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British Midland

ritish Midland, one of the leading carriers of United Kingdom brings impressive net fares this summer to Middle East, so cheer up and pack and your bags to spend your vacations with your loved ones at affordable deals.

Hercules Temple Amman Jordan

Middle East is blessed with numerous attractions for everyone and for shopping its one of the busiest place in the world regarding tourism. Usually from October till January it’s an ideal time for shopping where you can get benefit with great discounted Sale offers.

Hot climate offers you a chance for water surfing and a lot more. Why not enjoy sun bath with your friends or plan a trip of desert safari? British Midland offers promotional net fares to Middle East in which you can get round trip cheap flights to Amman starting from only £125(exclusive of taxes) from London. Travellers can avail outbound departure on this exciting deal from now till 31st December, 2011. Carrier allows date changes on this offer by paying a fee of only £150.

cheap flights Manila Barrio Etihad Airways

This season Etihad Airways gives you a chance to enjoy the festivity of the Barrio Fiesta in Manila where you can feast on the delicious mouth watering cuisines along with thorough entertainment. The celebration will sweep you off your feet as you are a part of it.

You can now fly to the beautifully spectacular city in the most amazing airfares as cheap flights to Manila start from an amazing cost of GBP 199*. You can book your discounted tickets from July 16, 2011 onwards till August 01, 2011. The travel period begins from September 05, 2011 till December 10, 2011. However, travel must be completed before June 10, 2012.

Etihad Airways gives a minimum stay of 3 days to celebrate the fiesta and a maximum stay of 6 months. It also allows one date change at a minimal cost of GBP 135 after the ticket is bought. The generous free baggage allowance by the airline is of 40kgs.So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and run for the fun!

For more information and details on the offer, give us a call as our experienced agents are all set to assist you further with the booking.

Etihad’s Air Line Introuduces jaw dropping fares for new Diamond and

Victoria Alfred Waterfront Cape Town

Etihad Airways had already introduced its extravagantly lavish diamond first and pearl business class that gives excellent services on board. Now these prolific services will be available for flights around the world and that too at an affordable cost. The airline will be providing first and business class flights to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Sydney, Melbourne, Manila, Muscat, Kuala Lumpur, Brisbane, Bangkok and the alluring Abu Dhabi for as low as GBP 905*.

Treat yourself for the next holiday as you indulge into extravagance and book your flights to any of the above mentioned destinations. The booking period starts from July 20, 2011 ending till August 19, 2011. The travel period begins from August 01, 2011 onwards ending till December 09, 2011 (the inbound journey must be completed by December 09, 2011) with a minimum stay restriction of 3 days.
The airline does not allow any travel in both directions from August 26, 2011 till September 10, 2011 as it is the blackout period of the offer when you will not be able to avail the particular fares. After the ticket is issued, one change of date is permitted at a cost of GBP 200.
So splurge into the sea of pleasure this season without being a burden on your pocket and fly with Etihad Airways to one of the exotic locations on the list. Give us a call now to book your

cheap flights to Shenzhen

Now you don’t have to travel through all the continents to see the most fascinating attractions and landmarks of the world as the theme park Window of the World located in Shenzhen (China) is featuring many miniature replicas of all such allurements and monuments and you can see the whole world within one day. It is one of the most famous and largest park of China having almost 130 appealing enchantments of the world. Every year thousands of people head towards China and you can also have the best entertaining time once you take cheap flights to Shenzhen and visit this mesmerizing park.

Shenzhen City China

The park is located in the western side of Shenzhen in Huaqiaocheng with the area of about 48 hectares and was built in 1994. It is very much famous for the festivals like Beer festival, Christmas, Cherry festival, Indian Cultural week, World dance and singing gala and the pop shows on China’s National Day. Besides, a magnificent daily show is presented in evening which highly enthralls the visitors. The main aim of the park is to bring respect and adoration to various cultures of the world and also to brandish the wonders, historical memorials, traditional quintessence and kindred cultures

Mainly the park is divided into five regions and they make a colourful and fantastic world, squeezed in to the park. The Europe region comprises of the bewitching 108 metre tall truss tower ‘Eifel tower’ of Paris and also the Acropolis (Athens), Piazza San Marco(Venice),The Leaning tower (Pisa),clock Matterhorn mountain (Switzerland),the mesmerizing sceneries of Holland’s tulips and windmills, towers and walls of Moscow, Buckingham Palace(London) ,Winter Palace(Saint Petersburg) and many others.

