Friday, 12 August 2011

Global Special Airfares by KLM & Air France

Air France and KLM mutually announces hot astounding offers for travellers looking for Economy class affordable seats to Asia, Middle East, Africa, Far East, South Atlantic and Caribbean, valid for booking from 11th August, 2011 till 01st September, 2011. The outbound journey on this offer can be commence from Birmingham, London City Airport, London Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow and Southampton whereas add-ons from Aberdeen, Belfast, Leeds are also accessible.

In Asia you can get cheap flights to Bangkok starting from £170, Beijing£185, Guangzhou£190, Noibai £240, Hong Kong £210, PhnomPhen£225and Singapore£210(exclusive of taxes).

Travel season on this promotion begins from 11th August, 2011 till 08th December, 2011 however dates vary as per destinations. In India carrier offers cheap flights to Bangalore starting from only £105, Bombay £150 and Delhi£160. In Middle East carrier offers cheap flights to Amman for as low as £80, Abu Dhabi£35, Beirut £50, Cairo£35, Dubai £55, Jeddah£90 and Riyadh£100(exclusive of taxes).

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