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Business Class flights to Mumbai

The national carrier of India, Air India brings special round trip luxurious fares to various destinations in India, effective for booking from 08th August, 2011 until 28th November, 2011.

India offers wide variety of tourist destinations with a blend of different cultures. Thousands of travellers visit India as being tourist destinations or spend their vacations with family. Air India offers this summer a unique experience of special Business Class seats Sale for travellers planning to commence the out bound journey from London.

You can get luxurious business class flight to Mumbai, Delhi, Amritsar, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Kolkata and Ahmedabad starting from as low as £1116(exclusive of taxes). One free stopover is permitted by the carrier at Mumbai or Delhi in each direction on this hot offer.

Free Limo service is also available within 40 miles radius of London HeathrowAirport. Date changes are also permissible by paying a fee of only £75(fare difference may apply). Moreover, besides India carrier also offers Business class flights to Bangkok and Katmandu starting from as low as £1416 (exclusive of taxes).
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Cheap flights to Manila

The Middle Eastern carrier, Emirates announces impressive round trip promotional seat only sale offer to Philippines, valid for booking from 08th August, 2011 till 31st August, 2011.

In this August Sale offer travellers can get benefit to experience cheap and affordable flights with one of the most reputed four star ranking carriers. Thousands of travellers visit to Philippines with their love ones in summer vacations due to amazing ancient places, splendid tropical beaches, stunning night life and due to their home town.

You can get cheap flights to Manila starting from as low as 415 (inclusive of taxes). The out bound departure on this offer can be accessible from LondonGatwick, London Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, NewCastle and Glasgow.

The maximum stay tenure on this ticket is 12 months from the date of departure whereas the minimum restriction is 3 days. Date changes on this offer can be carried out by paying a fee of only £75 (fare difference may apply).

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cheap flights to San Francisco now

Serving time at this cast phobic box certainly was not easy. Yet, so close was the prospect of a life free of chains that one could almost hear as well as taste it in the air when the wind blew. The very contemplation of being captivated behind bars on an Island encircled by ice cold water sends shivers down one’s spine. Who knew such a landmark would be one of the most visited tourist’s traps in the world one day, a place that was once reserved for America’s most notorious.

This inquisitive place is known as Alcatraz Island which is situated in the San Francisco Bay and is 1.5 miles offshore from San Francisco, California, USA. Also referred to as “The Rock’, this island has imprisoned the attention of millions year after year due to its fascinating, out of the ordinary historic facts. Find out what they are and book cheap flights to San Francisco now.

For nearly 150 years, Alcatraz has known to give its visitors the culpable cold sweats and innocent chills. Over the passage of years it has gone over a transition of initially being the first military prison of the nation, then a forbidden penitentiary with maximum-security and now stands as a National Park. However, a trip to Alcatraz withholds much more than just having a peek inside of a rusty, old prison. The picturesque view from the ferry ride on the bay of San Francisco augments the experience. While one is on her/his way towards Alcatraz, it is hard to miss the magnificent panorama of the Bay Bridge, Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Alcatraz Island San Francisco

Alcatraz inmates’ roster read like a list of America’s Most Wanted. Few of the criminals who made it on the A-list and served time on Alcatraz include Al Capone the crime boss of Chicago, George Kelly the dapper kidnappers and Morton Sobell. Surrounded by water from all the four sides, Alcatraz was assertively considered as being highly escape-proof. However in the year 1962, Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers drifted away on a raft that was makeshift and were never to be found again.

Alcatraz serves as a part National Recreational Area of the Golden Gate. Park rangers add up to the visit with information and anecdotes about the island and the prison. Rare wildlife like for example western gills and black crested night, and the graffiti on the cell blocks reading ‘Red Power’ further add to the captivating attraction of this island. Many movies have been shot on this historic land piece.

