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cheap flights to Dhaka

Many of you must have desired to escape the occupied busy routine by visiting a serene and calm destination away from the bustling and stirring city. Rest easy as Lalbagh Fort or Fort Aurangabad is a magnificent Mughal palace along the Buriganga River in the south-west of Dhaka (Bangladesh) which is a real reflection of placidity and composure. It is one of the most-visiting tourists spot because of its splendid architecture and historical significance. Once you plan to spend your vacations grab cheap flights to Dhaka and must visit this glorious monument.

It was constructed in 1678 by Muhammad Azam who was the son of Emperor Aurangzeb but because of his death, the work remained incomplete. His beneficiary Shaista Khan did not pay heed to the importance of the fort till the death of his daughter in Pari Bibi(Fairy Lady) which compelled his mind to consider the palace to be apocalyptic. This fort is also the attestant of the defiance of the congenital soldiers who countered the British in the great 1857 revolt.

It was considered that the fort consisted of three main buildings but recent archaeological studies have shown that various other structures are also the part of the fort. Now the fort covers an area of about 18 acres and leavings of some 27 structures such as sewerage, fountains, roof gardens and water supply systems have also been found out. Among all the gateways, the one on the southern side is the most enforcing one which is a three-floored complex, contoured by the tenuous minarets. The gateway located at the north-eastern side is considerably simple and small-scaled. The third gateway locating in the middle of the northern bordering wall was left unfinished.

Lalbagh Fort Dhaka Bangladesh

The central area encircles the Mosque-which has three domes along with a water supply tank on the front side for Wudu, Diwan-i-Aam-which is a double-floored- structure joined to a Hammam on the western side and comprises of a kitchen, a water depository, an oven, open pavilion and a dressing room and Bibi Pari’s tomb-the most influential part of the fort consisting of 8 rooms which enclose the main room and contains the mortal leftovers of the Fairy Lady. The most astonishing features of the room are the bronze plated octahedral dome, ornamentation of the inner walls with white marbles, sides of the rooms glazed with ravishing patterned-tiles.

Besides, a Museum is also situated inside the fort that was built in 17th century during the reign of Shayesta Khan and consists of two floors, displaying antiquated items. Another great attraction is the Audience Hall that is considered to be Nawab Shayesta Khan’s abode and is located in the eastern side of the fort. The hall and its adjacent rooms are beautifully embellished with small vaulted corners and huge carved-in panels. Its three aesthetic multi-pointed embowed openings in the eastern and western direction are the most charming attractions for the tourists.

The Lalbagh fort with its grandeur and distinctive architecture has much more charismatic surprises for you. The climate of Dhaka is tropical with wet, hot and humid seasons. The best time to visit it is the cooler season which lasts from October to February. So this time when you plan your vacations do include Dhaka in your list of destination-to-visit.

cheap flights to Bangkok

The colorful culture makes Bangkok a vibrant and energetic place to be. As you leisurely walk around the streets you will find bright multihued temples in every corner of the streets. The welcoming people of the city have proved to be very obliging and courteous to the tourists. Oman Air announces its special discounted fares for cheap flights to Bangkok so why not make this warm hearted and spectacular city your next holiday destination. The amazing fares for this deal start from an incredible low of GBP 190* giving you the most affordable chance to visit the dazzling Bangkok.

Temple of Dawn Bangkok Thailand

The booking period starts from July 20, 2011 onward till September 30, 2011. You can depart from the London Heathrow airport to Bangkok from August 10, 2011 till September 30, 2011. The minimum stay has been defined as 3 days by the airline whereas the maximum stay allowance is of 3 months on the offer.
Take your family along on a memorable trip as the airline also offers an additional child/ infant discount. The beautiful and intriguing city of Thailand will not let you down, entertaining you to the fullest.
For more details and information on the offer, give us a call or shoot us an email and take advantage from these remarkable fares.

cheap flights to Douala

Had we been talking about adventurous endeavors or wild life exploration or let’s say, a hike to its peaks or any other outdoor adventure for that matter, it would have been very easy to spot a connection with Douala, the capital city of Cameroon. But as we’re gauging this otherwise marvelous African city for its shopping potential at the moment, it won’t be surprising to see a few raised eyebrows or blinking alerts for a doubt. Shopping in Douala? Does not sound attractive, right? Well, owing to the city’s far reaching popularity for specializing in adventure and site seeing opportunities along with a fabulous blend of sparkling night life and amazing restaurants, its evenhanded potential for shopping activities is naturally overshadowed. However, if you’re a die heart shopping fan and are planning to book cheap flights to Douala, the city certainly has enough capacity to let you tag along bags full of goodies on your way back home. Let’s have a brief look what Douala can offer you in the sphere of shopping.

