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cheapest flight to Australia and New Zealand

Cathay Pacific announces Summer Special Sale offer on its Economy class seats for Australia and New Zealand, effective for booking till 19th July, 2011.

Travelers can get cheap flights to Perth starting from £250(exclusive of taxes) for the travel period valid for outbound departure from 22nd August till 30th September, 2011 and 01st November till 30th November, 2011.In high season fare will jump up to £400 (exclusive of taxes) from 01st August till 21st August, 2011 and 01st October till 31st October, 2011.

Moreover carrier offer cheap flights to Adelaide, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne and Sydney starting from £280 for the first travel season mentioned above and for high season it will be £430 (exclusive of taxes). The best part is that date changes on this offer can be availed free of cost depending on the availability of same class or cabin on which you are booked on

Best of British Airways-cheap flights

The national carrier of United Kingdom, British Airways exclusively introduces spectacular Economy classnet fares to various destinations worldwide, effective for booking from now until 19th July, 2011. The four star carrier operate its services from all across UK to worldwide. Excellent crew staff with latest technology aircrafts provides a unique experience of travelling with comfortably.

Heathrow Terminal

This summer British Airways give an option for travellers to experience tip quality service with entirely cheap airfares.  You can get cheap flights to Bangkok starting from only £629 and Singapore £597(exclusive of taxes) for the travel season effective from 13th July till 31st March, 2012. Advance purchase of 21 days is required on this offer however sale periods end on 19th July, 2011.

In East Africa British Airways offer cheap flights to Dar es Salaam and Entebbe for as low as £371 and Nairobi for only £266(exclusive of taxes). In West Africa you can avail discounted offers by carrier starting from £397 Abuja, £283 Accra and £350 Lagos exclusive of taxes.
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The Night In Pearl River Cruise -China Guangzhou

Have you ever enjoyed the night to its extreme? What can be more enchanting other than sailing on a charming River with beautiful and magnificent night views, casting a spell on the visitors. The Pearl River also known as the Canton River or the Guangdong River is located in the South of China and is the third largest river there. The name Pearl was given because of the pearl like appearance of the shells, lying underneath in water which flows in Guangzhou City. The trip to this city remains incomplete if you have not cruised this adorable River. To have a breath taking night time experience you must take cheap flights to Guangzhou and prepare yourself for an astonishing trip.

The Pearl River Cruise Guangzhou

The Pearl River is 2,000 kilometres long and it takes 1.5 hours to complete the voyage. Decorated with the magical sights along the water, this river is the most seductive and picturesque one. There are various historical areas and masterpieces strewed next to the Pearl River and reflect Guangzhou’s traditions and culture. The cruise provides the view of White Goose Pool also known as Night Moon over the Goose Pool where many festivals are celebrated. Other amazing scene is of Xinghai Concert Hall located on Island of Ersha on the shore of Pearl River. The hall feels as if a large aquatic bird is flying over the river coast. You will love to watch the illuminated Haizhu Bridge located in the south of Haizhu Square (Red Heart of the Pearl River), while enjoying your wines and buffets available on yatch. The view of the prestigious hotel building Aiqum Mansion also called as Aiqun Hotel genuinely mesmerizes the people. It was considered to be the tallest building, when it was constructed in 1934.

White Goose Pool Guangzhou China

Apart from such splendid scenes ,the Cruise passes many other awe inspiring sights such as White Swan Hotel, Zhuhai Square, Shamian Island and eight most tempting and astounding attractions of Guangzhou. Undoubtedly this yatch trip after dark under the glittering lights is much more gladdening and delightful as compared to the day time excursion. Full of visitors the cruise elegantly sails as blissful tunes are being played all at once.

The climate of Guangzhou is humid and warm with ample rainfall and adequate sunlight. Summers are usually long with constant downpour where as the winters are for a short duration with a little cold weather. So it is quite pleasant and comfortable season from October to September. You would definitely cherish a visit to this wonderful place so without wasting any further time, plan for the dazzling journey for Pearl River Night Cruise.

cheap flights Now from Your Mobile

It lets you take a picture and share it with friends on face book instantly or lets them know what you’re doing this very instant or allows you to stay in touch with office while you giggle around with friends over a happy meal. Or you could always reach out for whatever you want no matter where you are. Slip it in the pocket or let it be your juke box over a walk; can we even imagine a life without our cell phones? And now, you may order them to let you fly!

