Friday, 15 July 2011

Summer Sale Extension Etihad Airways Happy Holidays to Far east Asia

Earlier on, Etihad Airways announces August Summer Sale to various destinations all across the world. Recently due to spectacular response of the passengers carrier decided to extend its Sale till 18th July, 2011. In this limited time extension passengers have an option to avail cheapest affordable airfares to Middle EastAsia and . Travel period on this offer for the outbound journey is valid from 01st August till 31st August, 2011. According to carrier restriction on this promotion travel must be completed on or before 28thFebruary, 2012.

Abu Dabhi UAE

Just as a recap passenger can get cheap flights to Abu Dhabi starting from as low as £105 (exclusive of taxes). Departure on this ravishing Sale offer can be acquired from London and Manchester. Maximum stay period on this ticket is 6 months however, minimum period on return travel from last stopover must commence no earlier than 3days after the departure.

Blackout dates on this offer starts from 15th December till 15th January, 2011 on the inbound flight. Moreover, you can get cheap flights to Kota Kinabalu starting from only £401, Bangkok £223, Colombo £299, Hong Kong £270, Jakarta £317, Kuala Lumpur £283, Manila£270 and many more (exclusive of taxes).

Sri Lankan Airlines Big time Discount offer for Kuala Lumpur and Australia

Sydney Opera House Australia

Sri Lankan Airlines proudly introduces impressive airfares to Kuala Lumpur and Australia with an agreement by Malaysian Airlines, effective for booking from 15th July, 2011 to 31stJuly, 2011. In this limited time promotional offer travellers can get benefit by discounted airfares to various destinations in Australia.

You can get cheap flights to Kula Lumpur starting from as low as £345for travel season commencing from 21st August till 30th November, 2011 (Low Season), Fare will jump up to £430 from 14th August till 20th August, 2011 (Shoulder Season) and lastly from 15th July till 13thAugust, 2011 (High Season)fare will be £520(exclusive of taxes).

Moreover, with an agreement by Malaysian Airlines passengers can avail add on fares from Kuala Lumpur to various destinations in Australia at cheap deals? You can get cheap flights to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide starting from as low as £300 (exclusive of taxes) for the travel period effective from 15th July till 31st July, 2011. Flights to Perthstart from only £220(exclusive of taxes). Baggage allowance on economy class seats on this offer is 20 KGs per adult.

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Bario Festival with Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways presents this summer an exciting offer for travellers who are interested to attend Bario Festival in Manila. People from all across the word visit Philippines to attend this spectacular event. It offers a wide variety of entertainment including quality food and many more.

Manila City Philippines

If you never been to Manila than this is the time that you should pack your bags and make a plan to spend your vacations with your loved ones. Etihad Airways offers fantastic on board services to serve its travellers with comfortably.

You can get cheap flights to Manila starting from as low as £199(exclusive of taxes) for the travel season commencing from 05th September till 10th December, 2011 from London. Booking period on this lavishing offer begins from 16th July, 2011 till 01st August, 2011. Maximum stay period on the return travel from stopover must be completed no later than 6 months after the departure from the origin destination. Stay period cannot be extended on this ticket. All seats available on this offer will subject to availability.
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Reissued Dubai Add-on Airfares

UK’s leading carrier Virgin Atlantic expands its network added several new routes with conjunction of Etihad Airways, Gulf Air and Pakistan International Airlines. This newly issued contract is released in order to amend fares, booking classes and routes available for sale as well as amend seasonality to end 31st Mar 2013. Below given fares are for use in conjunction with Virgin Atlantic flights only. Departures must start from 15th Jul – 31st Mar 2013 and main striking point is unlimited stopovers are permitted at connecting end.

Cheap flights to Amman are starting from £97, Beirut from £97, Damascus from £97, Bahrain from £62, Doha from £62, Riyadh from £69, Karachi from £76, Kuwait from £76, Tehran from £76, Islamabad, Peshawar and Lahore from £93, Mumbai from £104, Delhi from £104, Khartoum from £152, Kathmandu from £152, Johannesburg from £180 and Colombo from £107 all these departures are restricted to Abu Dhabi airport and vice versa with Etihad Airways.

Cheap flights to Bahrain from Dubai and Abu Dhabi are available from £86 and flights from Delhi/Mumbai to Bahrain with Gulf Air are starting from £138.

Cheap flights to Karachi are starting from £73, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad and Peshawar are starting from £107 with conjunction of Pakistan International Airline.

