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Visit Australia's Best Chocolate Factory-Haigh's Chocolate-Holiday deal cheap flight

It is a known fact that chocolate can bring a smile on a sad–a-while-ago face, for it causes the release of certain "happy" neurotransmitters known as Endorphins. Since you might not invite a briefing on a science lecture here, for the time being, rest assure that chocolate does have an effect on the brain that reduces stress levels and finally can ease a smile. Some chocolate manufacturers know the art of accelerating this joy further with their marvelous creations and Haigh's Chocolate manufacturers head such Chocó magicians.

If you're planning to book flights to Adelaide, Australia, there isn't a way you can miss out grabbing a bite of one of Haigh's scrumptiously hypnotizing chocolate fantasies, for the brand is so enormously popular within and also outside the capital. What could be even better, and which is usually on the preferred Itinerary list of those who take a holiday trip to Australia, is to take up the free 20-minute factory tour that would let you peep into secrets of turning bitter coco beans into addictive treats and you can always pamper yourself with a complementary tea presented with Haigh's chocolate servings. Established in 1915, Haigh's original store rests in Adelaide's notable Beehive Corner building standing straight on the corner of Rundle Mall and King William Street. Where Adelaide, the Capital of South Australia, is known wide as the liveliest city in the country, it also takes pride in being home to Australia's oldest surviving Chocolate making company. More interestingly this world-wide selling chocolate factory still uses the old Australian heritage of preparing chocolate directly from Coco beans.

Haigh's Chocolate Australia
While you will have to visit Haigh's chocolates in person to actually gobble up those delectably mouth melting Chocó treats, let us give you an overview of the shop and some of its marvelously innovative creations.

Haigh's chocolates offer a whole array of the finest and deliciously innovative delicacies including different flavors, different varieties and chocolates themed for different occasions. Ranging from the attraction of "kids specialties" to its delicate range of "Novelty chocolates", from chocolates molded in different shapes to elegantly decorated gift packs, from handmade milk chocolates to innovatively designed tins and toys stuffed with yummy chocolate chunks, from bars to Chocó confectionaries and gourmets, Haigh's comes up with all sorts of ideas that will sweep you off into a complete new world of Chocolate like none other.

Ideal for gifting to friends or family on auspicious occasion like Easter, birthday, engagement, a valued date or the precious Valentine's Day, Haigh's chocolate boxes are considered as a priced token of love and affection. These hand packed, decorated in elegant while and gold gift boxes are loaded with Haigh's best varieties and come along with a complementary Champaign. If you're thinking t gift something special to someone special, chose one of Haigh's gift boxes. Aren't sure of their favorite flavor, not to worry, you can always use Haigh's chocolate gift voucher to let them shop for the delicacy of their own choice.

Apart from all sorts of flavors of Milk and Dark chocolate, Haigh's confectionary range includes mind boggling and tongue tossing treats such as Turkish delights, mint choc drops, French jellies, Toffee assortments, fruit drops, mints flips and many more. Moreover, the rich collection of Haigh's gourmet items include varieties of drinking chocolate, dark chocolate tablets, chocolate hazel nut cookies, raspberry sauce and more.

Haigh Chocolate Adelaide

On a visiting tour to the Haigh's visiting centre, located just five minutes drive for the city's city centre, you would be pampered with both a visual and digestible treat. The 20-minutes free chocolate tour would first escort you to a spacious hall, all dressed with the most elaborate displays of each variety of Haigh's products. This would be your beginning into a dreamland that would unlock secrets behind Haigh's heavenly tastes and unparalleled quality. Starting off the art- of-making-chocolate tour with a precise briefing on the best quality coco beans, you would be driven through each stage leading to end creation of gorgeously tasting Chocolate delicacies. At the end of the tour, when you would most likely be drooling and desiring to taste those gorgeously tempting treats, Haigh's graciously invites to a tea-time where you would be allow to takes the most special range of its products.

Visiting the Haigh's chocolate centre for grabbing a mouth watering treat or for bringing back home gifts for your special ones, is reason enough for visiting the most vibrant city of Australia, Adelaide. Do not forget to clutch onto your share of delight at the Haigh's chocolate store once you book flights to Australia.

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Harare-Mana Pools Accommodation The place to be in Holidays

Harare, the ravishing capital of Zimbabwe, has immense potential for all sorts of tourist activities. Ranging from a large array of cultural and architectural attractions to numerous opportunities for taking home local African souvenirs or going around camping and challenging all sorts of adventures. However, this year if you have plans to book cheap flights to Harare for camping activities or other adventure tours, you should know what the best place to get lodged into is. Let us take you to one of Harare's best lodging and camping options that is not only the safest and most convenient one, but would also endure to ensure a perfect outdoor trip for you and your friends.

