesburg from £238, Melbourne from £369 and Male from £299. Travel seasonality is starting from 26th Aug up to 15th Jul 2012.


Cheap flights to Singapore

Singapore is well dynamic, convention and tropical paradise. It is rare hybrid, stylish resorts with world class business amenities. Conventioneers reap the benefits when they decide get together in a town where combining business conference with pleasure on waterfront terrace kissed by glorious sun shine and soft breeze.

It is boasting centrally located international airport, latest meeting facilities, white sand beaches, well renowned dining at wide range of hotels and resorts. Feel the real touch of contemporary music, exciting night life and experience wine at world’s prominent bars. Take a flight with Finn Air’s remarkable airfares via Helsinki.

Night Safari Singapore

Finn Air operates non-stop flights to ten magical destinations in Asia throughout the week and reveals cheap flights to Singapore with starting price of £290 from London Heathrow and £300 for departures from Manchester. Travel period is beginning from 6th Sep 2011 up to 31st Mar 2012 and selling period is defined from 29th Aug – 22nd Sep 2011. Blackout dates will cease outbound/inbound flights from 15th Dec – 8th Jan 2012 under this fare


Thursday, 25 August 2011

cheap flights to the City of Glamour USA

Miami is famous for its contemporary art, Latin culture, and high-octane nightlife and there is no quite place like Miami. It’s one of hottest spot in universe for hospitality, sun-splashed vibe. Greater Miami has been famously rising out the welcome for visitors around the world more than decades.

Biscayne Bay Miami Florida USA

It is famous for sophisticated and seductive beaches with sizzling array of clubs, bars, nightspots, hotels and restaurants. Miami offers breathtaking world class dining, culture, shopping and tourism with most diverse and exotic attractions. It has become best place for business meetings, hoteliers have put all efforts to make it a dynamic international city and Virgin Atlantic has also taken a smart decision by revealing head spinning airfares to Miami and other US destinations.

Give us opportunity to offer you cheap flights to Miami £47, New York City from £65, Boston from £65, Washington D C from £69, Chicago from £94, Los Angeles from £99, San Francisco from £115, Las Vegas from £229 and Orlando from £67. Fares are applicable for sales and ticketing including 25th Aug – 20th Sep 2011 and Travel may commence from 1st Sep – 22nd Jun 2012


cheap flights Delhi and Mumbai

The Capital of India has become the core of collective aspiration, fashion, art, beauty, business and government. It is a city of loyalties where migrants and refugees from all over the India came in and made it their temporary home and later on city turned to the global hub for fashion, media, technology and manufacturing.

Mumbai is not behind the capital it has Bollywood and financial markets, mazelike bazaars, veiled by smoke from street stall frying pans, it is India’s most contradictory and aggressively modern city; therefore number of visitors discover Indian culture and sights every year.

Gateway of India Mumbai India

Hence Lufthansa has decided to expand flights connectivity options from London Gatwick Airport as well as from Heathrow, now more passenger can take this opportunity to book flight with minimum stopover in Frankfurt.

LH 897 LGW FRA    0945    1220
LH 756 FRA BOM    1320    0135+1
LH 757 BOM FRA    0325    0745
LH 896 FRA LGW    0845    0910
LH 897 LGW FRA   0945    1220
LH 760 FRA DEL   1330    0115+1
LH 761 DEL FRA    0305    0705
LH 896 FRA LGW    0845    0910
These flights will start operating from 30th Oct 2011 and are available to book from now onwards.

cheapest flights to Chengdu and Shanghai

Etihad Airways is delighted to announce new flight routes to couple of major destinations in China, these services will allow more passenger to China via Abu Dhabi flights. Along with daily flight to Beijing now passenger can experience more of China with Etihad Airways, it will offer 4 weekly flights to Chengdu effective from 15th December 2011 and 5 weekly flights to Shanghai commencing from 1st Mar 2012.
Chengdu a city richly endowed with natural wonders and ancient temples including the Buddhist mountain of Emei and the Giant Panda Research and Breeding Centre. The sight sounds and sheer vibrancy of Shanghai and its popular attractions such as The Bund and Yuyuan Garden, explore its high-rise hotels, chaotic night markets where surprises await at every turn.

Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai China

The Chinese experience begins onboard with Chinese cuisines, Mandarin entertainment and Mandarin speaking crew will be available with luxurious flights. You can find out cheap flights to Shanghai and Chengdu through our website or by calling our reservations so don’t let this offer go and start booking your flights today.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cheap flights to Kathmandu

World’s five stars Qatar based national carrier presents stunning airfares to Kathmandu in order to fascinate passengers with its luxurious flights and additional facilities. This exotic city is blessed with calm weather, soothing and fresh environment in simple way it is budget traveler’s paradise, sleep relax, cheap hotels and restaurants with astounding array of delicious meals.