Top 5 Unusual Houses Around the World

We’ve often heard of comments like “what a pretty house”, or “such a gigantic residence”, or at times “oh! What an ugly place to live in” and many more of such expressions. Let us now take you to a trip to the top most unusual home architectures which would instinctively leave your eyes popping out and jaw dropped. Amusingly, these house structures are not an idea seeded from one specific place on Earth, instead you’ll be surprised to that a number of these houses are built is the most cornered or at least less popular places. There are actually houses here on are planet that have been inspired by a toilet, a mushroom, a shoe many more interesting designs. Tag along for a weirdly interesting tour. Next time when you book cheap flights to South Africa or purchase tickets for America, do visit these places for an absolutely rare experience if you get a chance to, for the time being read along for a weirdly interesting journey.

The Shoe House in South Africa:
The Shoe House South Africa

Located in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa, this shoe shaped house is constructed by an artist and hotelier, Ron Van Zyl, who initially constructed it for her beloved wife in 1990. Now the house is a part of a tourist complex in South Africa which also includes a restaurant, eight-roomed guest house, pools and parks. The interior of the ‘shoe house’ now houses a number of different themes on the different parts of the shoe. For instance there is a museum displaying Ron Van Zyl’s paintings in one part of the shoe and another part holds a living area. The Shoe house is truly an interesting piece of art. A view from the outside a view of the interior, heading towards the heel from the toe

The Upside-Down House in Poland:

The Upside Down House Poland

Often we get so gripped by some events around us that they secure a permanent place in our minds. Daniel Czapiewski is a Polish businessman and philanthropist who translated the effects of wars in the communist era into creating house that is upside-down. Daniel’s company usually takes no more than three weeks to create a normal house but it was reported that this house consumed 114 days for being built because the complicated angles of the walls bewildered the workers. This bizarre tourist attraction located in Szymbark, Poland often attracts a large number of tourists every year. However, the visitors some time complain feeling mildly nauseous after spending a few minutes inside the house.

Toilet-shaped home in South Korea:

Toilet Shaped Home South Korea

While not many of us might diligently be working towards a cleaner environment, Sim Jae-Duck seems to have an unparalleled determination for promoting cleaner toilets and hence, cleaner sanitation around the world. In 2007, while he carried out the celebration for launching the first World Toilet Association, the built the first ever built and the one and only Toilet-house in the world. An investment of around 1.6 million dollars, the loo shaped house resides on a 4,508-square-foot land and is a structure made of concrete and glass. The center portion of the house is a full glass wall that is a “showcase loo” area from the inside. Yes! A washroom made of visible glass all around. Not a good idea? Well, Sim has one extraordinary brain; the showcase loo features a device that would produce thick mist on the glass walls as soon as a person enters this huge toilet. With the help of these automatic sensors, one can easily feel safe while answering the call of nature! More over the toilet-house boasts two bed rooms, two guest rooms and other rooms along with a water stream and a small garden outside the house and of course there are 3 deluxe, marvelously shinning and spotless bathrooms that are also featured in this two-story house.

Located on Sim’s private land, which was once his former home, in Suweon, 40 kilometres (24 miles) south of Seoul, Sim lends this amazing house for $50,000 per day to guests who like to pose a stay inside this innovative structure.

Dar Al Hajar in Yemen:

Dar Al Hajar Yemen

If you’ve booked flights to Yemen and are taking a tour ahead from Suq al Wadi, it would become absolutely inevitable for you to stare at this grand palace of Dar al Hajar that seems emanating from a huge rock. This five story building seems to get taller as you come closer to it. The building is a ravishing showcase of Yemeni architecture and painting. Although, the palace was preserved and renovated for visitors but it isn’t a museum. Upon buying tickets to this wonderful structure, you can enjoy a tour of its five floors from inside. In the interior of the city, you would see the princess’ room, kitchen, storage room, royal meeting rooms, lavish halls and other interesting pieces of arts. On the top floor of the palace, you can see a traditional system of cooling water in earth ware jars. Not only is a building beautiful itself but its surrounding is equally marvelous. This palace is surely a must visit whenever you next book your cheap flights to Yemen
A Shell House in a Japanese forest:

Shell House Japan

One would generally expect seeing a shell house near a shore somewhere but this marvelous shell house constructed by a Japanese architect, Kotaro, is an innovatively marvelous structure made from wood and redefined concrete curvatures. Highly spacious and displaying the most sophisticated designs and intricate wood work inside the house, this shell house consists of two tubes and an oval structure, inspired from a conch-shell. The double-elliptical structure of this Japanese shell house offers extended bed rooms, lounges, LDK, lavish dressing rooms, a parlor and a lot more. Tucked inside the thick woods of Karuizawa in the Nagano area of Japan, a stay at this place is a true combination of adventure and style. For those adventure lovers or luxury addicts who would be purchasing cheap tickets to Japan, should definitely visit this intelligent piece of architecture.

