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flights to Gaborone

Chobe National Park is located in the north-western part of Botswana and is declared as the third largest park of the region which is very well-known for the abundance of game. With the enticement of an excellent game-observation, both near and beyond the river, the park always remains well-crowded with people who take flights to Gaborone, Botswana to spend a quality time among the wildlife. The park covers a stretch of about 10,566 square kilometres and is very unique in providing a distinguished safari experience and also featuring an outstanding wildlife.

There are four distinctive eco-systems, the park is composed of. The Serondela area, which is located at the edge of the north-eastern area and is very popular for thick mahogany woodlands and lush fields. The Chobe River that flows nearby is the main watering domain for sable, giraffe families, Cape buffalo and elephant herds. These serene plains are the only one where you can find the Puku antelope and also you will love to observe the colourful carmine bee eaters.

Chobe National Park Botswana

As this area is located in the neighbours of Victoria Falls, agglomeration of people is always found here. Another area is Savuti Marsh area which is spreaded over a land of about 10,878 square kilometres, in the western enclosure of the park. It is the remnant of a large upcountry lake which got transformed because of the geological movements. The spot is encircled with extremely productive grasslands and savannas which offers habitat to plentiful animals. When tourists are having an excursion on safari, they are mesmerized to see wildebeests, zebras, impalas, kudus, warthogs, and flocks of elephants often intimidating each other. The whole region is very well-reputed for the annual migration of predators and zebras.

If moving towards the north-western side of the park, you will reach the Linyanti Marsh, in the close vicinity of Linyanti River. The most striking features of the region are its blue lagoons as well as the riparian timberland forests. The area is also concentrated with a number of crocodiles, sitatunga, red lechwe, elephants, hippopotamuses, Sable antelopes, Roan antelopes and wild dogs. In the centre of Savuti Marshes and Linyanti, there lies the dry and hot hinterland, majorly covered with Nogatsaa grass forests. This area is highly famous for sighting elands. Overall the park contains almost 50,000 elephants making it the largest elephant-dwelling place of Africa. When there is the rainfall season, these elephants migrate towards the south-eastern domain of the area.

Chobe River Botswana

The park facilitates its tourists with three camping locations and amongst them the permanent and the most luxurious one is the Chobe Game Lodge that is equipped with shower-toilet amenities as well as other basic requirements. The best drive is with the 4 wheel vehicle as the roads are rough and broken. The climate of Botswana is semi-arid that remains dry and hot, almost throughout the year and the best time to visit this astonishing destination is April and May when the skies are clear and the whole region blooms with lush green meadows. So don’t miss the opportunity of such a splendid place, once in your life time.


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