According to most, if you had only one day to spend at this splendid city, then Alcatraz is the place to visit. In addition to the absolutely intriguing history, the aural tour consists of commentary from prison guards and old prisoners. You can also stroll around inside the cell and witness it yourself as to what life on The Rock was like.
A contemplative mood is spread as the intimacy of the audio narration inspires those hearing it. a moments later, everyone seems to have shuffled along in a quiet meditation, left with a feeling of hope towards the end. So as you depart Alcatraz, take an additional moment to ponder over the dilemma of the prisoners. You will find yourself appreciating freedom and patience. This astounding destination waits for you and your family. Do not miss the chance to experience this snooping place that will have you look at life from a completely different perspective.


Flights to Senegal

Indiana Jones could never have wished for a more mesmerizing and bewitching place, as compared to the amazing Nikolo-Koba National Park which is the greatest game reserve of West Africa and is located in the south-eastern region of Senegal, along the coast of River Gambia, in a well-irrigated enclosure. The park was inscribed in the list of World Heritage Sites in 1981 and now has grabbed the attention of so many travelers, impressing them with its distinguished sanctuary for Sahelian animal life and that’s why they are coerced to take flights to Senegal, for an excursion among the wildlife.

Situated in the Sudano-Guinean area, the park is well-known for the vast diversity of ecosystem, comprising an area of about 913,000 hectares along with the considerable zones of gallery forests and bush lands. The area is the home of abundant of wild life and the love and patience of the wild animals will be the tourist’s accomplice: nevertheless a combo of binoculars and some suggestion of a professional guide will promise you exceptional experience.

It has been recorded that there are almost 70 breeds of mammals, 20 amphibians, 36 reptiles, 329 birds. These include around 6,000 hippos, 11,000 buffalos, 400 giant eland, 120 lions, 50 elephants, 2000 common duiker and almost 3,000 water bucks. The park is very significant foe sheltering the endangered species of Derby’s eland and also the lions and leopards are the major allurement for the visitors.

Nikolo-Koba surly has adequate area to authenticate the key features of performing Guinea savannah environs, and also to secure the life of the wild species, living within. Besides you will also be able to observe some of the hunting dogs, bay colobus, green and patas monkey, guinea baboon, tortoise and dwarf crocodiles. The park is serving as a significant refuge for the Senegal elephants.

Nikolo Koba National Park Senegal

Approximately 150 chimpanzees reside in the north-western region of the domain on Mont Assirik and the gallery forest. There are more than 330 breeds of colourful and beautiful birds whose sight forces you to ponder over the admirable creations of nature. These include the Black Crowned Crane, Great bustard, Southern Ground-hornbill, White-faced Duck, Bateleur, spur-winged goose, violet turaco and martial eagle.
The vegetation alters from guinea savannah to Sundanian form, with abundant herbage and greenery on the river side and a stretch of bushes and trees. The vegetation varies according to the soil and the terrains.

If moving towards plains and valleys, you will find wide fields of herbaceous savannas and Vetiveria, which are domineered by Andropogon gayanus, often linked with Panicum anabaptistum. The dry forest land is composed of Pterocarpus erinaceus, Piliostigma thonningii, Pericopsis Africana, Burkea africana, Bombax costatum, Sterculia setigera, Prosopis Africana and Ficus ingens. The hills and slopes are dominated by alluvial sands , iron pans and rock outcrops where as the ponds are encircled with Eriochrysis brachypogon, Arundinella ecklonii, Hyparrhenia amaena, and Hemarthria altissima.

Nikolo-Koba has Sundanian climate with heavy rain falls between June and October and for the remaining year it stays dry. The best time of the year to visit this astonishing national park is between the months of November and June when it provides you the whole 600 kilometres of path to praise the wildlife.


cheap flights to Accra

Akwaaba, ‘Welcome’, that’s the verbalization that you will auscultate a couple of times once you are in Ghana, the one that will begird your ear-drums at night and put a happy expression on your face, several days after, you have said goodbye to this mesmerizing place. Ghana offers you a warm welcome to the grounds of blaze and glow and the land of friendliest people of Africa. The tourists love to take cheap flights to Accra to visit this haven that blends the fascinations of equatorial beach with a charming antiquated tradition, vast artistic conglomeration and abundance of appealing wildlife of National Parks.

