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cheap flights to Amman

The Italian carrier, Alitalia presents stunning Long haul promotional airfares, effective for booking from 26th July, 2011 till 20th August, 2011.In this outstanding Sale travellers can avail a luxury trip at affordable price with Alitalia.

You can get cheap flights to Amman starting from as low as £90 (excluding taxes) from London. Travel season on this offer begins from 01st September till 30th November, 2011.

Amman Skyline

The carrier offers unique flight entertainment services with marvelous crew staff. Maximum stay on this particular deal is 1 month however minimum stay period is one Saturday night. Alitalia provides 67% of adult fare discounts on child fare and 10% of adult fare for Infants.

Moreover, you can get cheap flights to Beirut starting from only £100 and Tehran£180(excluding taxes). All seats are subjected to availability on this splendid Sale.

cheap Business class flights-Middle east

The four star ranking carrier, Emirates delightfully brings astounding Business Class Sale to Middle East and Africa this summer, valid for booking till 30th November, 2011. In this lavishing promotional offer travellers can experience luxurious flight services with excellent crew staff. Comfortable Seats give you a relax feeling with all latest facilities. This promotional offer is only valid from Birmingham but add-ons are also accessible from different domestic airports.

Travellers can get cheap Business class flights to Amman, Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Bahrain, Beirut, Damascus, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Riyadh, Yemen, Tehran and Dammam starting from only £2700 inclusive fuel surcharges. All tickets have maximum stay duration of 1 year.

Stopovers on departure and arrival are available in Dubai free of cost. Baggage allowance of 40 KGs is permitted by the carrier in this offer. The great news on this offer is that date changes are available free of cost on inbound and outbound flights.

Moreover carrier also offer business class flights to Addis Ababa, Dar Es Salaam, Entebbe, Nairobi and Khartoum starting from as low as £2700 inclusive fuel surcharges.
For booking and more information on this stunning offer, contact us.

Cheap flights to Dubai -Dubayy

Virgin Atlantic brings amazing discount offers on its Economy class flights to Middle East, effective for sale up to and including 26th August, 2011. Dubai is blessed with numerous attractions for travelers wither its world tallest hotel Burj Al Khalifa or superb restaurants around Derait offer a wide variety of entertainment to everyone.

Dubai International Airport UAE

In this ravishing promotional drop down Sale travellers can get cheap flights to Dubai starting from as low as £154 (exclusive of taxes). The outbound departure on this offer is valid from London Heathrow but travellers can acquire regional add-ons flight from United Kingdom with Flybe and British Midland.

Travel season can be carried out for outbound departure from 24th October till 07th December, 2011. Stop overs in this promotion are not entertained by the carrier however; once the ticket is issued date changes can be made by paying a fee of only £120.

cheap flights to Beirut

If it is only in the books, movies, paintings or in your dreams that you have visualized sheer heavenly beauty of nature then let us give you an opportunity to witness the lofty mountains surrounded by awe inspiring splendid picturesque locations where you can breathe in fresh air and rejuvenate your senses.

Jupiter Temple Lebanon

The Italian airline, Alitalia, has recently launched its special offer for cheap flights to Beirut, Amman and Tehran, the three spectacular cities. Fares for these discounted flights start from as low as GBP 90* for a round trip journey.

The amazing offer starts from July 25, 2011 onwards till August 20, 2011 when bookings can be made. You can travel to these magnificently beautiful cities from September 01, 2011 till November 30, 2011. The airline gives a minimum stay of a Saturday night on the package with a maximum stay of 01 month.
So do not miss out on the fortunate chance and book your share of low budget tickets. The fares mentioned above apply to a limited number of seats only.

cheap flights to Melbourne

Imagine that bite of deliciously sweet cheese tossed in creamy cameral or vanilla, causing a divine sensation as soon as it unfolds inside the mouth to stir your senses into the deepest of all pleasures. Just then, you’re swayed once again by the crunch of a finely settled biscuit coat which perfectly complements a cheesy flavor, giving you a godly aftertaste which lingers only to soon turn into an addiction. Ah! You have just been glimpsed through a tiny bit of the freshly baked delight downright from the scrumptious paradise of ‘The Cheese Cake Shop’, Melbourne.