A heaven on Earth -Lake Saif ul Malook Kaghan Pakistan

A campestral that was once known for been created as a result of epic struggle of blood and wealth, unparalleled zeal and zest for freedom, and an unassailable will to become an upright separate nation, after 63 years of its domicile as an honorable country, today knows of reasons that have acted to crenel its status over the course of time. However, this phenomenon is not generally alien to great nations such as those who had been challenged in the past and had wisely crept their way out to tighten up postures at the end of the day. Pakistan is indeed one such country and a nation which is passing through an era of complicated and challenging times. In such a situation one might doubt the wisdom behind visiting a country that is known for having an unsafe or even ‘dangerous’ character.

We see the country being attached to horrifying incidents and an allegedly daunting character, time and again; sometimes through the godfather that many know as media and sometimes as a reflection of vague stereotyped ideas’. The interesting thing is, however, that most of these Pakistan-is-so-dangerous-facts that you’ll find in the air, would come from those who haven’t visited the country themselves, not even once. Quite logically, why should they? Who would want to risk a vacation to an insecure place or for that matter who would dare to know if the place is actually a vampire that many consider it to be or are these people in fact misinterpreting one gorgeous part of the world that has all the potential of hosting an amiable welcome?  Sadly, not many would care or have the wisdom to think that there might also be a brighter side of the picture; behind the dust and revulsion of alleged insurgency and unrest there might a subtle and heart touching side of Pakistan. For those who care, here are a few reasons why you should book cheap flights to Pakistan for your next holiday slot.

Lake Saif ul Malook Kaghan Pakistan

Ranging from the paradise of Kaghan Valley in the North to the hawk’s bay in Karachi, the country of Pakistan indeed bristles with bewitchingly gorgeous sites throughout its land. But hold on! Are there not other beautiful places in the world? You might want to know what is so special about Pakistan that one shouldn’t miss. Well, it’s a recipe of such striking factors that, if one realizes, make this country a truly irresistible and unparalleled attraction; Jaw-dropping sites and heart capturing tourism opportunities being just one these many factors.

Pakistan is naturally blessed with innumerable glittery water streams that rush across its humongous Himalayas; with such force as could easily conquer a heart, and snow peaks that perfectly match its lush green belts. From the magical valleys of Kashmir to the angelic flow of Lake Saif al Malook, from the exquisitely renovated Hindu temples at Said Pur Village to the eye-catching marvel of the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad; the ravishing capital of Pakistan, from the unique cultural appeal of  inland villages of the country to the fashionably contemporary dinning and leisure resorts in its highlighted cities of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and the like, the unlimited tourist attractions boasted by Pakistan can effortlessly beat all expression of words. All these vistas of natural and man-made tourist attractions, when coated with the four blissful seasons that the country is blessed with, together make up a perfect reason for purchasing cheap tickets to Pakistan.

Being tourists, you would be glad to see how contradictory the attitude of this country’s inhabitants is from the generally notorious reputation that they otherwise have. Especially those living in the Punjab Province are known wide for two things; their love for exquisite delicacies and eateries plus their warmth and hospitality towards their guests. However, stay cautious while shopping as some shop keepers here may charge you excessively due to their undying love for American dollars!  Otherwise, you could very well expect a heartiest welcome from Pakistani people; especially the educated lot.

Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad Pakistan

Even more strikingly interesting is the fact that as you get to know better the elite and educated lot of the country, you would notice their life style and living standards perfectly shoulder those found in any developed country in the world. Try knowing a few from the nicely educated batch and you would surely find in them an interesting company.

Whether you visit Lahore, book cheap flights to Karachi, or cheap flights to Islamabad you‘re most likely to be stunned to see a vast collection of chic cafes, posh hangout areas, irresistibly delicious cuisines offered at beautifully constructed restaurants, the top hotel chains including five star and four star giants for you to find a comfortable residing, and a series of sparklingly magnetic shopping avenues and much more. While there is no doubt about how amazing a shopping experience in the urban Pakistan can be, the best part is the fortunate strength of dollar over Rupee that allows your shopping hours in Pakistan to extend for as long as you want.