It wouldn’t be unjust to consider the laptop-fantasy days as fading away gradually with more and more of our dependency switching towards mobile phones. As most of you would agree, the phrase, “it’ll connect you to the world” which was once so exclusively famous for our PCs and laptops, is now true for our fashionably indispensible cell phones.
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Ancient Secrets of Egypt

Egypt is one country whose roots are embedded in the most ancient of all times. Interestingly, this eminent country in Africa went through enormous changes of empires, cultures, life style, rulers and all sorts of changes from time to time but even today, the wind and sand of this land narrates a story of all that Egypt was before. Even today Egypt is known for holding its glorious historic treasures in the form of pyramids, temples, Gods, landscapes, statues and monuments. It is utterly astounding to see the manner in which the city camouflages its ancient secrets into its contemporary allure of Cairo and Alexandria. The magnetism of modern-day Egypt that drives many tourists to book cheap flights to Egypt, whispers mysterious secrets and stories about the country’s past. This is perhaps the reason why many people fly off to Egypt every year in the name of its fascinating tourist attractions.

While today we look at the marvelous statues and Pyramids of Egypt, some made with gold and precious gems while others are humongous carvings of stand and rock, in awe and amazement, in ancient Egyptian times these statues meant utmost sovereignty and reflected the divine powers to the People. These Egyptian statues including the statue of Pharaoh were the living God of all creatures on Earth. Filled with power, glory, discretion, murder, mystery and deceptions these Gods were the all mighty, whose powers are still remembered and celebrated even today.

Pyramids Giza Egypt

Today, those who visit Egypt are seen clustering around the Pyramid of Abu Simbel, the second biggest and most famous Pyramid after the Pyramids of Giza. As impressive as the monument itself, are the events that lead to the preservation of this ancient marvel; when the temple was dismantled and each pharaoh was pulled 60 meters up a hill where they were again reassembled into their original position from the sun. Even more interesting is the Abu Simbel Festival which is marked by traditional dancing, postures and acts of submission to the Gods.

Today, Egypt is most known for having housed the gloriously famous Pyramid of Giza, in fact this place serves as a Mecca of tourists for Egypt.  While a contemporary visitor is likely to be stunned by these fascinating structures and the construction of these pyramids still remains an intriguing   mystery for modern times, the King Khufu’s great pyramid was in the ancient times, and is even today the largest pyramid of Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, Pyramids were used as the burial tomb of the Royal families who were buried safe with their most illustrious and expensive belongings that were believed to assist them in life thereafter. The most expensive items were discovered by modern historian and explorers from the tomb of King Tut, residing near King Tut’s mummy.

Another thoroughly intriguing mystery is the one regarding the great Sphinx that stands high in front of the three great pyramids of Egypt. Time and again, explorers have searched for clues that would reveal secrets behind this marvelous historic piece of all times, but have failed continually till this date. The Sphinx is a large Carved out structure extracted from a single rock and appear like a gigantic cat like structure, believed by contemporary men to be the ancient Egyptian “Father of terror”. Even though no one is sure as to why this sculpture was created, many presume that its purpose was to protect the pyramid of Giza. Today, Sphinx stands as a jaw-dropping architectural wonder and a mind boggling reality.

The Temple of Luxor, as we know it today, is another key to the mysterious locks of Egyptian history and the interesting and multifarious cultures that this country had lapped through primeval times. Known for having been established by the Pharaoh Amenophis III, this temple is believed to have been a festive site for ancient Egyptians; where the most important festivals and rituals were held including the famous Egyptian festival of Opet. This temple was a place where statues of all important Gods were united during the one month of festivity. The temple of Luxor, which is reputed as one of the must-visit sites in Egypt, went through an array of transformation: from serving as a temple in Greek and Egyptian times and a church in pre-Islamic era to the famous and one of the most beautiful mosques of all times, the Mosque of Luxor which stands glorious and is praised for its architectural beauty even today, constructed at the time of Muslim rulers.

Pyramids Abu Simbel Egypt

A country which was once a rich and precious den of the greatest of all Egyptian Kings, later held the flag of Muslim empires and with the course of time, each dynasty and each civilization left its significant marks in the country to let them be cherished for generations to come. Cairo is one city lined with deeply engraved Muslim features and the best site to witness the glory enjoyed by Muslims in Egypt, is the Medieval Cairo. Being a maze of streets that gleam with life, Medieval Cairo beautifully wears a necklace of eye-catching and beautifully constructed mosques and a few ravishing church buildings. Among the important mosques of Cairo is the Mosque of Mohammad Ali, which is also among the largest mosques in the whole world.

This time when you purchase tickets to Egypt or book cheap flights for Cairo, you would know that It is not only the architectural splendor of Egypt‘s historic buildings and tourists sites that attract a large number of tourists to the various parts of the country, but it is the captivating tales and mysterious facts about all these historic evidences that bring back tourists time and again to this wondrous country.

