Sunday, 17 July 2011

Low cost Airlines with Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways proudly presents this summer spectacular Economy class Summer Special Sale, effective for booking from 16th July, 2011 until 07th August, 2011. Qatar Airways is a five star ranking Middle Eastern carrier, offering unique services onboard with latest aircrafts and cooperative crew staff. The outbound departure on this amazing promotion may commence from 01st August, 2011 till 31st March, 2012 (may differ as per destination). Passengers can avail the outbound journey from London Heathrow and Manchester; however add-ons are also permissible by the carrier from Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, Aberdeen, New Castle, Leads and many other domestic airports starting from approximately £60.

Qatar Airways Plane Flying 
Qatar Airways Air plane in Air
Qatar Airways offer discounted flights to Middle East in this promotion. You can get cheap flights to Muscat starting from as low as £109(exclusive of taxes). Date changes are permitted by paying a penalty fee of only £100 per adult. Baggage allowance on this offer is 32KGs per adult plus hand luggage. Moreover, you can get cheap flights to Melbourne starting from only £389, Cape Town from £272, Bangkok from £279, Colombo from £239, Singapore from £282, Kuala Lumpur from £282, Jakarta from £282, Calcutta from £209, Seychelles from £287(exclusive of taxes) and many more

cheapest flight to Thailand

Bangkok always grasps the attention of thousands of travellers all across the world providing entertainment, tropical beaches, festivals and many more. This summer, you don’t have to worry while exploring the attractions of different cites because Bangkok Airways provides an option for travellers to book their ticket in advance on either Economy class or Business class seats from United Kingdom. Travel period on these promotional fares are eligible from 01st January, 2012 till 31st December, 2012. The best part of this promotional campaign is that domestic and international fares are combinable.

Fuel and Insurance surcharges are included in domestic flights, however for international routes taxes may apply. The departure is available from Bangkok to various destinations within Thailand.

You can get cheap flights to Koh Samui starting from as low as £136 for the return trip and £68 for the one-way flight. Maximum stay period on this flight is valid from 6 months from the day of departure. Date changes and rerouting are not permitted on this offer from the carrier.
Moreover, you can get cheap flights to Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Lampang, Trat, Krabi and Phuket at exciting airfares on return and one-way flights.

cheapest flights offer from Air Europa Promotional Airfares

Air Europa brings enchanting promotional Economy class seats this summer for travellers to experience the attractions of Mexico City, effective for booking from 16th July, 2011 till 19th July, 2011. In this limited time promotional campaign travellers can avail the outbound departure from 24th October to 16th December, 2011 from London Heathrow.

You can get cheap flights to Mexico City starting from as low as £306(exclusive of taxes) on round trip economy class seat. All flight on this promotion is subject to availability and will work on first come first served policy. Carrier departs via Madrid on this special offer.

cheapest flights to India

Air India’s Business class appearance is sleek and elegant with high quality surfaces and seats are comfortable and spacious, user friendly in-flight entertainment system, trained staff, clean and healthy environment, excellent food and their generosity on its peak.

Air India offers lavishing airfares for departures from London to various destinations in India, in addition to it free allowed luggage is 46 kgs in economy class and 69 kgs in business class. There is no minimum stay and advance purchase requirements these fares can be ticketed any time before departures, maximum stay is permitted for 12 months. Air India gives opportunity of having free stopover in Delhi/Mumbai in single direction only.

Cheap flights to Amritsar are starting from £175, Mumbai & Delhi from £172, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Madras, Trivandrum and Cochin from £172, Goa, Ahmadabad and Calcutta from £239 with economy class.

Cheap business class flights to Mumbai and Delhi are starting from £1109, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Madras, Trivandrum, Cochin, Amritsar, Ahmadabad and Calcutta are available from £1169 with business class flights.

Cheap flights to Dubai -Dubai Tourism-

If you are looking for cheap flights to Dubai united Arab Emirates than you are at the right place! finding out bargain flights, cheapest flight to Dubai can be a little unease.low cost Airlines are hard to detect offering last minute flights, cheapest flights…If  you need bargain flights, jaw dropping airfares than visit

You will find best unbeatable flights fares…and since you are visiting Dubai you would for sure want  to see the best of Dubai, now let us take you to the Dubai s city tour which shows and inducts famous land marks, hottest spots for tourists, its 2 hours plus tour which you can book easily with us.

Dubai city tour 
Dubai city tour
now if you love action, thrill, adventure, bar b q, off roading, belly dancing than you should try safari in Dubai.Desert safari in Dubai is the Identity of Dubai s heritage and culture.

Dune bashing

you can have camel ride, dune bashing of 30 minutes on heavy sand dunes in our brand new land cruisers who are Tammed for your entertainment.

you can also have camel riding in the desert, henna painting with Emirates traditional , even kids can have tattoos.plenty of fun! dune buggy compound awaits you if you would like wild drive on sand dunes you can pick any buggy  you want.

lowered tables and Bedouins for relaxing, unlimited tea, coffee, brews, dry fruits, bar with all famous brands…fire show, falcon show, bar b q grill station and 5 star buffet dinner, not to forget sizzling Arabic belly dance  by some of our top performers under star lit sky in the desert all that fun if you just book a desert safari dubai, if you need more information visit

cheap flights Must See Okavango Delta, Botswana

Botswana has always been a favorite destination for safari lovers around the world. Some claim the safari game reserves of Botswana to be much better than the ones in Tanzania or Kenya. The Okavango game reserve is premier safari reserve of Botswana and is getting attention with the tourists around the globe for not only the one of the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa but also because it’s the Africa’s largest wetland and world’s largest inland delta. This is a natural wonder created by the waters of Okavango river flowing from Namibia for thousands of years and has given life to a unique eco system.