Kathmandu is a place where you can trek independently and don’t forget to hit Himalayas and their foothills to make this trip audacious. Kathmandu is enchanting alleys and temples are presenting prominent view of culture, music and colors of love and peace, we have arranged a light budgeted package for you with Qatar Airways.

Kathmandu Valley Nepal

Whereas cheap flights to Kathmandu are opening from £339 from London Heathrow Airport and lowest airfares are available with initial price of £397 from Manchester Airport.
Airline makes some relaxations to continue vibrancy, as tickets were non-refundable before but now refund permitted after cancellation fees, free stopover in Doha is allowed on inbound journey, max stay improved with 6 months validity. These tickets must be purchase


United and Continental Airline growing togather

United Continental holding subsidiaries Continental and United Airways has confirmed first of its Boeing 787 Dream liner fleet has entered in to assembly stage in Washington. Both airlines ordered 25 aircraft each and United Airlines will be first North American airline to take delivery of the jumbo jet in early 2012, these fleets will be configured with 36 flat beds in Business cabin, 63 extra leg room premium economy seats and 120 seats in economy.

Now travelers will experience elegant and sleek interior, seats with enhanced comfort, improved lighting, windows bigger than before, larger overhead bins, increased cabin humidity, extensive ventilation system, reduced cabin pressure along with other user friendly features.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Inside

United Continental will announce the 787 flight plan later this year and official says new aircraft will be very comfortable and customer pleasing aircrafts, with its range, fuel efficiency, noise reduced engine, excellent operating economics will allow luxurious flights to enter new long haul routes.

You will be able book cheap flights to Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and many more destinations with new release.

Qantas & American Airlines Joint services on Trans Pacific Routes

To cater more passengers efficiently Qantas anticipated authorization for Joint Business Agreement (JBA) with American Airlines. Under the agreement both airlines will co-ordinate operations on routes among Australia/New Zealand and United States and relevant services which support and connect these routes. This agreement is likely to result in improved products, including highly developed schedule services, connectivity and passenger satisfaction.

Qantas and American Airlines Logo
American and Qantas airlines are ready to provide their non-stop services from major airports and regional flights on extra ordinary amazing and cheap rates. This agreement makes travel simple and straight with no hassle and takes complete luggage from your departure airport to final destination.

This authorization will allow public benefits and satisfaction as Virgin Australia and Delta airlines are conducting services with their mutual collaboration on routes from Australia to United States. Book cheap flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to United States and vice versa as it take seconds to display results

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Virgin Atlantic Airways to New York Skyscraper City


               Cheap flights to New York

UK’s leading carrier “Virgin Atlantic” is pleased to announce splendid treat for its passenger to City of Skyscraper, this place is no more expensive and brings a lot of opportunities to hang out with family and friends. New York City gives endless pleasure and excitement to visitors so they can stand out and learn the way how city drives.

New York City has wide range of attractions, Times Squares, the statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art and its slight mind boggling for first timer. Find out a cheap flight isn’t an easy task to perform but Virgin Atlantic’s tempting fares are screaming in international market, thus prevent wasting your time and let us book you under this amazing deal.

Bill Baggs State Park Florida

We are giving room to find cheap flights to New York city with number of airlines, but take in to consideration that Virgin Atlantic is available with more reasonable options which are starting from £89, not even this the airline may also put forward discounted airfares to Boston from £89 and Miami from £109.


Tiki Tour & cheap flight to New Auckland Zealand

Tiki Tour not only offer wide range of sightseeing journey also satisfaction for passengers as they are leaving home and work for a reason and they are keen to deliver their best.

This occasion a huge opportunity knocks at your door which is blessed with cheap fares and exotic destinations with hysterically pleasure. Put together your plans with your beloved and dive in to adventurous trip with Air New Zealand to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for an ultimate wonders and radiant places to discover.

Rangitoto Island Auckland

Cheap flights to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are ready to take you with luxurious caring with initial price of £474, these fares will allow passengers to travel from London Heathrow via Los Angeles & Hong Kong on or after 22nd Aug – 30th Nov 2011, therefore passengers may book these flights for ticketing purposes from 22nd Aug – 3rd Oct 2011.


Qatar Airways Even better

World’s five stars Airline “Qatar Airways” announces new routes to many alluring destinations in 2011, Kolkata, Oslo, Sofia, Syrian city of Aleppo, Montreal, Venice and Shiraz are few of them.
According to recent news release the airline added Chongqing (CKG), China in to its extensive network to start fascinating passengers with its inaugurated flight from 27th Nov 2011. With marriage of new routes airline announces competitive fares so passengers can now book their trip with one stop flight via Doha.

Chongqing City China

Flights will take place from London Heathrow and Manchester airport for your easiness you can book cheap flights to Chongqing with starting price of £199 from London, £219 from Manchester. Introductory selling period is defined for a month time which is starting from 23rd Aug and will proceeding till 20th Sep 2011.