Ferrari Abu Dhabi-chap flights to Abu Dhabi

The city with magnificent natural aura and structural marvels that reflects the effulgence of human intellects is none other than the flamboyant Abu Dhabi ,that stands the largest of all the United Arab Emirate states’ with all its enigma and glamour. Much of this City’s allurements’ have gratified numerous people with its charisma yet there are many left to explore the magnificent mysteries of this distinct destination. Abu Dhabi is now offering you the extreme amusement and exceptional fun, by introducing the largest indoor theme park of the world Ferrari World and you can take cheap flights to Abu Dhabi for a convivial trip of your life.
Ferrari World was inaugurated in November, 2010 and is situated on Yas Island under the roof of 200,000 square metres. It owns one of the most thrilling entertainments-the largest roller coaster of the world ‘Formula Rossa’ with the highest speed of 240 kilometres/hour and a track of 6561 feet. A special hydraulic launch system has been introduced that accelerates the speed of the roller coaster after every 4.9 seconds and Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the Italian track influenced Ferrari to make this particular shape of coaster train.

Ferrari Theme Park Abu Dhabi

If you are a true race lover you will be glad to enter Cinema Maranello where you will bounce back to the time of 1920’s for acquainting the bewitchment and strong strength of the Italian race. You can get personal and close to the finest exhibition of the of Ferrari cars, at Galleria Ferrari where you will truly plunge yourself in to race mania. The experience of getting along with the drivers, visionaries, artists and engineers will be full of the stories of victory and teary eyes.

Travel along the risky venture of a boy as he adventures through 4D illusions and the world’s top credulous simulators will give you the flying feeling along the tumbling hills, through icy grottos, into the forest’s heart and to the depth of the sea-water in the Speed Of Magic .For the daring and the most courageous thrillers Ferrari World has the height of acceleration which is G-Force or the rocket tower. Bind yourself in the traditional Ferrari fashion seat because you are propelled with force to the height of 62 metres up in the sky.

Formula Rossa Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World offers much more than these mind blowing amusements. All you have to do is to pack up your belongings and cameras and equip with courage and fearlessness for the blood tingling Ferrari rides. The climate of Abu Dhabi is hot and humid and the weather gets pleasant and cooler between November and March so it’s time for you to plan up your holidays break for this adventuring and inspiring destination.

cheap flights-Tap Portugal Net Airfares

A Star Alliance Member Tap Portugal introduces 12 months valid fares for two major continents Africa and America. This version of fare is brand new and supersedes all previously issued contracts because it fulfills passenger’s requirements where other contracts were lacking. By issuance of this contract Air Portugal is expecting a large number of flyers due to open departure facility (Departure may commence any time until further Airline notice).

This contract is valid for sales and ticketing until 31st Dec 2012. Fares are restricted to London and Manchester departures only and maximum 2 stopovers and minimum 1 stopover allowed in Lisbon free of cost depends on final destination moreover special oneway fares are introduced. Add-ons permitted from all UK and Ireland airports with British Midland International.

Cheap flights to Lisbon are starting from £49 exclusive of tax, flights to Algiers £159, Casablanca, Marrakech from £45, Accra from £139, Bamako from £229, Dakar from £199, Luanda £599, Mozambique from £299.

Cheap flights to Miami and Newark are starting from £149, Caracas from £269, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre from £369, Sao Paulo from £329, Rio de Janeiro from £299 and many more.

Cathay Pacific Summer Special to Asia-cheap flights

The five star ranking carriers, Cathay Pacific delightfully introduces an extension this summer on its magnificent summer special camping to Asia, now effective for booking until 19th July, 2011. Earlier on this promotion was expiring on 15th July, 2011 but due to tremendous response Cathay decided to extent this deal.

Cathay offers outstanding services with highly cooperative and trained staff which makes you feel so special. If you never get a chance to fly with Cathay than definitely you are missing the charm and excellent services which no other carrier offers.

For just as a recap in this limited time promotional campaign Cathay divided the whole Asian destinations into two Zones.

In Zone 1 you can get cheap flights to Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Cebu, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Taiwan, Ho Chi Minh City, Kota Kinabalu, Hanoi, Penang, Surabaya and Phnom Penh starting from as low as £245(exclusive of taxes) for the travel season commencing from 01st August till 30th September, 2011 and later on fare will increased to £320(exclusive of taxes) for the travel period starts from 01st October till 31st October, 2011.

In Zone two you can get cheap flights to Seoul, Busan, Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya starting for as low as £275for the first travel season and for the second travel season £350( exclusive of taxes).

cheap flights south africa

Everybody has a secret but most of us are not good at keeping it to ourselves. South Africa is an exception thou as it has kept its secret for a long time now. When you arrive in the country you get everything you want to see in its metropolises like Cape Town and Johannesburg, or if you are a little adventurous then the game reserves stretched all over the country will quench your thirst for adventure with the most exotic wildlife of the continent. But there is another place worth visiting in South Africa that most tourists don’t even know of, the secret of South Africa the Swellendam city. It’s the third oldest and historically richest city of South Africa, located in the foothills of Darkensberg Mountain.

