Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Flights to Senegal

Indiana Jones could never have wished for a more mesmerizing and bewitching place, as compared to the amazing Nikolo-Koba National Park which is the greatest game reserve of West Africa and is located in the south-eastern region of Senegal, along the coast of River Gambia, in a well-irrigated enclosure. The park was inscribed in the list of World Heritage Sites in 1981 and now has grabbed the attention of so many travelers, impressing them with its distinguished sanctuary for Sahelian animal life and that’s why they are coerced to take flights to Senegal, for an excursion among the wildlife.

Situated in the Sudano-Guinean area, the park is well-known for the vast diversity of ecosystem, comprising an area of about 913,000 hectares along with the considerable zones of gallery forests and bush lands. The area is the home of abundant of wild life and the love and patience of the wild animals will be the tourist’s accomplice: nevertheless a combo of binoculars and some suggestion of a professional guide will promise you exceptional experience.

It has been recorded that there are almost 70 breeds of mammals, 20 amphibians, 36 reptiles, 329 birds. These include around 6,000 hippos, 11,000 buffalos, 400 giant eland, 120 lions, 50 elephants, 2000 common duiker and almost 3,000 water bucks. The park is very significant foe sheltering the endangered species of Derby’s eland and also the lions and leopards are the major allurement for the visitors.

Nikolo-Koba surly has adequate area to authenticate the key features of performing Guinea savannah environs, and also to secure the life of the wild species, living within. Besides you will also be able to observe some of the hunting dogs, bay colobus, green and patas monkey, guinea baboon, tortoise and dwarf crocodiles. The park is serving as a significant refuge for the Senegal elephants.

Nikolo Koba National Park Senegal

Approximately 150 chimpanzees reside in the north-western region of the domain on Mont Assirik and the gallery forest. There are more than 330 breeds of colourful and beautiful birds whose sight forces you to ponder over the admirable creations of nature. These include the Black Crowned Crane, Great bustard, Southern Ground-hornbill, White-faced Duck, Bateleur, spur-winged goose, violet turaco and martial eagle.
The vegetation alters from guinea savannah to Sundanian form, with abundant herbage and greenery on the river side and a stretch of bushes and trees. The vegetation varies according to the soil and the terrains.

If moving towards plains and valleys, you will find wide fields of herbaceous savannas and Vetiveria, which are domineered by Andropogon gayanus, often linked with Panicum anabaptistum. The dry forest land is composed of Pterocarpus erinaceus, Piliostigma thonningii, Pericopsis Africana, Burkea africana, Bombax costatum, Sterculia setigera, Prosopis Africana and Ficus ingens. The hills and slopes are dominated by alluvial sands , iron pans and rock outcrops where as the ponds are encircled with Eriochrysis brachypogon, Arundinella ecklonii, Hyparrhenia amaena, and Hemarthria altissima.

Nikolo-Koba has Sundanian climate with heavy rain falls between June and October and for the remaining year it stays dry. The best time of the year to visit this astonishing national park is between the months of November and June when it provides you the whole 600 kilometres of path to praise the wildlife.


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