Tuesday, 30 August 2011

British Midland International Wonderful Sale

Cairo is Capital of Egypt and most popular vacation spot for visitors, it includes fashionable malls, fancy restaurants to cultural souks, browse the wonders of the Egyptian Museum. We suggest you to spend some days so you can briefly uncover the more authentic, hidden pleasures of this inspiration of Arab world.
The contemporary art prospect in Cairo is electrifying, wired of multimedia, so shopping opportunities are widely available with reasonable prices, its markets are fully crowded you will find carnival at streets and different stalls beside roads. Arrange your trips with BMI, as Cairo awaits your appearance and get benefits of cheap flights.

The Sphinx Giza Cairo Egypt

We are offering bargained fares to Amman from £129, Beirut from £149, Cairo from £81, Damascus from £149, Dammam & Riyadh from £159. These fares are applicable for sales and ticketing from 1st Sep – 20th Sep 2011, travel may commence from 1st Nov – 31st Mar 2012. Above given fares is return and published without taxes, children and infants discounts apply.


South African Airways Offers Luxury Flights

South Africa welcomes you with open arms to its shore and home of warmest attractions, Arrive and experience hospitality of its inhabitants, where you go you will feel wide variety of fascinating cultures and local traditions.

People are friendly and guide you through natural wonders, wild life and modern, don’t miss beachcombing, vintage shopping and gallery hopping and archaic architecture which will make your journey unforgettable. The Airline also offers you fast check in, on board audio visual entertainment, variety of meal so take pleasure in extravagance flight of South African.

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Cape Town

Cheap flights to Johannesburg are starting from £209 and Cape Town flights are available with starting price of £279. These impressive airfares are announced for limited time period starting from now onwards and will remain applicable up 20th Sep 11.


Gulf Air Launches Amazing Airfares to Middle East

Billionaire sketches Name in Sand, yes its none other than Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan UAE based billionaire has his named carved out in latter’s so large on private island hence it is visible from space.
Each alphabet is 1 kilometer tall and spread over 3km of sands, they have a special crew who created it by digging deep and creating waterway, reason behind is it will absorb the tide on Island. To explore these wonders book your flight today with Gulf Air and experience the excitement in Middle East.

Palm Island Dubai

Cheap flights to Abu Dhabi are starting from £99, Doha from £179, Dubai from £99, Kuwait from 159, Muscat from £145, Bahrain from £199 and Dammam from £199. These fares are being offered for short time period so don’t delay and book your flights immediately.

However fares will be valid up to 4th Sep 11. Flights departing from London Heathrow are eligible for these fares from 30th Aug – 30th Nov 11. Black out period is starting from 22nd Oct – 30th Oct for both inbound and outbound flights.


China Airlines Taiwan Special

Taiwan has numerous powerful attractions for visitors, it is an island containing most captivating sceneries, breathtaking views of northern beach surrounded by mountains, warm hearted and most civilized people and famous for their hospitality.
You have an open chance to experience and explore sensational cuisines, enthralling cultural mix, shopping centers with boutiques and night markets, on-land sports, Art galleries, contemporary restaurants; it is our guaranteed that you will definitely enjoy holidays on this tiny island. It is so easy to make this journey cherished book a flight with China Airlines and get most excited fares.
Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Taiwan

We are offering cheap flights to Taiwan with basic price of £409, for a travel season which initiates from 30th Aug – 11th Dec 11, 24th Dec – 31st Dec 11, 1st Jan – 28th Jun 12, however these fares may be available for sales and ticketing from today onwards up to and including 30th Sep 2011.