Thursday, 25 August 2011

cheap flights Delhi and Mumbai

The Capital of India has become the core of collective aspiration, fashion, art, beauty, business and government. It is a city of loyalties where migrants and refugees from all over the India came in and made it their temporary home and later on city turned to the global hub for fashion, media, technology and manufacturing.

Mumbai is not behind the capital it has Bollywood and financial markets, mazelike bazaars, veiled by smoke from street stall frying pans, it is India’s most contradictory and aggressively modern city; therefore number of visitors discover Indian culture and sights every year.

Gateway of India Mumbai India

Hence Lufthansa has decided to expand flights connectivity options from London Gatwick Airport as well as from Heathrow, now more passenger can take this opportunity to book flight with minimum stopover in Frankfurt.

LH 897 LGW FRA    0945    1220
LH 756 FRA BOM    1320    0135+1
LH 757 BOM FRA    0325    0745
LH 896 FRA LGW    0845    0910
LH 897 LGW FRA   0945    1220
LH 760 FRA DEL   1330    0115+1
LH 761 DEL FRA    0305    0705
LH 896 FRA LGW    0845    0910
These flights will start operating from 30th Oct 2011 and are available to book from now onwards.

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