The area around Swellendam has always been a famous trading hub for both the Europeans and indigenous Khoi Khoi people of the area. The city was formally given the status of Migestrate district in 1743 by the Dutch East India Company, and since then it is the largest city in the Darkensburg Mountain area. You can still find the Dutch architecture of the 18th century in the city and most of the buildings are still in their prime form. The most notable is the Drostdy of Swellendam which was built as the central governing building in the city in 1747.

Although Swellendam has its own airport but there is not much international air traffic to the area. Direct flights to Cape Town will be the most preferable way of entering the country for visiting Swellendam as it is only on two hours drive from the Cape Town. Swellendam has something for every one; you can start your journey by visiting the Drostdy and other historical monuments in the city that will provide you a deep insight into the life of the early European settlers in the area.

If you are one of the adventurous kinds, then you can hike the most beautiful trail in the whole of the Cape area in and around the Marlothe Reserve Park.

The complete hike is of six days that will take you to some of the most stunning areas of the park and provide some breath taking views, but will require a lot of effort and for that you need to be in a very good physical condition. There are many camping opportunities in the park and a night spent in its marvelous settings will be a memorable one.

Another adventurous attraction is the rafting in the Breede River close to the Swellendam city; there are a number of clubs that provide rafts and other supporting equipment. If you are staying in Cape Town during your vacations in South Africa then you may take a one day tour of the Swellendam but it is recommended that to do the justice with this hidden beauty of South Africa you spend at least a couple of days here, and as the hotels in the area are cheap and provide good quality service it is not that hard a thing to do.

cheap flights to Chicago-Top Hotels in Chicago

Are you really tired from your routine life and want to spoil yourself by taking vacations to a place where you can have a life changing experience? Then dive into Chicago’s Dynamic surroundings and magnetism of its welcoming hotels.

Chicago is a top-notch city, with something to present to everyone. With its entertainment, character and charm it can allure anyone; there is shopping for every avid taste, charming architecture, and a hopping popping night life for every age group at the end of the day.

The city itself shows off dazzling skyline, against the background of the blue waters of Lake Michigan. There is so much to experience in Chicago that it is difficult to summarize it in words or to know where to commence a blissful trip from and hence, the only complete experience of excitement can be gained by booking cheap flights to Chicago for being in the city. Although Chicago is known for its top ranked attractions including, Wrigley Field, Millennium Park and John Hancock centre, the city is also known for being wealthy in its own culture that remains constantly evolving.

It has hotels for every pocket along with diverse and world class dining, with top chefs of the world based here in the city. If you want a Luxurious stay and want to pamper yourself to the highest standards then yes, Chicago is the place to be. 30 hotels are top of the top in the down town Chicago area and tender all the amenities that you would anticipate from the most prestigious trademark in the city.

The Peninsula Hotel: The Peninsula Hotel has exclusive footing among the world’s foremost hotels. Located along, Chicago magnificent mile. It has an outdoor deck, spa and 24-hour health club along with 25 meter indoor pool. The hotel has 5 restaurants and lounges. In company with all day dinning the lobby presents afternoon tea, Sunday brunch and chocolate Buffet.

Lavish and Classy, The Peninsula Hotel has airy rooms and suits highlight city view. With sophisticated high tech electronics they allow guest to organize guest room features with shove of a button.
Hence, it is one of the finest hotels in the city. 

Belden Stratford: Belden Stratford is an historic Chicago momentous hotel. Here you will explore one of Chicago’s most stunning and unforgettable lobbies. A glittering hand painted sky motif ceiling. Classed with a gold and alabaster chandelier and a grand Piano, Belden Stratford also offers a spa, a sauna and fitness facility. Spacious guest rooms have flatteringly prepared kitchens and high speed electronic services. Indeed Belden startford offers charisma, sophistication, amentias and ease.

Ritz-Carlton:  The Ritz-Carlton Chicago launches a venue of unique magnificence, ideal for business or for time off.

It has an elite spa which is an oasis of replenishment; a huge indoor heated lap pool consists of four lanes. All day dining for every taste on deca restaurants and a bar. One of the most exciting attractions which only Ritz-Carlton offers is the vantage point from which to discover sounds, highlights and occurrences around you.

It presents 434 richly allotted five-star guest rooms, including 90 lavish suites. Extra-large picture windows glasscase spectacular views of this superlative city.
So enjoy your luxury stay and indulge yourself in the traditional warmth of Chicago by getting your hands on to flights to Chicago and cheap tickets to America.