Tuesday, 9 August 2011

cheap flights to Accra

Akwaaba, ‘Welcome’, that’s the verbalization that you will auscultate a couple of times once you are in Ghana, the one that will begird your ear-drums at night and put a happy expression on your face, several days after, you have said goodbye to this mesmerizing place. Ghana offers you a warm welcome to the grounds of blaze and glow and the land of friendliest people of Africa. The tourists love to take cheap flights to Accra to visit this haven that blends the fascinations of equatorial beach with a charming antiquated tradition, vast artistic conglomeration and abundance of appealing wildlife of National Parks.

Situated in the west of Africa, Ghana meaning ‘Warrior King’ is encircled by Ivory Coast on the western side, Togo towards east, Guinea in the southern part and Burkina Faso towards north. This regions is the home of many bewitching allurements, some of them are listed as follows.

Cape Coast Castle Ghana

Cape Coast Castle-The Atlantic shore of Ghana is bordered by a number of ancient citadels (castles) that were constructed by several European authorities and whose history date back to the 17th century. The most striking and distinguished one is the Cape Coast Castle that was used for the purpose of slave-trade. The castle was built in 1673 during the Dutch era and later aggrandized by Swedes, after a while the British came into power in 1664 and transformed it to dominion headquarter.

It retained the same position for almost 200 years till Accra was made the capital in 1877. Now it serves as an outstanding museum, displaying the excellent history of amazing Ghana, the local traditions and the details of slave trade. It will surely take you to the doors and dungeons from where the return is impossible.

Elmina and St.George Castle Ghana

Elmina and St George’s Castle- Elmina is a scenic angling region, located on the shore of Ghana in the close vicinity of Cape Coast. The area is very famous as it houses the biggest allurement of Ghana which is St George’s Castle that was constructed in 1482 by Portuguese but after 150 years it was invaded by the Dutch who made it the headquarters of West Indies Company. The underground chambers that were used to confine the prisoners will give you a clear idea about the gruesomeness of the trade.

Busua Beach Ghana

Busua Beach- It is one of the significant beaches of Ghana that offers the tourists the chance to tranquil and to walk around the serene landscapes. The Busua Beach features a wide range of hotels ranging from simple to luxurious amongst which the Busua Beach Resort is the most eminent and modern one with a variety of dining and pool facilities. The Resort serves the most delicious and mouth-watering cuisines, highly admired the people.

Lake Volta- This Lake is the largest artificial lake of the world. The boat Yapei Queen takes the travellers and sails through the stretch of the whole lake towards the southern side (Akosombo) and to the northern part (Yeji). The voyage would undoubtedly be the most enthralling one.

Kumasi Market Ghana

Kumasi- This is the previous capital of Ghana that is located in the middle of southern side. It is the second biggest city of Ghana which provides shelter to almost 1.5 million people. The most striking features of the area its trinkets, wood-carved stools, Kente clothes and gold jewellery that is popular world-wide. The gleaming Kejetia Market is the must-see place where you will definitely find the valuable items.


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