Discount to Mexico and Central America - cheap flights

United Airways brings a hurry offer with stunning airfares to various destinations in Central America and Mexico. This hurry offer will go live from 23rd Aug and expire on 24th Aug 2011 but can give amazing discounts on all departures for allocated flights. Then what are you thinking? Don’t waste time and put your all efforts to not let it go because you have never heard about fares similar to this event.

San Luis Potosi Mexico

We are delightfully offering cheap flights to Mexico & Cancun from £149, Guadalajara, Acapulco, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Morelia, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosi, Tampico and Veracruz from £109. Low airfares to Guatemala City and Managua, from £179, Panama City from £199, San Salvador from £177, San Pedro Sula, Roatan and Toncontin from £179, San Jose and Liberia from £199

Always bringing latest updates, flight news, flight deal to you!


Monday, 22 August 2011

Finn Air’s Latest Deal to Beijing & Shanghai

Finn Air brings excellent fares to exotic destinations in mighty China, now you have chance to enjoy these stunning fares with a shortcut gateway via Helsinki. The magical destinations are most focused and busiest places in world and member of one world Finn Air has made it possible for you, therefore this campaign allows you to travel from London Heathrow and Manchester Airports. The airline also offers flights to Singapore, Bangkok, Osaka, Seoul and Tokyo in Asia with luxurious flights.

Great Wall China

Under this promotional offer, book cheap flights to Beijing and Shanghai from London with most discounted price of £209. Finn Air’s most bargained fares are available for departures from Manchester to Beijing and Shanghai are available from £249. You are allowed to stay in China for 1 month max and 6 days min stay restriction applies. We will start selling these fares from 25th Aug – 22nd Sep 2011 and travel may commence


Asiana Airlines fares to South East Asia from England and Northern Islands

Asiana Airlines is one of two major airlines of South Korea. Asiana is a Star Alliance member, executing more than 500 departures a day to 80+ international destinations. Asiana now welcomes passengers to enjoy their unique 5 star services within a very affordable budget by offering cheap flights to major destinations in South East Asia from London (Via Seoul), Aberdeen, Edinbrugh, Dublin Belfast, Manchester and New Castle (via London-Heathrow, Paris, Frankfurt).

Fort Santiago Manila Philippines

Asiana offers flights to Hanoi and Saigon starting from £345, Cebu from £339, cheap flights to Manila from £315, Luzon from £367, Phnom Penh £335, Siem Reap from £335 and Kota Kinabalu from £339. Fares are valid with selected code share flights of British Midland and British Airways. Minimum stay requirement is 7 days and maximum stay allowed is 12 months, children and infant discounts permitted, tickets are changeable. Travel season starts from September 01, 2011 to November 30, 2011 and January 01, 2012 to March 31, 2011. Fares are only available to book not later than September 13, 201

Cheap flights to Seoul

n order to celebrate introduction of Asiana Airlines new daily flight schedule from London Heathrow to Seoul Incheon that commences on 31st Oct 2011. These fares will give benefit to both corporate and leisure travelers to Korea and onwards connecting destinations with Asiana Airline’s extensive network. We offer comfortable flights and matchless fares so your wallet can easily handle the load.

Namdaemun Market Seoul

Log on to our flight search engine and reserve your share as we are offering cheap flights to Seoul from £385 and regional flights to Pusan, Cheju, Taegu, Pohang, Ulsan, Yosu from £445. These fares are valid for sales and ticketing from today onwards up to 30th Sep 2011 and travel must take place from 31st Oct – 23rd Mar 2012. This offer also enables passenger’s access from all UK regional airports to these flights via London Heathrow, in addition to fares open jaw flights and children/infants discounts are permitted for all above given flights.


Visit Africa and Middle East with Virgin Atlantic’s Long Life Fares

Take the challenging journey through an off road vehicle to explore sand dunes in desert safari of Dubai and Kenya, which can be an ideal wilderness and adventurous trip. We give you a chance to discover and examine plain lands and mountains, high forest cases, rivers and wildlife and it will be a perfect family travel, those who are searching for sightseeing, especially luxury shopping malls, leisure centers, hotel, clubs and bars. Virgin Atlantic brings astounding offer which will be easily to handle with your low budget.

Welcome to Johannesburg

You can find cheap flights to Johannesburg available on our website with starting price of £389, Accra from £259, Cape Town from £429. Bargained airfares to Dubai are available from £209, Lagos from £339 and Nairobi from £229. You may book these fares from now onwards up to 31st Mar 2013 and travel may begin from 19th Aug – 31st Mar 2013 with three different low, shoulder and high season. The airline announced these fares with extensive discount on children and Infants tickets.


