Monday, 29 August 2011

Stepping in to Cuba’s Heartbeat with business class flights to Havana

Before the communist revolution Havana was one of the best tempting spot in Caribbean and later on in 1990s when Cuba reopened tourism it has become a famous destination once again. It has romantic and vivacious atmosphere, people are devoted and friendly and forget any myth you have heard before.

Over 500 years of history have combined Latin America’s most electrifying and culturally sole society. It contains traditionally sights aside, concocted amusement park, and range of museums, beautifully preserved palaces, top hotels and tasty restaurants. Travel to this breathtaking destination with luxurious flights of Air Europa in Business Class.

Havana Beach Cuba

You can find business class flights to Havana with starting price of £1187; fares are valid for sales and ticketing from today onwards up to 15th Sep 2011. Though travel may happen any time from now and including 31st Mar 2012 except 2nd Dec – 5th Dec & 11th Dec – 30th Dec 2011 for outbound and 6th Dec – 11th Dec & 1st Jan – 19th Jan 2012.

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