Situated in the west of Africa, Ghana meaning ‘Warrior King’ is encircled by Ivory Coast on the western side, Togo towards east, Guinea in the southern part and Burkina Faso towards north. This regions is the home of many bewitching allurements, some of them are listed as follows.

Cape Coast Castle Ghana

Cape Coast Castle-The Atlantic shore of Ghana is bordered by a number of ancient citadels (castles) that were constructed by several European authorities and whose history date back to the 17th century. The most striking and distinguished one is the Cape Coast Castle that was used for the purpose of slave-trade. The castle was built in 1673 during the Dutch era and later aggrandized by Swedes, after a while the British came into power in 1664 and transformed it to dominion headquarter.

It retained the same position for almost 200 years till Accra was made the capital in 1877. Now it serves as an outstanding museum, displaying the excellent history of amazing Ghana, the local traditions and the details of slave trade. It will surely take you to the doors and dungeons from where the return is impossible.

Elmina and St.George Castle Ghana

Elmina and St George’s Castle- Elmina is a scenic angling region, located on the shore of Ghana in the close vicinity of Cape Coast. The area is very famous as it houses the biggest allurement of Ghana which is St George’s Castle that was constructed in 1482 by Portuguese but after 150 years it was invaded by the Dutch who made it the headquarters of West Indies Company. The underground chambers that were used to confine the prisoners will give you a clear idea about the gruesomeness of the trade.

Busua Beach Ghana

Busua Beach- It is one of the significant beaches of Ghana that offers the tourists the chance to tranquil and to walk around the serene landscapes. The Busua Beach features a wide range of hotels ranging from simple to luxurious amongst which the Busua Beach Resort is the most eminent and modern one with a variety of dining and pool facilities. The Resort serves the most delicious and mouth-watering cuisines, highly admired the people.

Lake Volta- This Lake is the largest artificial lake of the world. The boat Yapei Queen takes the travellers and sails through the stretch of the whole lake towards the southern side (Akosombo) and to the northern part (Yeji). The voyage would undoubtedly be the most enthralling one.

Kumasi Market Ghana

Kumasi- This is the previous capital of Ghana that is located in the middle of southern side. It is the second biggest city of Ghana which provides shelter to almost 1.5 million people. The most striking features of the area its trinkets, wood-carved stools, Kente clothes and gold jewellery that is popular world-wide. The gleaming Kejetia Market is the must-see place where you will definitely find the valuable items.


flights to Gaborone

Chobe National Park is located in the north-western part of Botswana and is declared as the third largest park of the region which is very well-known for the abundance of game. With the enticement of an excellent game-observation, both near and beyond the river, the park always remains well-crowded with people who take flights to Gaborone, Botswana to spend a quality time among the wildlife. The park covers a stretch of about 10,566 square kilometres and is very unique in providing a distinguished safari experience and also featuring an outstanding wildlife.

There are four distinctive eco-systems, the park is composed of. The Serondela area, which is located at the edge of the north-eastern area and is very popular for thick mahogany woodlands and lush fields. The Chobe River that flows nearby is the main watering domain for sable, giraffe families, Cape buffalo and elephant herds. These serene plains are the only one where you can find the Puku antelope and also you will love to observe the colourful carmine bee eaters.

Chobe National Park Botswana

As this area is located in the neighbours of Victoria Falls, agglomeration of people is always found here. Another area is Savuti Marsh area which is spreaded over a land of about 10,878 square kilometres, in the western enclosure of the park. It is the remnant of a large upcountry lake which got transformed because of the geological movements. The spot is encircled with extremely productive grasslands and savannas which offers habitat to plentiful animals. When tourists are having an excursion on safari, they are mesmerized to see wildebeests, zebras, impalas, kudus, warthogs, and flocks of elephants often intimidating each other. The whole region is very well-reputed for the annual migration of predators and zebras.

