Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lost or Stolen British Passports

If you are on vacations with your loved ones and on the way back to United Kingdom your passport is stolen or lost, what to do in this event? How you can travel back with the airline on which you were supposed to come back on? Don’t worry because now the rules have been redefined from Ralon Airline Alert. In case British Passports holders whose documents have been lost or stolen are advised to follow 3 simple steps.

First of all report the loss of the passport to your nearest police station and obtain a police report. You will need to provide the police report for the second step. In the second step contact your nearest British Consulate and obtain an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) prior to travelling to United Kingdom.

You can obtain the consulate online at www.fco.gov.uk or call +44 207 0081500. Currently the fee of an ETD is £95. In the last step rearrange your travel plans by rebooking your ticket with your airline or shipping company for a later flight. You should take into account the time it will take to avail ETD.

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