Friday, 19 August 2011

Taipei and Bangkok Your Next Destination

The most thriving metropolis Taiwan’s capital “Taipei” that has highly ambitious architecture, sophisticated and tasty cuisines, huge stores of Chinese Art and culture representing history and pointing finger to future also. You will find this city culturally and politically ahead from other metropolitan areas; it is prosperous in terms of income and doesn’t suffer from extreme economic inequality.

However, Its atmosphere is calm and soothing especially familiar for entire family, best time to travel Taipei is October and November (with reduced humidity) and enjoy sub-tropical weather with amazing sun set, beaches, sightseeing and landscapes.

Green Grass Lake Taipei Taiwan

Enjoy flights to Taipei in sheer elite class with starting price of £629; low airfares to Bangkok are also available with Premium economy class from £429 exclusive of taxes. These stunning fares are valid for booking from 17th Aug – 31st Oct 2011; departure is categorized in two seasons from 1st Sep – 30th Nov 2011 & 1st Jan – 31st Mar 2012.

Airline defined blackout period where you can not scheduled your return flight from 1st Jan – 15th Jan 2012. Eva Air offers regional add-on flights with collaboration of Bangkok Airways.

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