They must surely have some secret of abra-kadabra to craft such delectable marvels, is what one might think while enjoying the allure of cheese cake shop’s delights. Renowned as one of the best Cake Confectioners in Melbourne, if you’re booking cheap flights to Melbourne, you certainly deserve to munch on a piece from this bakery. For the moment, let’s have a better look at some of the shop’s magical creations.

Cheesecake Shop Melbourne Australia

Walking on the road if you sense an aroma that unconsciously pied-pipes you, know that you’re somewhere near the cheese cake shop. Every day the shop showcases handmade freshly baked cakes and other sugar-coated delights. Things are kept simple at the shop with two basic ingredients; quality and affection. Apart for an unparalleled taste, you would find something more at the cheese shop; a reflection of immense affection that is added to make them so smooth and delicious. Moreover, there is a baked treasure for everyone, no matter how diverse your needs may be.

From freshly baked cakes to the most tempting cheese cakes in the area, from tantalizing torts and Flans to delightful Tiramisu, these assortments are prepared with the freshest and finest of all local ingredients. All these fresh ingredients are combined together to let the spell of Mamuska’s traditional recipes be casted upon, leading to a miraculous array of sweets.

The traditional baked cheese cakes served at the shop come with multifarious flavors including American, Marble, Jamaican Choc and wild berry, as the most celebrated ones. And if you’re looking for those lovingly lighter Continental Cheese Cakes, there is a whole round for mouth-watering flavors that you can order one from. For instance, grab a bite of the cheeky strawberry flavor or take away the passionate blue berry cheese cake, you’re never regret buying from the cheese cake shop. The continental cheese cakes get into their creamy smooth form overnight, while they immaculately rest on a well defined biscuit base.

Dark Chocolate Mudcake Cheesecake Shop Melbourne

Equally famous as the shop’s cheese cakes are the Mud Cakes that have their traditional way of winning hearts. The most popular of all cakes offered at the shop is the Boston Mud cake which is also one of its signature products. Other varieties include white gold and caramel gold flavors. This cherished confectioner in Melbourne offers you a chance to book your order for these delicious heavens for different sizes ranging from 7 inches to 12 inches.

So that you do not remain deprived of any of its creations, the cheesecake shop offers its Daily Treats that allow you to enjoy individual slices of all that is on the menu. Pick a bite of its unbelievably tasty cookies and milk or have a nice chat with friends over sips of its home made cocktails and beverages. While Melbourne’s best Cakes shop is there to delight you every now and then with its new flavors and versions of Cakes, how could if leave behind preparation for your special events? Be it Christmas, new years or thanksgiving your actually be boggled while trying to choose from the baker’s wealthy collections of Special delights. And when it’s the big day of your wedding, anniversary or any other, Cheesechake shop has the best recipes to add sense brilliance and celebrations to your day. So on your next visit to Melbourne, do not miss on a delightful opportunity of tasting the magic at the cheesecake shop.

cheap flights to Lagos & Abuja

National carrier of Nigeria again standalone in market with its unbeatable prices. It operates daily flights to Lagos and 5 weekly flights to Abuja from London Heathrow; airline offers another opportunity to travel with amazing low prices for economy and business class.

You will definitely enjoy amazing prices along with Nigerian old culture with mixture of western and eastern influence, Botanical gardens, remains of 5th century and architecture manipulation of Romans and Moors.

Lagos City Nigeria

You can book cheap flights to Lagos & Abuja with initial price of £179 & £499 in economy and business class respectively for departures from 10th Sep – 30th Nov 2011, whereas special offer to Abuja is still applicable with starting price of £279 for departures starting from 26th Jul – 21st Aug 2011.
Arik Air gives you several choices for flights to Abuja with low airfares £179 commencing from UK on or after 22nd Aug – 10th Dec 2011. You can stay up to 1 month according to these fares in Nigeria and tickets must be purchased before 15th Aug 2011.