Shenzhen City Hall China

Asia region is even more fascinating with the Emerald Buddha Temple (Thailand),the royal palace Gyeongbok(South Korea),the hilltop Himeji Castle (Japan), Merlion (Singapore) and also the wonder of the world and the ‘Crown of the buildings’ Taj Mahal. How astounding-you don’t have to travel to Agra to view this historical mausoleum. Rest are the Oceanic, Africa and Americas region consisting of the Sydney Opera house and Ayers Rocks (Australia), Great Sphinx of Giza and Abu Simbel temples (Egypt), Disneyland, the sky scrapping Manhattan borough and the Statue of liberty (America), respectively.

Apart from the continents, there is World Plaza with 108 poles as well as the supporting carved-wall that covers an area of 1680 square metres. There are six gigantic gates that represent distinctive cultures with the international stage being the most splendid and the greatest one. Also there is an International Street where the buildings’ architectures are mainly Islamic and European. You will love to shop at the gleaming markets and to relax at the churches and cafes. In its close vicinity lies the World Sculpture Park which is encircled with the lush green trees and is a home of more than 100 sculptures from different regions of the world. The sculptures will leave you in an awe and you will surly appreciate the masterpieces and the intelligence of those who actualized them.

You can also get adventurous for navigating the Colorado River at Grand Canyon, North American fields of archery, traversing the lush green forests in cable car and four thousand square metres of indoor skiing. No doubt this theme park worth a visit and you must spare you holiday break for a delightful time. The climate of Shenzhen is subtropical and monsoonal where winters are dry and mild and abundant rainfall occurs in spring. The best time to visit is between August and September when the weather is pleasant and series of festivals are celebrated. So you must travel to China for utmost enjoyment.

cheap Business and Economy class flights to Canada

Although there are number of places in Canada to visit, but when you are traveling to United Kingdom if you never visit London your trip will remain incomplete so this is not a story what to do and see in Toronto.

Toronto Skyline Canada

Anyway Toronto is harsh in winter, so many visitors come to see gorgeous place in summer, and it is the place where you can easily find European and Asian food almost at any point. You will experience world’s largest chain of hotels and resorts in this city and Nightlife is very attractive and naughty.

Hence, Lufthansa, Air Canada, British Midland and United Airways are offering Business Class flights to Toronto and prices are starting from £1555. Add-on flights are available with British Midland from all UK airports.

Travel season is defined from 21st Jul – 31st Aug 2011 and tickets can be purchased from 18th Jul – 1st Aug 2011. However tickets must be purchased 3 days before departures.

cheap flights to Goa India

Before the vibrant and striking sunshine of summers gets shaded away by dark winter clouds, plan a splashing trip that could ease you into enjoying a refreshing delight and help you wash away the glaring heat. To farewell the summer season with a family bash, book cheap flights to Goa, a city known for its glittery gold rivers and pearl white beaches. By far, this famous Indian city is most known for the numerous water Sports that it makes available.

Moreover, the city offers a variety of water cruises along its splendid rivers that have the potential to fit in any of your desires of site seeing, an intimate trip or any other. But those of you who have a passion for water sports and have a strong will to strike against the rushing tides, Goa invites you for a fiesta of its thrilling yet entertaining Water Sports. Next time when you fly to Goa, plan your days in the city keeping in mind these superb water games; after all we do not want you going through the hassle of extending a trip.