Botswana is considered as a success story in the turmoil filled continent of Africa, with political and economic stability it is fast becoming a rock star of the continent. And it is evident when you arrive in the capital Gaborone, with some sky scrappers in its city center and some modern neighborhoods it is surely a symbol of the economic boom that the country is going through. But beware the city of Gaborone is unbelievably costly when you compare it with the capitals of other regional countries, so the best thing to do is try finding a cheap flight to Gaborone and then head right to the attraction you want to see which for most part is always outside the city.

Okavango Delta Botswana
Okavango is located in the northern Botswana so either you can arrive there by using the border crossing with Namibia if you are already in that country and just want to visit Okavango and then head back. But if you want to explore other attractions in Botswana as well then take a flight to Gaborone or to the city of Maun which is known as the gateway to the Okavango Delta. Okavango Delta is stretched over an area of 17000 square kilometers and was created in result of the drying of the Lake Makgadikgad a few thousand years ago. The Okavango River flowing from Namibia drains itself in the Botswana’s Kala Hari desert and creates gorgeous lagoons, islands and lakes which form this magnificent delta.

The area is so rich in wild life that it will take some extreme bad luck on your side for missing out on any one of the Africa’s Big Five. You will be able to see hundreds of Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Giraffes, Crocodiles, Buffalos, Cheetahs, hippos and many more exotic animals. The best way to explore the park is in a 4 WD in company of a game ranger who will take you to areas of the park with the highest concentration of animals and also will provide you security in case some danger emerges.

You can find all kind of accommodation facilities in the park ranging from the luxurious hotels to some that cater to the tourists that are on a budget. But the best experience will be camping out in the wild and spending a night outside in this awesome natural wonder of Africa.

cheapest flights to Namibia

Namibia is perhaps the best place to get lost in reason being its size which is large enough and the very small population of the country that leaves most of the lands in Namibia unexplored. This is also a good thing if you consider the fact that the places with more human activity often get spoiled. Same is the case with its premier National park called the Etosha National Park which is home to over 119 species of mammals and 340 species of Birds and is perfectly preserved. The white and greenish Etosha pan in the middle of the park provides a stunning landscape.

The park is located in the north of the country which means quite a lot of travelling from the capital Windhoek. Most visitors prefer the land routes for entering the country but if you want to travel into the country by air then try to find a cheap flight to Windhoek. From Windhoek you can take the bus to the Tsumbe bus terminal which is the last in the north and is roughly 110 km from the park. There are a number of car hire services in Tsumbe that provide cars for the tourists going to visit the park, or you can also wait for one of the safari busses that runs from the park to the Tsumbe but are not that regular.

Etosha National Park Namibia
The area of Etosha park was discovered first by the Europeans in the 18th century but the area did not get attention from the tourists until the early 20th century when the German governor general of the area became concerned about the diminishing numbers of the wildlife of the area and ordered an area of roughly 93000 sq km to be made a reserve, but the area was reduced to the present 23000 sq km in the 1970’s.
The park is divided into three parts and you can only visit the northern two parts if you are travelling independently as the third part is reserved for the tour operators. You will be required to pay an entry fee of 3.50 USD for each adult and child and 2.50 for the entry of your vehicle. Then head to one of the rest camps of the park with detailed maps of the area, a few restaurants and shops to refresh and resupply your self. Keep in mind thou that you’ll have to make a booking in advance for entering the park, you can do it either through a tour operator or through the Namibian Wildlife Reserve in Windhoek.

For observing the wildlife closely the best way is taking a ride in the safari bus that runs through the park and provides some awesome views of its wildlife as well as the stunning landscape. The so called haunted forest to the south of the park is a unique forest of strangely shaped trees, and is surely worth a visit if you can find the time. Avoid travelling to the park in the season of Namibian or South African school holidays as this is the favorite destination for the parents to take their children to in the region and cost of every thing will sky rocket in these

cheapest flights from Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways proudly announces its great Economy class airfares to Asia this summer, effective for booking from now until further notice. The carrier is known for the cheapest fare to various destinations.
Flight services and aircrafts are excellent providing luxurious journey. The outbound travel is available from London however add-ons can also be acquired from regional airports. You can get cheap flights to Tashkent, Amritsar, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Bangkok, Lahore, Tokyo and many more.
Baggage Allowance on this promotion for Delhi, Amritsar and Lahore is 20KGs plus hand luggage.  The carrier also provides travellers an option of each stop over for £35. All seats on this promotional campaign subjects to availability.

cheap Flights to Shanghai

Air Mauritius gladly presents its new flight route to China. The carrier introduces brand new service to their network by which they can offer travellers an opportunity to acquire round trip flights from Mauritius to Shanghai.

Air Mauritius will fly weekly to new destinationShanghai whereas; network including flights to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong flights will depart according to previous schedule. In the start, the new service will fly with a stopover in Kuala Lumpur however; carrier believes that this new service to Shanghai will fly on a nonstop basis in the future.
The outbound departure on new flight service will operate on Monday’s from Mauritius during the week at 22:40 and will arrive next day to Shanghai at 16:20. On the way back carrier will depart on Tuesdays at 21:25 and will arrive next day to Mauritius at 07:20 (local time). The flights to Shanghai are operated by the latest technology aircraft on Airbus A330-200, providing a choice of 251 Economy class cabins and 24 Business class cabins.