Book your flights by paying £25 deposit.

cheap flight to Washington

When was the last time you gave your monotonous, dull routine a break and indulged in something as daring as descending down a cave? Probably never! Imagine this, as you move down into the shadows of the cave, a quiet breeze slips past you that leaves you feeling thrilled and a slightly nervous at the same time. There’s no adventure if it’s all too easy now is there? Washington’s Cave located at Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument provides you with the opportunity to experience something that can turn out to be the most exhilarating trip of your life.

More than 2,000 years ago, hot lava poured down the southern side of Mt. St. Helens.  As the boiling lava decanted and the surface cooled, it created a crust allowing the lava beneath to be insulated thereby letting it travel downwards the Valley of Lewis River. North America’s third longest lava tube was created as a result as the flowing lava pulsed for months through the tube.

Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument Washington D.C USA

Widely recognized as the Ape Cave at Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, this natural phenomenon is visited by tourists from all over the world. The name given to dual lava tubes alongside this trial by the primates were not monkeys. In fact they belonged to an outdoor club of 1950’s who discovered and explored the tubes. Book cheap flights to Washington now to feel the excitement run through your veins.

As one descends into the pitch dark cave, you encounter a breeze of constant 42 degrees. Thus, those brave adventurers out there who wish to take on this dare devil experience are advised to bring two lights sources at least and to be warmly dressed. For those who dig adventure in order to boost that ad reline rush, turn off the headlamp and experience what it is like to be surrounded with complete absence of light and sound. June till October are the perfect months to visit Ape Cave since the access becomes much easier due to lack of snow on roadways that lead the visitors to the site.

A Trail leading to two Forests can be found pretty near to Ape Cave. Take a stroll though a land of forest trees moss and lava by following this boardwalk trial of 0.25 mile boardwalk trail. Impressions and molds of ancient engulfed forest owing to the lava almost 2000 years ago and the breathing forest that remains evergreen will be discovered as one unfolds this area. There is one area that can be crawled through, provided a flash light is carried along. However, due to the tiny passing space, kids seem to better fit this small passage.

Ape Cave Washington D.C USA

This is a unique and audacious way to live life to the fullest. Most of us waste lives being too scared and are eventually left with that empty feeling of not ever being a part of something daring when life offered us. Well life has knocked on your door once again so avail the opportunity to the maximum and let the daredevil within you take over all the fears and hesitations.

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cheap flights to Las Vegas

Clear you mind and listen. Can you hear Las Vegas everlasting heartbeat that never fades away? The shuffling cards being snapped, that clicking sound of a roulette wheel, the clatter of the dice being tossed, the slot machine being given a spun, ‘21’ a prayer being whispered by some individual no different from you – this is the melody of Las Vegas. It’s a song you anticipate every time you pay a visit to the city famously known as the ‘sin city’, or if you are a first timer, one that will call out to you and haunt you till the time you return. Feel the ad reline rush at this intoxicating destination and book cheap flights to Las Vegas to experience it all.

The prime reason why numerous people come to this desert oasis year after year is the casino floor excitement of the Las Vegas casino. Vegas is larger than life itself; brighter lights, bolder colors and bigger bets. Las Vegas is a destination where everything is more extravagant and unparallel to any other place in the world. This city of extremes is truly unique. Embarrass the overly indulgent accommodations in Vegas as this article highlights the top five hotels and casinos.

The Bellagio :
The Bellagio Casino Las Vegas

The word over-indulgence is simply an expression not found in the Bellagio’s dictionary. As a matter of fact, that very thought magnified by ten serves true justice to this brilliant place. Tremendous luxury and class together with the enthusiasm of the game floor make the Bellagio a casino icon of Las Vegas. With rooms of absolute style and comfort and a splendid sight no matter where the location of your room is in the hotel, the Bellagio will appease your senses.

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino:
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay is revisited by a considerable amount of guests, making it their desired vacation spot guests. Having its own beach, it is built with resemblance to a South Sea’s beach resort. This hotel casino is an elegant and spacious resort, with rooms that come up to the mark. Mandalay originality is evident by the shark reef that it own. With loads of celebrities found gracing its halls, higher rollers are geared on the casino tables.