Water Skiing in Goa

Water Skiing:
Water Skiing is perhaps one popular sport that has water addiction as its obvious side effect, apart from minor injuries that it often results in. In Goa, Water Skiing means challenging rushing speed and facing the most unpredicted water brushes beneath your ride. Many tourists come to Goa for its immense potential of water Skiing as precisely all the beaches here bring out the best there is to this sport. Moreover, each beach has comfortable residing resorts that not only offer the most relaxed housing but are fully equipped with sport arrangements. Looking for a perfect water skiing experience? Goa is undoubtedly the best.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving:
If you’re a marine admirer then you sure would think of the perfectly cool blues of Arabian Sea as the best option for Scuba Diving. Goa has long been inviting locals and foreigners for this passionate sport. Although not the perfect visibility, but Goa’s coastlines do allow a reasonable amount of underwater visibility ranging from 2 to 20 meters which however varies with water and sea conditions. Grand Island off the Mormugao Harbour is one perfect spot for Scuba-Diving in Goa that comes with no strings attached but instead has a perfect underwater visibility. Most visitors choose this spot in Goa for this enthralling sport.  Moreover, Goa’s coastline is pearled with magnificent marine life including the cheeky sergeant-major puffers, damsels, barracuda, tuna, snappers, jacks, blennies, lobster, eels, goat fish, lion fish, scorpion fish, surgeon fish, bat fish and many more. When planning a trip to Goa with family, Snorkeling is an excitingly viable option for entertainment on Goa’s shinny coastlines, with its absolutely well chalked out tours and up-to-date equipment; snorkeling in Goa makes a perfect entertainment for kids along with parents.

Snorkeling in Goa

When in Goa, you do not necessarily need to gulp down canes of Red Bull to give you wings; the city has more entertaining and much safer options for you. Once in Goa, you may want to compromise on any other ravishing attraction or activity but we certainly do not recommend you to skip an experience on this one. This dynamic city of India is all set to sweep you off the ground and sway you away for a soaring experience in the air. With the wind gently brushing by you cheeks, it surely is a priceless experience of Parasailing. When it comes to Parasailing, Goa thinks there are two best ways to enjoying this world wide water sport at its fullest- winch-boat parasailing and beach parasailing. Whereas winch-parasailing would require of you to land on the winch boat after you’ve glided in the air, Beach parasailing asks for a bit more experience at the sport, for you have to land on the beach itself. The best spot for parasailing in Goa is known to be near the Sinquerim-Candolim-Calangute, which gives a splendid experience of viewing Fort Aguada while you sail in the air. Other recommended areas are surely the rossim-Cansaulim, Miramar and Mobor beach.

Jet –Skiing:
Have you ever experienced the thrill of challenging speed? Well, here is what you can do in case this sounds interesting; Goa boasts a jaw-dropping site for Jet-Skiing that is thoroughly equipped with 100-135 hp powered jet-skis that are bent upon to give you a breathe taking experience. These Jet-Skiing tours, that allow you to rip through the air and experience the force for wind, come with perfectly safe and to the mark equipments and are also complemented with expert guides. For those who may be daring towards this fascinating experience for the first time, these jet-skiing trainers would guide you through all the techniques and once you’ve got a slight hold of the sport, you may go for a solo tour- an experience like none other.
Rush out of bed and get yourself booked on cheap flights to India, for an exhilarating water game experience in Goa, before the season runs down on you.

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cheap flights to maldives-living on the sea level

Republic of Maldives is a small island nation consisting of a chain of small islands in the Indian Ocean. The tops of a mountain range under the sea form this chain of islands, Maldives is considered to be the most dispersed country in the world in terms of geography. this country consists of about 1,192 islands out of which only two hundred islands are inhabited. Maldives is the smallest country in Asia, both by population and land area. Average ground level of this country is about five feet above sea level and this country also has the lowest highest point in the world with the maximum height of 2.3 meters above sea level.

Coconut palm is the national tree and can easily be seen nearly everywhere on the islands, vegetation is limited to only certain species of plants near the beach area due to the high salt levels in the soil, these islands have a very limited land wildlife but are very rich in marine and aquatic wildlife including some of the very rare species of fishes like moray eels, reef fish, stingrays, eagle rays, whale sharks and reef sharks. Waters around Maldives are home to more than 2000 species of fishes but are really well known for the vast variety of colorful corals.