If moving towards the north-western side of the park, you will reach the Linyanti Marsh, in the close vicinity of Linyanti River. The most striking features of the region are its blue lagoons as well as the riparian timberland forests. The area is also concentrated with a number of crocodiles, sitatunga, red lechwe, elephants, hippopotamuses, Sable antelopes, Roan antelopes and wild dogs. In the centre of Savuti Marshes and Linyanti, there lies the dry and hot hinterland, majorly covered with Nogatsaa grass forests. This area is highly famous for sighting elands. Overall the park contains almost 50,000 elephants making it the largest elephant-dwelling place of Africa. When there is the rainfall season, these elephants migrate towards the south-eastern domain of the area.

Chobe River Botswana

The park facilitates its tourists with three camping locations and amongst them the permanent and the most luxurious one is the Chobe Game Lodge that is equipped with shower-toilet amenities as well as other basic requirements. The best drive is with the 4 wheel vehicle as the roads are rough and broken. The climate of Botswana is semi-arid that remains dry and hot, almost throughout the year and the best time to visit this astonishing destination is April and May when the skies are clear and the whole region blooms with lush green meadows. So don’t miss the opportunity of such a splendid place, once in your life time.


cheap flights to Indianapolis.

Affectionately acknowledged to as “Indy”, Indianapolis offers an immense array of historical sites, arts, attractions and diverse cultural districts situated in and adjacent to the downtown center. Conveniently situated in the Midwest, Indianapolis is the “Crossroads of America”. It is within the reach of half of the country’s population with a driving distance of only one day.

Despite the fact that Indianapolis may not encompass the sort of tourist attractions that make various other cities in US highly appealing such as fun-filled theme parks, but by no means is Indianapolis barren of alluring visitor’s interests and fascinations sightseeing opportunities. Come and be a part of multifaceted city, book cheap flights to Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway USA

One of the premier tourist appeals of the city, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway calls out to racing as well as non racing lovers at the same time. These renowned speedway attractions are nothing small of legendary. More than a million tourists fly in to the suburbs of the west Indianapolis every year. It is no surprise that quite a number of other speedway attractions have been spawned due to this class of attention.

In fact, the Circle City is fortunate enough to be home to the little but potent city of Speedway. Its very existence and the indisputable, enduring fame of the auto races continue to have a positive effect not only on Indianapolis but also the complete state of Indiana. It doesn’t end here, United States of America as well as the entire world seems to be enchanted by its magnificence.

Envisaged as a test track originally for local automakers, the Motor Speedway of Indianapolis was inaugurated in 1909. After the duration of two years, first race of 500 mile was hosted by the oval, thereby forever connecting spirit of competition with Indianapolis’ name. Today, widely famous as of one of the globe’s largest race car collection museum, the Hall of fame keeps the visitors rolling year after year.
Widely acknowledged as the “Racing Capital of the World” Indianapolis is house to two of the biggest events in the globe, categorized as single-day sporting events. The NASCAR 400 and the Indianapolis 500 are held at the Brickyard annually and attract huge amount of visitors at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The prestigious NHRA hosted by O’Reilly Raceway is the richest, oldest and by far the largest drag race on earth that is conducted every weekend on Labor Day.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Racing

The events that take place in Speedway are no short of fast and furious’ scene, mostly taking place on the world-renowned oval track situated at this remarkable landmark. Many linked greater events of Indianapolis have sprung up to rejoice the all time hit races, thereby made the maximum of the vast influx of visitors they attract and usually extend the excitement for as long as humanly possible. Celebrate with this extraordinary getaway and give your senses a reason to relive once again.