Caesars Palace:
Caesars Palace Casino Las Vegas

As you step into the world lavishly designed Caesars Palace, you will find yourself being transported to the era of Roman dominance. Appropriately named, the statuary, enormous columns, the dazzling fountains, all depict an place in time that is different, but retaining the expected flair of Las Vegas

The MGM Grand:
MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas

The MGM Grand, largest among the Las Vegas casinos continues to live up to its name. This icon is one of the most recognized around the world as the twin roaring lion statues guard the entrance .With more than 165 game tables and 3,500 slots, this gigantic game floor is buzzing with exhilaration all the time. The hotel comprises of mouth watering the Grand Garden Arena, whereby you can experience championship boxing matches as well as a concert.

The Luxor Hotel & Casino:
Luxor Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

This gigantic contemporary pyramid gleams luminous beam of light from the top, illuminating dreamland itself. Built in 1993, The Luxor comprises of all the paraphernalia of a palace belonging to an Egyptian king, but with an extended level of luxury. All of the conventional games are available and there are free lessons for rookies in a poker room to increase their odds against the pros.

While Las Vegas floods with electrifying and appealing casinos as well as hotels, it can be overwhelming for tourists to decide upon which one to visit. This article sheds some light on the most happening and hip casinos in the sin city and helps lead the way in style, excitement and sophistication.

cheap flights to Orlando

Florida’s sunshine state, Orlando is widely acknowledged as one of America’s finest tourist’s grounds, owing to its substantial amount of attractions. Land of Orlando takes great pride in offering wonderful exhilarating blend of tropical nature and rousing theme parks that are manmade, making it highly appealing for the tourists. Florida is home to one of the most famous destinations, Walt Disney World. Splendid restaurants combined with a variety of designer outlet villages and a tourist infrastructure that is parallel to none, Orlando has a lot more to offer than just Mickey Mouse. One of its most disguised and awe-inspiring attractions have to be Wonderworks that is appealing to not only kids, but also adults who believe in living their lives to the fullest.
People from all ages have an opportunity to experience Orlando’s lone upside-down attraction famously renowned as Wonderworks. This is an out of the ordinary amusement park that’s also caters to the mind, offering over a hundred interactive exhibits. Ever got shook by a stimulated earthquake of 5.3 degree or gotten blown away by a hurricane’s 65 mile-per-hour force winds? This is only the beginning. Take a virtual swim with sharks, view a 3D impression your complete body, feel what it is like to be elevated on top of a 3,500 nail’s bed or devise your own roller coaster ride that moves in any direction on 360 degrees. One would be a fool to miss out on the opportunity of indulging in this man made perfection, book cheap flights to Orlando to make full use of this absolutely genius entertainment center.

Wonderworks Orlando USA

To initiate your voyage to the works of wonder, you have to endure the ever so celebrated upside down building of Wonderworks. Exhilarating stroll as you go by the lobby, one is taken back with the screeching noise making you believe that it’s going fall any moment. Prepare to be twisted upside down as you step in the inversion tunnel followed by a path that will lead you to the exhibits.

Unlike any other amusement parks, Wonderworks is unique. It is unparalleled by what other entertainment centers similar to its kind have to offer. It is this distinctive atmosphere that appeals to tourists from all over the world who want their children to indulge in fun activities that are fascinating to discover and informative at the same time. However having said that, for those of you still young at heart, don’t hesitate and experience a journey that could be one the best of your life.

Wonderworks Orlando USA

Wonderworks is an interactive attraction that is filled with fun, offering a numerous of hands-on activities. This amusement park’s exhibits make use of some of the most sophisticated audio and graphic presentation techniques that are available around the world. Let you imagination run wild at Wonderworks and lose yourself in the entrancing world of manmade brilliance that is incomparable. You don’t want to miss a chance to actively involve yourself in some of the most creative displays. Take a break from your same old routine and tedious life and live a little with this imagination captivating destination that awaits you.