Friday, 19 August 2011

Virgin Atlantic Airways is outstanding

Virgin Atlantic Airways is outstanding amongst other carrier as it copes with consumer market on low fares. It offers innumerable facilities as fast check in online, excess luggage booking and information, cargo, mileage upgrades, gift hampers through different promotional campaigns, easily accessible customer support and make you realize that you’re only special in their view. Even you’re getting number of services in very suitable amount. Why not let’s give a try to Virgin Atlantic to serve you this time.

Airline have decreased fares to Johannesburg with starting price of £369 exclusive of taxes, Accra from £259, Cape Town from £429, Dubai from £199, Lagos from £339 and Nairobi from £229.
Book these 12 months valid fares with a minimum stay obligation of one Saturday night and gel your memories with this trip, whereas fares are available to book and travel from 17th Aug – 31st Mar 2013.

Taipei and Bangkok Your Next Destination

The most thriving metropolis Taiwan’s capital “Taipei” that has highly ambitious architecture, sophisticated and tasty cuisines, huge stores of Chinese Art and culture representing history and pointing finger to future also. You will find this city culturally and politically ahead from other metropolitan areas; it is prosperous in terms of income and doesn’t suffer from extreme economic inequality.

However, Its atmosphere is calm and soothing especially familiar for entire family, best time to travel Taipei is October and November (with reduced humidity) and enjoy sub-tropical weather with amazing sun set, beaches, sightseeing and landscapes.

Green Grass Lake Taipei Taiwan

Enjoy flights to Taipei in sheer elite class with starting price of £629; low airfares to Bangkok are also available with Premium economy class from £429 exclusive of taxes. These stunning fares are valid for booking from 17th Aug – 31st Oct 2011; departure is categorized in two seasons from 1st Sep – 30th Nov 2011 & 1st Jan – 31st Mar 2012.

Airline defined blackout period where you can not scheduled your return flight from 1st Jan – 15th Jan 2012. Eva Air offers regional add-on flights with collaboration of Bangkok Airways.

Ethiopian Airlines launches amazing airfares

As there are wide ranges of tourist attraction in Africa, similarly Ethiopian Airlines launches amazing airfares to cover those natural and artificial wonders. One of them is Harare which is picturesque town and capital of Zimbabwe, it contains botanic gardens where you may find more than 900 species of wild life tree. National gallery of Zimbabwe is prime stop for sightseeing, galleries; it shows off national collections of valuable and interesting items such as Shona soft-stone carvings. Flights to Harare also enable access to Victoria Fall, where Victoria Falls National park, Zambezi River Bridge, Safari Tours and world’s wonderful waterfalls are the most visited places.

Harare Botanical Garden

So book your flight today as cheap flights to Harare are starting from £289, Lilongwe & Lusaka from £249, Kigali & Zanzibar from £249, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Entebbe, Accra, Lagos and Khartoum from £189, Addis Ababa, Kinshasa and Mombasa from £219. These fares are available for sales and ticketing from 17th Aug – 12th Sep 2011, though flights may begin 8th Sep – 30th Nov 2011. The airline authorizes 2 pieces of luggage 23 kgs each for all above mentioned destinations.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hot Hot oofer by US AIRWAYS

U.S Airways is member airline of Star Alliance network and operates 3,000 daily flights to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Middle East, the Caribbean, Central and South America. The airline entertains 80 million passengers approximately every year and considered as 6th largest airline by traffic.

It brings amazing offer for its consumer to explore several destinations in United States with most flexible and reasonable rates. You can book cheap flights to Atlanta, Boston are starting from £179, Chicago from £189, Charlotte from £219, Dallas from £199, Detroit from £219, Indianapolis from £219, Las Vegas from £229, Los Angeles from £209, New York City from £159, Orlando from £239, Philadelphia from £199, Phoenix from £229, San Diego from £219, San Francisco from £219 and Tampa from £239.

South African Airways Going cheap to Homeland

Awarded as a best Airline Africa nine times consecutively is a big achievement and guaranteed that airline is meeting its international standards and service level. South Africa Airways is one of major airline which operates flights to loads of destinations in Africa with most economical rates via Johannesburg.

It announces remarkable airfares for its business point Johannesburg which is economy center of South Africa and establishing stronger economical structure and providing different resources for investment.

We recommend book cheap and direct flights to Johannesburg with initial price will be £399 in low season, shoulder season price are available from £499 and high season it will offer price of £869. Discounted flights to Cape Town are ready to be sold from £439 in low season, £619 in shoulder and £1079 in high season respectively.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

KLM Philippines Special Limited Time Offer

The Royal Dutch Airlines, KLM delightfully introduces limited time Sale on its Economy class seats to Philippines, valid for Sale from 15th August, 2011 till 01st September, 2011. KLM is one of the most top priority carriers for travellers always due to affordable airfares to various destinations all across the world and because of airline quality standards which travellers can avail from their doorstep airport instead of taking a cab or train to reach a different airport.