Monument Douala Cameroon

A typical scene at one of Douala’s famous market areas would make you feel like you’ll have to jump in a pool of people to fetch out great things; just like the case with shopping areas in big cities. However, soon after you would realize it was totally worth taking the risk, for Douala has a complete variety of what can make a wonderful shopping experience.

Ranging from imported foreign goods to the daily-life local brands and from those hi-fi international big names to the locally produced African style tags, Douala’s markets have almost anything a visitor could look to shop for. However, the most famous bargain amongst Douala’s shopping ventures is its locally crafted Handicraft items. Amongst the most cherished of the traditional handicrafts showcased in Douala are the fancily decorated pots and other lavishly designed pottery items, adorned cutlery ranges, fine quality earthenware bowls and astoundingly beautiful designs of rugs and fancy furnishing items.

Such items and a whole bigger collection of heart winning shopping delights are displayed on reasonable prices, provided you shop shrewdly,  at the tourist and craft markets found in large towns and city areas. The city area is precisely the best one selling souvenirs. Rest of the corners of the city provides handsome opportunities for fresh eateries, cheap cloths and accessories and household essentials.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before setting out feet for a shopping hunt. Firstly, it’s preferable not to carry along expensive accessories such as mobiles, cameras, IPods and laptops etc to the market area, for most of the African cities are notorious for incidences of theft.

Furthermore, while shopping one always has to stay vigilant and wary of pick-pocketers. Another thing to keep in mind, should you want to shop for antiques is that while many stallholders and shopkeepers would claim certain distraught item to be antique, they actually aren’t! In Douala Special permission is required from the Delegation Provinciale de Tourisme if one wants to take original and genuine antiques from the country.
For the best shopping experience in Douala visit the following areas; Marché Congo for cheap clothing, Marché Eko for fashion accessories and Score a western style super market.

Cheap flights Africa

Kenya Airways pleasingly announces its discounted airfares for the upcoming season to different parts of Africa. The airline gives you a chance to witness the animated wildlife of Madagascar and Tanzania, the awe inspiringly beautiful beaches of Seychelles and Harare and the ancient customs and ethnicity of other African cities in the most amazing airfares.

Chinhoyi Caves Zimbabwe

The remarkable offer includes cheap flights to Harare, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Mombasa, Entebbe, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Gaborone, Seychelles, Addis Ababa, Juba, Kisumu, Lilongwe, Lusaka, Djibouti, Kigali, Ndola, Maputo, Bangui, Antananarivo and Bujumbura, the fares for which start from as low as GBP 200*.

The low budget tickets can be booked from July 21, 2011 onwards till August 20, 2011. The travel period begins from August 05, 2011 till March 31, 2012. However, there is a blackout period for outbound travel from December 12, 2011 till December 27, 2011 meaning that one will not be able to avail these discounted airfares during these dates.

A minimum stay of a Saturday night is must at the destination one is travelling to whereas the maximum stay can extend up to 12 months from the day of departure.
Explore Africa without being harsh on your expenses and rediscover the continent’s colorfully fascinating culture and age-old traditions. So give us a call now to book your share of discounted flights!

cheap flights Bangkok

Oman Air presents spectacular Economy class sale this summer, effective for ticketing from 20th July, 2011 till 30th September, 2011. Earlier on this year, Oman air won the Award of Best Business Class Seats. The carrier, offer latest flight services with marvelous onboard facilities and new aircrafts. In this lavishing offer you can get cheap flights to Bangkok starting from just only £190(exclusive of taxes).