Male is the capital and the largest city of the island nation located in the Kaafu Atoll at the southern edge of North Male Atoll it is the important financial, economic, political and cultural center of the nation. This city is also a popular tourist destination with some of the very unique attractions offered by this city including the unique culture and traditions of its inhabitants.

Tourism is a major industry of the city and due to the very economical cost of living in the city it is a perfect holiday destination for people with low budgets, you can even find really cheap flights to Male offered by many international airlines, the city home to several hotels and guest houses ranging from very simple hotels to multi star high class hotels, a wide range of restaurants, cafes and food shops are available offering a variety of foods including local and international cuisines. The city is well served by the Male International Airport providing services to many international and domestic airlines it is the only active international airport in the country to cater for international flights to Maldives.

World’s Richest City – UAE

Abu Dhabi is the 2nd largest city and the capital of United Arab Emirates. Located on an island in the Persian Gulf, in 2009 the city had an estimated population of 896,751. The city is home to several important offices of the government as well as is home to the Abu Dhabi Emiri Family. It has grown to a cosmopolitan metropolis. Abu Dhabi is the center of major cultural, political, commercial and industrial activities in the country. It is also a major financial center in the country being home to Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Central bank of United Arab Emirates and many other multinational corporations. It is the 50th most expensive city in the world.

Abu Dhabi is a major oil producer in the region and hence has a very strong economy and according to CNN and Fortune Abu Dhabi is the richest city in the world. Abu Dhabi is a place where on one hand you can enjoy the abundance of natural beauty including landscapes and beaches etc and on the other hand you will be delirious for the magnificence of human creations and architectures that redecorate the city reaching up to skies. In recent years this city has gained paramount popularity as a tourist destination. Some of the popular tourist attractions in the city include Al Hosn Palace, Al Ain Central Gardens, Lulu Island, Al Ain National Museum, Dhow Harbor, Al Jahili Fort, Grand Mosque and Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium.
Al Ain National Museum is one of the largest and oldest museums in the Middle East. Located near Al Jahili fort and Al Hosn Palace this museum is more than eighty years old, divided into two sections one is the Ethnographical section displaying household items, garments, silver and gold jewelry and many other items reflecting the daily life of regional people. The second section of this museum is the Archaeological section displaying artifacts and discoveries dating back to Iron and Bronze Age. This section also exhibits a very fine and unique collection of coins. This museum is a tourist hotspot and is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world.
This magnificent city is served by Abu Dhabi International Airport; it is the second busiest airport in United Arab Emirates serving nearly 12 million passengers a year. This airport also serves as a hub for many airlines mainly Etihad Airways, which is the second largest airline in the country. Most of the direct flights to Abu Dhabi are catered for at this airport including domestic and international flights. This airport also provides services to international airlines having regular flights to many destinations including China, Canada, Malaysia, Korea, UK, USA, and many other countries in the world.

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cheap flights Middle East

The Swiss International Airline Group, Lufthansa Airways delightfully brings astounding cheap promotional airfares to Middle East this summer; booking begins from 20th July, 2011 till 26th July, 2011. In this limited time Sale offer travellers can commence the outbound journey commencing from 15th October, 2011 to 15th December, 2011 from London, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester. Middle East offers a wide variety of entertainment for all age groups including skydiving, desert safari, delicious food and many more.
Lufthansa Plane Flying
Lufthansa Air plane in Air

Advance purchase of 6 days is essential to acquire these discounted deals. Maximum stay period on this ticket is 6 months and minimum stay period is 3 months. You can get cheap flights to Amman starting from only £312, Beirut from £309, Abu Dhabi from £349, Doha from £399 and Bahrain from £399 from London. All fares mentioned above are inclusive of taxes and will subject to availability. For booking and more information on this spectacular offer feel free to contact us.

Also you can try Desert safari in Dubai the best of all activities for Dubai Tourism if you are geared up for Dubai.