Manila Beach Philippines

This promotional offer can be accessible for the outbound departure carrying out from Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London City Airport, London Heathrow, Liverpool, Manchester and New Castle however travellers can avail add-ons starting from only £30 from Aberdeen, Belfast, Leeds and Southampton.

You can get cheap flights to Manila starting from only £195(exclusive of taxes) for the travel season beginning from 15th August, 2011 until 30th November, 2011. Maximum stay tenure of 3months can be utilized on this ticket from your departure date whereas one Sunday is restricted for the minimum stay time. Good news is that on this promotional offer you can make date changes as per your request by paying a penalty of only £75(fare difference may apply).

cheap flights to Johannesburg

Regional Add-ons in Conjunction with Air Mauritius to Africa



The four star ranking carrier, Virgin Atlantic brings spectacular add-ons from Mauritius to various destinations in Africa in conjunction with Air Mauritius, effective for booking from 15th August, 2011. In these outstanding Economy class add-ons travellers can plan their trip from Mauritius onwards to Africa with affordable deals.
You can get cheap flights to Cape Town starting from as low as £140 with Air Mauritius in low season and £185(exclusive of taxes) in High season for the outbound travel commencing from Mauritius.
Low season starts for the travel beginning from 16th August, 2011 till 13th December, 2011, 01st January, 2012 till 13th December, 2012 and from 01st January, 2013 till 31st March, 2013 however high season begins from 14th December, 2011 till 31st December, 2011 and 14th December, 2012 till 31st December, 2012.
Moreover you can get cheap flights to Johannesburg and Nairobi starting from as low as £120 in Low season and £150(exclusive of taxes) in High season. Stopovers are not permitted in this offer as per airline agreement rules.


cheap flights to Havana

This August, Air Europa offer heart touching Economy class round trip airfares to Havana from United Kingdom, Sale expires on 31st August, 2011.

The carrier always come up with special airfares to various destination at the last hour to give treat for those travelers who are wishing to get cheap flights with affordable connectivity. In this splendid offer outbound departure is available from London for the travel season starting from 01st September, 2011 till 16th December, 2011 and from 01st January, 2012 till 31st March, 2012.

You can get cheap flights to Havana starting from as low as £196 (exclusive of taxes) via Madrid on this offer. All airfares are subjected to availability and will work on first come first served policy.

Lost or Stolen British Passports

If you are on vacations with your loved ones and on the way back to United Kingdom your passport is stolen or lost, what to do in this event? How you can travel back with the airline on which you were supposed to come back on? Don’t worry because now the rules have been redefined from Ralon Airline Alert. In case British Passports holders whose documents have been lost or stolen are advised to follow 3 simple steps.

First of all report the loss of the passport to your nearest police station and obtain a police report. You will need to provide the police report for the second step. In the second step contact your nearest British Consulate and obtain an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) prior to travelling to United Kingdom.

You can obtain the consulate online at www.fco.gov.uk or call +44 207 0081500. Currently the fee of an ETD is £95. In the last step rearrange your travel plans by rebooking your ticket with your airline or shipping company for a later flight. You should take into account the time it will take to avail ETD.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Air New Zealand Tiki Tour Long Term Airfares

The national carrier of New Zealand, Air New Zealand introduces outstanding long term promotional airfares to its home town, effective for Sale from 18th August, 2011. The carrier offers splendid flight service with direct flights to various parts of the world with excellent crew staff and comfortable seats. The capital of New Zealand is Auckland which is not only limited to the commercial hub of the country but also offers immense attractive destinations.
Travellers can avail the outbound departure on this promotion from London Heathrow however add-ons are available from regional airport within United Kingdom including Aberdeen, Belfast, Edinburgh and Manchester with British Midland. From NewCastle and Glasgow add-ons can be carried out by British Airways.
The carrier offer round trip promotional Economy Class airfares to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch starting from as low as £695 only. One way flights are also available starting from only £452 (exclusive of taxes). Passengers wishing to acquire Premium Economy and Business Class seats can get it for as low as £1710 and £4020 respectively (exclusive of taxes) for the round trip flight

Jet Airways Attractive Summer Offers

The private leading carrier of India performs an extension on its exceptional deals named as Special airfares from London beyond India & adds more flights from Thailand and HongKong to various destinations all across the world. First of all carrier extend the Sale period from 12th August, 2011 till 23rd August, 2011 for its direct Economy cheap flights to Mumbai and Delhi starting from now only £170(exclusive of taxes) from London. Moreover, in this promotional campaign carrier offers cheap flights to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Goa starting from only £180 (exclusive of taxes) via Mumbai.
Jet Airways also extended Sale to special fares from London to Beyond India in which now travellers can get cheap flights to Bangkok starting from only £190, HongKong£230 and Colombo£160 (exclusive of taxes) for the travel dates starting from 15th August, 2011 till 30th September, 2011.
However this offer is only valid for Sale from 12th August, 2011 till 23rd August, 2011. Add-ons from Bangkok to Beijing, Sydney, Jakarta, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, KualaLumpur, Seoul, Taipei, Phuket, Hong Kong and many more destinations are also available


Business Class flights to Calgary

The star alliance member carriers Air Canada, Lufthansa, Austrian, British Midland, Swiss and United Airlines mutually announces unrestricted Sale to Canada, effective for booking from  13th August, 2011. In this agreement the carriers offer domestic add-ons within United Kingdom at superb discounts. The qualified departure period on this offer begins from 13th August, 2011 until 31st March, 2013 from London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London City Airport.