Koh Samet Beach Bangkok Thailand

Travel season on this promotion begins from 10th August, 2011 till 30th September, 2011 from London. Carrier also offer an opportunity of 3 months maximum stay time however, minimum stay is restricted to 3days. First change after the reservation can be made by paying a penalty of only £50.
Regional Add-ons can be acquired by British Midland from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Dubai via London Heathrow. All seats on this promotion will subject to availability.

cheap flights for limited offer by Air India

The national carrier of India, Air India brings fabulous promotional Sale on its Economy class seats with limited availability, effective for booking from 20th July, 2011. Air India is a low class budgeted carrier offering fascinating flight services on board with lavishing aircrafts.

Thailand is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the whole world. Thousands of travelers from different corner of world spend their vacations with their loved ones to enjoy the charming weather with delicious Thai food. Bangkok is famous for its massage parlors in the whole sub-continent.

Be ready, because Air India comes up with amazing airfares this summer to various Asian destinations. As cheap flights to Bangkok starts from as low as £210(exclusive of taxes) from London. Travel period on this promotional campaign can avail from 19th July to 30th September, 2011, 01st November till 30th November, 2011 and from 01st January to 31st March, 2012. One free stopover in each direction is permitted in this hot offer. Moreover, you also get Katmandu flights for as low as £340(exclusive of taxes).First date change in this offer is free and subsequent changes can be made by paying a fee of £30.

cheap flights Dubai, Business class flights Dubai

This summer, Royal Brunei proudly announces certain amendments to its promotional offers named as Dubai Business Class Tactical Fare, Dubai August Offers and Dubai Hot Offers, effective for Sale from 23rd June, 2011 until 31st August, 2011.

Middle East is blessed with numerous attractions for travellers offering unique experience of Desert safari, Sky Diving, scientific parks, Museums, tropical Beaches and many more.

In promotional offer Dubai Business Class Tactical Fare the selling period is extended by the carrier till 31st August, 2011. Travelling period begins from 06th August, 2011 till 08th December, 2011 and 17th January, 2011 till 31st March, 2012. You can get cheap flights to Dubai starting from as low as £12209(exclusive of taxes) from London Heathrow.
However in Dubai Hot Offer promotional offer only travel period begins from 15th August, 2011. You can get round trip cheap flight to Dubai for as low as £110(exclusive of taxes). Date changes on the outbound departure can avail for only £75and on inbound flight carrier offer first change free of cost.

cheapest flights Emirates Air lines

The four star ranking carrier, Emirates proudly announce an extension on its limited time promotion offer to Far East, Southwest Regions, Asia, Australia and many more, booking lasts till 31st August, 2011. This summer, Emirates give its travellers a party feast by offering lowest cheap fares with inclusive taxes.
You can get Economy class round-trip cheap flights to Melbourne and Brisbane starting from only £820 from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, New Castle, Birmingham and Glasgow. Travel Period on this offer begins from 01st August, 2011 till 30th November, 2011 and 16th January,2012 till 15th April, 2012.

Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

Date changes on for the inbound flight can be made up paying a fee of only £75(Fare difference may apply). Moreover you can get cheap flights to Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing for as low as £400. Emirates also offer lavishing offer to Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta starting from £425.
Baggage allowance on Economy class seats for an adult is 30Kgs plus hand luggage. In Southwest region carrier offers Cheap Business Class flights to Auckland, Christchurch, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth for only £2850(inclusive of taxes).

Cheap flights Asiana Airlines

search cheap flights has on the list another tempting offer by the national carrier of South Korea, Asiana Airlines. The airline presents exceptional airfares to different parts of the world. So be it the sensational cruises of Sydney, the pulsating nightlife drenched in neon lights of Tokyo or the challenging scuba diving of Cebu, prepare yourself for each one of them as the extraordinary fares start from a jaw dropping cost of GBP 315*. You can choose your next holiday spot from any of the mesmerizing destinations on the list.

Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines

The big hearted offer by the airline offers cheap flights to Manila, Cebu, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Luzon Island, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kota Kinabalu, Osaka, Tokyo and the spectacular Sydney.
You can flights to these magnificent destinations from July 20, 2011 onwards till August 15, 2011. Travel is valid for departures from September 01, 2011 till November 30, 2011 and also from January 01, 2012 till March 31, 2012. A minimum stay of 07 days is allowed by the airline with the maximum stay of 12 months from the day of departure.

Grab your phone sets and give us a call so we can assist you further with the booking. Make your next holiday a memorable one!