Saturday, 27 August 2011

Deluxe spa experience while flying through the clouds | Emirates Airbus A380

Emirates proudly bringing you an update regarding its A380’s flights inauguration from London Heathrow with double daily flights (Outbound flight EK01 & EK03) and daily flight from Manchester (Outbound flight EK17).
Experience the most luxurious travel amenities on environment friendly double decker aircraft operating flights from UK to Dubai and beyond to chosen destinations around the globe. Emirates understands air travel can be tiring particularly during long haul flights, that’s why it includes two shower spas then indulge in a deluxe spa experience while flying through the clouds.

Emirates Airbus A380

Deep relax in harmony, socialize with your fellows and beloved through satellite phone, WIFI, Email. When you are ready for a snack, beverages its First Class and Business Class offer the perfect on board lounge, located on upper deck. If you value privacy and personalized facilities then close the door and enjoy your private suit, it is available with sliding door, a personal mini bar, adjustable ambient lighting, vanity table, mirror and wardrobe.

If you want to lie down and sleep, well trained crew will switch your seat to a fully flat bed so you can arrive at your destination completely refreshed. Emirates offers cheap flights to Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Narita, Malaysia, Manila, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and other a lot of destinations worldwide so book your flight today and share your experience with us.


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