Mana Pools is situated in the North of the country and shares borders with Zambia. Named after its four great pools, the Mana Pools Park has various lodges and camps designed for different activities. 'Mana' means four, referring to the parks four pools surrounding its head quarters. Most interestingly, this eye –catching marvel is a natural park tucked in an astounding surrounding with a truly serene atmosphere. Designated as a World Heritage site, the park houses numerous species of delicate birds along with a large variety of the most dreaded and humongous animals including elephant, buffalo, zebra, kudu, waterbuck, hippos and crocodiles. Another fascinating collection that is found only in the Mana Pools is of the rare black rhino.

Mana Pools Zimbabwe

If you're visiting the park for game viewing, the best time to visit is during the dry seasons that last between September and October. Moreover, visitors can also enjoy fishing experience at the Mana pools and Zambezi River without having to acquire a permit.

When it comes to providing accommodation, the Mana Pools lodges and Camps take a lead in the entire country of Zimbabwe. Ranging from tented Safari Camps to luxury lodges, visitors can chose from a large variety of residing offers. The Tented Safari camps are designed to give the true camping-in-the-bush experience with an added advantage of unmatched luxury amid such wonderful surrounding. These tented camps provide a setting of an exclusive 8-bed shaded camp that resides under the thick shade of African tree just near the Zambezi River. Such an arrangement is most well suited for those visitors who come in groups of friends and can hence enjoy staying each moment of their exciting tour together. However, for those who prefer more privacy, a number of twin bedded tents are also available. These tents are not the weary and shaggy sort of tents, instead fully equipped with luxury; these tents offer such facilities as hot water showers, hand basins and a comfortable toiletry arrangement. Among other facilities these tents include three-time meals, a choice of local alcoholic and soft drinks, teas and coffees and other delicious delicacies. Moreover, as part of the tents deals visitors can select from a choice of many game drives such as game walks, Canoeing and fishing. However, visitor would have to bring their own fishing rods and tackles for the fishing tours.

If you are an enthusiast, Chikwenya Safari Lodges would surely be your paradise in Harare. The lodges house 8 luxury suites all having attached washrooms along with dressing rooms. Moreover all rooms come with air conditioning and overhead fans to give you a princely experience amid the lush green rainforests of Harare and flowing wonders of the Zambezi River. To add a touch of elegance and luxury, each room is exclusively decorated and built on a teak platform and also offers private decks attached to it. While each room has an outdoor shower for under-the-twilight experience, indoor colonial bath make things perfectly private for you! And if you are a honeymooner, the honeymoons suites, with their exclusive Spa baths provide the perfectly intimate experience on an adventure trip.

Among other marvelous suites and camps that the Mana Pools has to offer, is the Kanga Bush Camp, Ruckomechi Camp, Shamashanga Fishing Lodge, Tafika Safari Lodge and the like. So this time when you plan a safari tour to Harare, make a wise option and stay at the Mana Pool accommodation for an unforgettably exciting experience.

Temptating Vacation in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco in the North Africa is fast becoming a favorite destination for tourists around the world. The blend of the Modern and medieval lifestyle makes Morocco a unique spot for your vacation. The locals are friendly and are always eager to help out the tourists. By following some simple tips you can make your stay in Morocco a more memorable one. 
Choose the Right Season to Travel:

The best season to travel to Morocco is spring when the temperature is mild and the country is lush and green. Avoid traveling in the middle of summer and winters as both of them are extreme and either the temperature soars or fall to an unbearable level. The season of Ramadan, the month of Islamic calendar in which the observant Muslims observe fasting during the daylight can be great cultural experience but keep in mind that most of the cafes and restaurants of the cities will be closed at the day time.
Kasbah Ruins Morocco
Learn a little Arabic:
We are not saying that you should learn to fluently speak the Arabic language, but learning a few basic words of the local language can be really helpful. For example for greeting a person you should say "Assalamu Alaikum" while for saying "Thank You "the word is Shukran.

Learn to Bargain:
Bargaining is parts of daily life in Morocco so don't consider the price of a thing in the market or a service at your hotel that is quoted to you by the shopkeeper or the owner as the final one. Try to bargain as it is a norm here and most of sellers expect it from you so they will be quoting a higher price than the real worth of the thing.

The Moroccans are the most hospitable of people in Africa, so you will find many locals offering you Mint Tea. It's impolite to refuse so just sit down and enjoy the cup of hot Mint Tea which is always refreshing.
Sahara Desert Mhamid MoroccoDealing with the Stalkers:
If you are a woman travelling alone in the country then you will find yourself centre of attention in most of the Moroccan markets. You may hear a few shouts of gazelle or even a few marriage proposals. Just try to avoid eye contact and if they really bother you then threat them with the police complaint which is always quite effective. 
Always Keep the Change With You:
A small tip to the waiters and drivers in Morocco can go a long way in helping you in enjoying the best vacation in Morocco. Tipping is considered a normal part of Moroccan life and a tip of 5 to 10 percent of the total bill will be appropriate for getting you the best services possible.