Let not your fears turn into paranoids and deprive you of a fantastic holiday opportunity to Pakistan. The country houses a population of more than approximately 187 million people many of whom have earned a big name in different international countries such as America, India, China and Europe. Pakistan is a land of peace; do not allow anyone to haunt you by painting a baselessly daunting picture of the country.


Cheapest flight-Jet Airways jaw dropping discount

Yet Again, Jet Airways delightfully presents Economy and Premium Economy airfares to various destinations in Asia, effective for booking from 14th July, 2011 till 19th July, 2011.

In this limited time offer travellers can book cheap flights to Asia at discounted fares. Jet Airways departs for the outbound journey from London Heathrow and fly via its home town (Bombay or Delhi) to rest of Asia.

Marble Temple Bangkok

You can get cheap flights to Hong Kong starting from £200 only for the travel season commencing from 13th July, 30th September 2011 and 01st November till 30th November, 2011. Date changes can be acquired by paying a penalty fee of £100 prior to departure for the outbound and First change is free on the inbound flight and rest of changes can be carried out by paying £30.  Baggage allowance on this limited time offer is 32 KGs.

Jet Airways also offer cheap flights to Bangkok and Colombo for as low as £210, Dhaka £195, Sylhet £275 and Chittagong £275. Blackout dates to Bangladesh, Colombo and Thailand for the outbound travel is not permitted from 10th July till 31st July, 2011. All fares mentioned above or exclusive of taxes.

cheapest flight - summer promotional clearence

The Dutch Airline, Air France delightfully brings North Atlantic special economy class airfares from United Kingdom, valid for booking from 14th July till 25th July, 2011. In this limited time promotional offer passengers can avail the outbound departure from Birmingham.

Add-ons are also permissible from Aberdeen and New Castle by paying approximately £10 from Edinburgh and Glasgow for £20 and lastly from Manchester for £30 only. You can get cheap flights to Miami starting from £71, Chicago £69, Denver£134, Houston £164, Boston £67 and Washington £100 (exclusive of taxes).

Maximum stay time permissible by carrier on this ticket is 3 months and minimum stay period is Saturday night. Discounts on child and Infants occupying a seat pays 75% of the adult net fare plus taxes and surcharges however, infant up to 2 years of age not occupying a seat pays 10% of adult net fare. Fare changes on this offer can be acquired by paying a charge of only £90.

cheap flights -heaven on earth Bhutan paro valley Must see

Thimphu is the most advanced and flourished capital of Bhutan that draws the attention of thousands of people towards its rice fields stretching on hills, strewed customary houses constructed within rocky walls and various prayer emblems and temples. It covers an area of 1,819 square kilometres and is elevated from sea level at a height, ranging between 1,300 and 7,300. One of the most alluring and fascinating area of Thimphu is its Paro Valley-the oldest and ancient valley of Bhutan which is worth watching and you can take cheap flights to Bhutan to spend your holidays in such an inspiring destination.

Paro Valley Bhutan

Paro owns the exclusive operational airport of Bhutan an astounding lush green concealed facility, used by flights from Asian countries. It houses many monasteries, historical temples and rice plateaus. You will be amazed to see the wonder spot of magical Taktshang or Tiger’s Nest Monastery located on the border of a high hill at the height of 3,000 feet in Paro valley. It was also known as Taktshang Goemba, considered to be one of the most sacred pilgrimage places of Bhutan.

The monastery and its enclosures are truly adorable and the wizardly building casts a spell on its admirers. A special admittance is required for visiting this captivating marvel and make sure to bring along a Bhutanese guide once you start the venture to reach this enchantment. On arrival you will experience deep natural feeling in the woodland directing towards arising slope with fluctuating ringing of bells.

If you have a liking for historical temples you will be glad to see Kyichu Lhakhang one of the oldest and significant Bhutanese temple located in Paro district and was constructed in 7th century. It is very popular for its orange trees located in the garden which produce fruits during the whole year. One other interesting site is the National Museum of Bhutan an artistic museum located in Paro town featuring numerous exhibits of Bhutanese craftsmanship such as classy paintings and valuable statues of bronze. It owns approximately 3,000 artworks that have 1,500 years old cultural history. National Museum’s enriched property of many creative cultures is the distinguished composition of past and present and is one of the most appealing places for tourists.

Kyichu Lhakhang Bhutan

Apart from all such attractions, Paro valley has a lot more amusing areas, welcoming your trip there.
The climate of Thimphu is subtropical monsoon where the summers are hot, humid and wet with rainfalls and winters are dry and cold. The best time to visit is between September and October when the weather is comfortable and pleasant so this time plan your vacations your for the beautiful Paro valley.