Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tiki Tour & cheap flight to New Auckland Zealand

Tiki Tour not only offer wide range of sightseeing journey also satisfaction for passengers as they are leaving home and work for a reason and they are keen to deliver their best.

This occasion a huge opportunity knocks at your door which is blessed with cheap fares and exotic destinations with hysterically pleasure. Put together your plans with your beloved and dive in to adventurous trip with Air New Zealand to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for an ultimate wonders and radiant places to discover.

Rangitoto Island Auckland

Cheap flights to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are ready to take you with luxurious caring with initial price of £474, these fares will allow passengers to travel from London Heathrow via Los Angeles & Hong Kong on or after 22nd Aug – 30th Nov 2011, therefore passengers may book these flights for ticketing purposes from 22nd Aug – 3rd Oct 2011.


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