Add-ons from Aberdeen are available with British Midland and Lufthansa via London Heathrow for as low as £40. For Birmingham regional departures are operated by Continental Airways to NewYork.

From Bristol, Air Brussels operate via Brussels. Moreover add-ons can be accessible to Glasgow, Manchester, New Castle and Belfast. You can get round trip business class flights to Calgary starting from only £1376, Edmonton£1092, Halifax£1216, Montreal£1096, Ottawa£1216, Toronto £1130 and Vancouver £1492(exclusive of taxes).


Friday, 12 August 2011

cheap flights to Bangkok with Qatar Air ways

One of the leading five star carriers of Middle East, Qatar Airways introduces heart touching Special Hot Summer deals to various destinations in Middle East, Asia, Africa and South Pacific Region, valid for booking from 11th August, 2011 till 31st August, 2011. The carrier commence the outbound departure on this offer from London and Manchester whereas add-ons flights can also be avail from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Leeds, Birmingham and NewCastle starting from only £30 with British Airways, Qatar Airways and British Midland.

You can get cheap flights to Amritsar starting from only £245 for the travel season beginning from 11th August, 2011 till 09th December, 2011 from London. Date changes on this offer can be easily made by paying only £100 plus fare difference.

In Middle East travelers can get cheap flights to Abu Dhabi and Dubai starting from only £120. More over carrier also offers cheap flights to Bangkok from as low as £280, Colombo£223, Cape Town 263, Dhaka£202, Entebbe£170, Hyderabad £266, Islamabad£227, Johannesburg£238, Katmandu £373, Melbourne£369 and Seychelles£288. All fares are exclusive of taxes and fuel surcharges.

U.S Airways proudly offers cheap flights to Atlanta

A star alliance member, U.S Airways proudly comes up with spectacular round trip Economy class offers in its Winter Promotional Airfares campaign, effective for booking till 12th August, 2011. In this limited time Sale offer travellers can get discounted flights to various destinations within United States of America for the outbound departure commencing from London and Manchester.

Travel dates on this offer starts from 24th October, 2011 till 16th December, 2011 and 25th December, 2011 till 31st March, 2012. You can get cheap flights to Atlanta starting from only £192, Boston £110, Chicago £123, Denver £139, Dallas £137, Houston £122, Las Vegas £154, Miami £124, New York £110, Orlando £124, Philadelphia £110, SanDiego £153, San Francisco£163, Tampa £171 and Washington £110. All airfares are subjected to availability and will work on first come first served. All fares mentioned above are exclusive of taxes and fuel surcharges.

Impressive Special Offers - cheap flights to Amman

Royal Jordanian exclusively announces breathtaking promotional offers to various destinations with limited availability; booking begins from 11th August, 2011 till 30th September, 2011. This summer, get ready to experience the thrilling rides in Amman with splendid beach side locations, stunning museums and much more.

Hercules Temple 

You can get cheap flights to Amman starting from as low as £142 (exclusive of taxes) for the travel dates starting from 22nd August, 2011 till 16thDecember, 2011 and 26th December, 2011 till 31st December, 2011 from London Heathrow. Discounts of 25% are available on child fares as compared to adult fares. The stunning news on this offer is that carrier offer 30 KGs of baggage allowance for an adult and first inbound change is free of cost. Moreover, you can also get cheap flights to Muscat starting from £158(exclusive of taxes) for a 6 months ticket. Travel season on this offer starts from 15th September, 2011 till 31st December, 2011. Stop overs in each direction is permissible by the carrier by paying only £50

Global Special Airfares by KLM & Air France

Air France and KLM mutually announces hot astounding offers for travellers looking for Economy class affordable seats to Asia, Middle East, Africa, Far East, South Atlantic and Caribbean, valid for booking from 11th August, 2011 till 01st September, 2011. The outbound journey on this offer can be commence from Birmingham, London City Airport, London Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow and Southampton whereas add-ons from Aberdeen, Belfast, Leeds are also accessible.

In Asia you can get cheap flights to Bangkok starting from £170, Beijing£185, Guangzhou£190, Noibai £240, Hong Kong £210, PhnomPhen£225and Singapore£210(exclusive of taxes).

