Tuesday, 9 August 2011

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Serving time at this cast phobic box certainly was not easy. Yet, so close was the prospect of a life free of chains that one could almost hear as well as taste it in the air when the wind blew. The very contemplation of being captivated behind bars on an Island encircled by ice cold water sends shivers down one’s spine. Who knew such a landmark would be one of the most visited tourist’s traps in the world one day, a place that was once reserved for America’s most notorious.

This inquisitive place is known as Alcatraz Island which is situated in the San Francisco Bay and is 1.5 miles offshore from San Francisco, California, USA. Also referred to as “The Rock’, this island has imprisoned the attention of millions year after year due to its fascinating, out of the ordinary historic facts. Find out what they are and book cheap flights to San Francisco now.

For nearly 150 years, Alcatraz has known to give its visitors the culpable cold sweats and innocent chills. Over the passage of years it has gone over a transition of initially being the first military prison of the nation, then a forbidden penitentiary with maximum-security and now stands as a National Park. However, a trip to Alcatraz withholds much more than just having a peek inside of a rusty, old prison. The picturesque view from the ferry ride on the bay of San Francisco augments the experience. While one is on her/his way towards Alcatraz, it is hard to miss the magnificent panorama of the Bay Bridge, Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Alcatraz Island San Francisco

Alcatraz inmates’ roster read like a list of America’s Most Wanted. Few of the criminals who made it on the A-list and served time on Alcatraz include Al Capone the crime boss of Chicago, George Kelly the dapper kidnappers and Morton Sobell. Surrounded by water from all the four sides, Alcatraz was assertively considered as being highly escape-proof. However in the year 1962, Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers drifted away on a raft that was makeshift and were never to be found again.

Alcatraz serves as a part National Recreational Area of the Golden Gate. Park rangers add up to the visit with information and anecdotes about the island and the prison. Rare wildlife like for example western gills and black crested night, and the graffiti on the cell blocks reading ‘Red Power’ further add to the captivating attraction of this island. Many movies have been shot on this historic land piece.

According to most, if you had only one day to spend at this splendid city, then Alcatraz is the place to visit. In addition to the absolutely intriguing history, the aural tour consists of commentary from prison guards and old prisoners. You can also stroll around inside the cell and witness it yourself as to what life on The Rock was like.
A contemplative mood is spread as the intimacy of the audio narration inspires those hearing it. a moments later, everyone seems to have shuffled along in a quiet meditation, left with a feeling of hope towards the end. So as you depart Alcatraz, take an additional moment to ponder over the dilemma of the prisoners. You will find yourself appreciating freedom and patience. This astounding destination waits for you and your family. Do not miss the chance to experience this snooping place that will have you look at life from a completely different perspective.


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