Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Qantas & American Airlines Joint services on Trans Pacific Routes

To cater more passengers efficiently Qantas anticipated authorization for Joint Business Agreement (JBA) with American Airlines. Under the agreement both airlines will co-ordinate operations on routes among Australia/New Zealand and United States and relevant services which support and connect these routes. This agreement is likely to result in improved products, including highly developed schedule services, connectivity and passenger satisfaction.

Qantas and American Airlines Logo
American and Qantas airlines are ready to provide their non-stop services from major airports and regional flights on extra ordinary amazing and cheap rates. This agreement makes travel simple and straight with no hassle and takes complete luggage from your departure airport to final destination.

This authorization will allow public benefits and satisfaction as Virgin Australia and Delta airlines are conducting services with their mutual collaboration on routes from Australia to United States. Book cheap flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to United States and vice versa as it take seconds to display results

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