Travel season on this promotion begins from 11th August, 2011 till 08th December, 2011 however dates vary as per destinations. In India carrier offers cheap flights to Bangalore starting from only £105, Bombay £150 and Delhi£160. In Middle East carrier offers cheap flights to Amman for as low as £80, Abu Dhabi£35, Beirut £50, Cairo£35, Dubai £55, Jeddah£90 and Riyadh£100(exclusive of taxes).

TAM Airlines Flight Cancellation to Cochabamba

Tam Airlines regretfully announces its flight cancellation to and from Cochabamba with the immediate effect from today 11th August, 2011. Due to this announcement passengers are requested on behalf of the carrier to get compensated with other carriers who already bought their ticket with Tam Airlines.

Those passengers who already bought a ticket on this specific route will be automatically re-routed to Santa Cruz. Those passengers who still want to travel to Cochabamba on their same ticket will be rescheduled with Aero Sur or Boliviana de Aviacion by Tam Airlines

Air Tahiti Nui Impressive 2012 Airfares

Air Tahiti Nui introduces promotional 2012 net fares for Economy and Business class seats, valid for booking from 11th August, 2011. In this ravishing offer travellers can get cheap flights to Papeete via Los Angeles for as low as £470 for the travel season beginning from 01st January, 2012 till 30th April, 2012 and 01st November, 2012 till 16th December 2012.

However high season begins for the travel dates starting from 01st May, 2012 till 24th June, 2012, 16th August, 2012 till 31st October, 2012 and from 17th December, 2012 till 31st December, 2012. Those travellers want to avail cheap flights to Papeete from London Heathrow can get it for as low as £730 only. Routings with Virgin Atlantic, Air New Zealand and American Airlines are also available.

Moreover, carrier also offer cheap flights to Papeete via Tokyo on round trip Economy class seats for as low as £1310 only Routings are also accessible with Virgin Atlantic and Japan Airlines. Maximum stay tenure on this ticket would be only 3 months from the date of departure

Thursday, 11 August 2011

cheap flights to India and Bangkok

The national carrier of India, Air India proudly announces yet again impressive discounted Economy class deals to India and Thailand; booking expires on 30th August, 2011. Thailand is one of the most overcrowded destinations in the world due to stunning natural locations and night life. Due to cheap accommodation, delicious food and entertainment many tourist visit Bangkok from all parts of the world.

In this special promotional offer by Air India, you can get cheap flights to Bangkok starting from as low as £200 (exclusive of taxes) for the travel season beginning from 10th August, 2011 till 30th September, 2011 later on airfare will jump up to £210 from 01st October, 2011 till 30th November, 2011 and finally to £260 from 01st January, 2012 till 31st March, 2012.

Marine Drive Mumbai India

The carrier will commence its outbound journey from London Heathrow to Bangkok via Mumbai or Delhi. First date change on the inbound flight is free of cost however, subsequent charges will cost £30 per change plus fare difference (may apply).  Moreover, you can get cheap flights to Mumbai and Delhi starting from only £184 and rest of different destinations including Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Goa, Chennai and Hyderabad for as low as £223 (exclusive of taxes).


cheap flights 2012

The Middle Eastern carrier, Etihad Airwaysdelightfully introduces next year Economy class early booking offers at discounted deals, commencing for Sale from 11th August, 2011 till 31st August, 2011. In this special promotional offer the outbound journey is available from London Heathrow and Manchester. Add-ons flights from different regional airports in United Kingdom are also permitted by the airline.
In Middle East you can get cheap flights to Abu Dhabi and Dubai starting from only £133(exclusive of taxes). Travel period on this deal is accessible from 15th January, 2012 until 30th June, 2012; however all travel must be completed on or before 14th December, 2012.

Moreover, in this campaign you can get cheap flights to Kota Kinabalu starting from only £302, Bangkok £215, Brisbane £477, Colombo £216, Cape Town £231, Dhaka £237, Hong Kong £350, Johannesburg £197, Kuala Lumpur £279, Melbourne £360, Manila £218, Seychelles £264 and Sydney £490 (exclusive of taxes) from London. Date changes on this offer can be made by paying a penalty of only £135. Black out season on this offer for outbound and inbound flights begins from 01st till 14th April, 2012.


cheap flights to Mauritius

The national carrier of Mauritius, Air Mauritius announces an extension on its Special Economy class seat offers, effective for booking from 10th August, 2011 till 30th September, 2011. In these Long Haul extended promotional fares travellers are allowed to avail direct flights from London Heathrow to Mauritius at affordable deals. Mauritius offers tourists a wide variety of stunning locations, beautiful beaches and a lot more.

