Friday, 14 October 2011

How does a place like Townsville offer an unparalleled experience?

When you first hear the name Townsville the first place that comes to mind is the fictional city always being terrorized my monsters and mayhem in the hit American animated series ‘The Power puff Girls’. But no we are talking about a completely different city of Townville which is in fact situated on the north-eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. Directly adjacent to the central section of the ‘Great Barrier Reef’ this city promised great views and salty sea-breezes all year around. But what makes this city so unique? Our guess is the exceptional experiences it offers with its cuisine! Here is a list of some of its best and most unique restaurants:

Stage Door Theatre Restaurant: This is considered a tourist hotspot of locals and visitors from all across the globe come in to see the beautiful views of the Magnetic Island and Barrier Reef. This restaurant has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment side and comedians, singers along with the staff at Stage Door Theatre Restaurant provide live entertainment with singing, dancing and hilarious impersonations, dazzling costumes and beautiful orchestral tracks. Mix this up with local chefs and delicious, high quality three course meals and the result is a high-class entertainment with food an experience that is a must try.

Cattleman’s Steakhouse Restaurant: Walking into this restaurant is like walking right into a old western minus the tension of being shot by a gunslinging bad guy. In fact the atmosphere is so relaxing that it makes for the perfect place to unwind. Just hitch up your britches and settle down to amazing high quality steaks made with the best ingredients that make for a perfect meal.

The Rockpool Café: with sweeping views over the amazing Coral Sea towards Magnetic Island, provides a welcome respite for their guests. The Point and Barrier Reef are views that every visitor wants to indulge in. not only this, the Rockpool Café also offers a completely stunning array of Asian fusion dishes that incorporate only the finest ingredients. Their dishes are of the highest quality and a feat in every sense.

Frosty Mango: Famous for its lips-smacking, fresh and frosty, home styled ice creams which are made from fruit growing on the premises. The orchards surrounding the restaurant are simply lovely to take a stroll in. their signature dishes include the Jackfruit Curry, Mango Chicken Special, and many more including sandwiches and snacks. But the ice cream tops it all and its taste speaks for itself. So make sure your itinerary when visiting Townville includes the Frosty Mango.
Cactus Jack’s Bar & Grill Situated as a street below the Southbank Convention Centre this place promises fill fledged fun, relaxed atmosphere and a value for money Tex Mex styled meals at the Steakhouse and bar. Cactus Jack’s is well known all around for their super sangrias and margaritas, they also have a huge range of imported and local beers and happy hour runs from 5-7pm everyday along with great discounts. They provide outdoor as well as indoor seating and the menu consists of sensational salads, mouth-watering starters to char-grilled steak, chicken, ribs and burgers.

BarefootArtFoodWine Restaurant: The list of top fives is hard to complete without mentioning the BarefootArtFoodWine restaurant. Providing amazing seaside dining and a full bar list along with an exquisite line-up of over 50 local and famous Queensland artists at the breath-takingly beautiful horseshoe bay. You can view the magnificent sunsets while delving into a mix of traditional and contemporary cuisine. This experience is one of a kind and must be penned down in your itinerary or you will miss out on an experience of a life time.

So get ready for a journey full of gastronomic discoveries and book your flights to Townsville now.