You can get cheap flights to Mauritius starting from as low as £305(exclusive of taxes) from the travel dates starting from 10th August, 2011 till 05th October, 2011& 30th December, 2011 till 26th March, 2012 (Low Season), Later on airfares will jump up to £375 for the dates starting from 07th October, 2011 till 14th December, 2011(Shoulder Season).

For those travelers planning to spend Christmas’s with their love ones can get flights up to £593 for the dates beginning from 15th December, 2011 till 29th December, 2011 (High Season). Maximum stay tenure on this ticket is 3 months from the date of departure.


Autumn Hot Spot Airfares to New York by Kuwait Airways

The four star ranking carrier, Kuwait Airways bring astounding round trip Economy class promotional autumn airfares to United States of America, booking begins from 10th August, 2011. Thousands of travellers from United Kingdom spend their vacations with loved ones in New York due to splendid weather and entertainment spots.

Kuwait Airways offer travellers cheap flights to New York starting from as low as £120 (exclusive of taxes) for the travel dates beginning from 20th September, 2011 till 30th November, 2011 and 10th January, 2011 till 31st March, 2012 from London Heathrow.

This ticket is only valid for 6 months for the maximum stay; however travellers can avail date changes both ways by paying a fee of only £100 plus £35reissue fee. On this offer discount of 20% can be taken out for child ranging from 2-12years.

cheap flights to bahrain

Gulf Airways proudly brings New Summer Sale offer to various destinations in Middle East and launches Kabul & Nairobi special offers, effective for booking from 10th August, 2011 till 21st August, 2011. The outbound departure on this promotion can be accessible from London Heathrow starting from 10th August, 2011 till 30th November, 2011.

Those travellers who are looking up for affordable Economy class round trip offers can get cheap flights to Bahrain and Dammam starting from only £204(exclusive of taxes). Moreover travellers can also acquire cheap flights to Abu Dhabi starting from as low as £99, Doha £180, Kuwait £160, Dubai £99 and Muscat £98 only and Falcon Golden Business class starts from only £1050(exclusive of taxes).

Date changes can be carried out by paying a penalty fee of only £50 (fare difference may apply).  Gulf Airways also offer tremendous discounted offers to Kabul starting from £230 and Nairobi for only £135(exclusive of taxes). Maximum stay tenure on this offer is only 3 months.


Cheap flight to Middle East and Africa

According to survey based on passenger carried in 2012 where Virgin Atlantic entertained over 5 million passenger and set aimed to cross this figure in following financial year. Its consecutive promotional campaigns have captured market and passengers are excited to travel with UK’s leading carrier which is giving them open invitation to explore Africa and Middle East this time.

Traveling inexpensively with additional facilities of fast check in services, impressive on board customer handling until you reach your destination their personnel’s guidance in any stage are outstanding


The airline offers cheap flights to Dubai with starting price of £199, Accra from £259, Cape Town from £429, Johannesburg from £389, Lagos from £339 and Nairobi from £299. You may book these amazing and cheap tickets from 9th Aug – 31st Mar 2013, although your departure must taken place from 9th Aug – 31st Mar 2013 depending on your chosen season while airline has divided complete year in to three Low, Shoulder and High Seasons. Children and Infants discounts are applicable not forget to travel with your beloved ones.


cheap flights to Colombo

Gulf Air is ready to take you in Indian Ocean and let you breathe in crystal clear environment, where you can enjoy calm and exhilarating climate ahead. Colombo inspire passengers for its many attractions and if you are interested to have a close look of exotic beaches, wild life, forests, waterfalls, mountains and other natural sceneries so don’t let these opportunities go.

We will manage a low budgeted flight as Gulf Air promotional fares are still valid for an extensive time period, you can buy cheap flights to Colombo with starting price of £239 and get pleasure from spectacular dimensions of Colombo.

These fares are suppose to book on or before 21st Aug 2011 through our expert team and travel can commence any time 1st Sep – 30th Nov 2011 though these fares are valid for 3 months maximum so journey must complete by 31st Dec 2011 except dates 22nd – 31st Oct 2011. You are allowed to make changes in traveling dates before or after departure from London Heathrow.


Cheap flights to LA

Air New Zealand is bringing another breathtaking promotion in market for its direct flights to Los Angeles from London Heathrow Airports with dramatically cheap fares. Los Angeles is one of those few places which have instant international recognition and publicity because of its home of Hollywood where everybody wish to come by neglecting age factor.

Disneyland, Fantasy Park, Theaters, Different Art Galleries and Museums, Hollywood and Highland shopping complex and many more are the places without visiting them your trip will not incomplete. So instead searching around for best fares contact us directly we bring Air New Zealand for you with cheap flights to Los Angeles available from £184 exclusive of taxes.

These fares are applicable for short time and must be booked before 22nd Aug 2011, maximum stay is extended to 6 months and Airline has additional charges policy which will be applicable if your outbound travel is on weekend. Travel must take place from 23rd Aug – 23rd Oct 2011.