Tuesday, 19 July 2011

cheap flights to Shenzhen

Now you don’t have to travel through all the continents to see the most fascinating attractions and landmarks of the world as the theme park Window of the World located in Shenzhen (China) is featuring many miniature replicas of all such allurements and monuments and you can see the whole world within one day. It is one of the most famous and largest park of China having almost 130 appealing enchantments of the world. Every year thousands of people head towards China and you can also have the best entertaining time once you take cheap flights to Shenzhen and visit this mesmerizing park.

Shenzhen City China

The park is located in the western side of Shenzhen in Huaqiaocheng with the area of about 48 hectares and was built in 1994. It is very much famous for the festivals like Beer festival, Christmas, Cherry festival, Indian Cultural week, World dance and singing gala and the pop shows on China’s National Day. Besides, a magnificent daily show is presented in evening which highly enthralls the visitors. The main aim of the park is to bring respect and adoration to various cultures of the world and also to brandish the wonders, historical memorials, traditional quintessence and kindred cultures

Mainly the park is divided into five regions and they make a colourful and fantastic world, squeezed in to the park. The Europe region comprises of the bewitching 108 metre tall truss tower ‘Eifel tower’ of Paris and also the Acropolis (Athens), Piazza San Marco(Venice),The Leaning tower (Pisa),clock Matterhorn mountain (Switzerland),the mesmerizing sceneries of Holland’s tulips and windmills, towers and walls of Moscow, Buckingham Palace(London) ,Winter Palace(Saint Petersburg) and many others.

Shenzhen City Hall China

Asia region is even more fascinating with the Emerald Buddha Temple (Thailand),the royal palace Gyeongbok(South Korea),the hilltop Himeji Castle (Japan), Merlion (Singapore) and also the wonder of the world and the ‘Crown of the buildings’ Taj Mahal. How astounding-you don’t have to travel to Agra to view this historical mausoleum. Rest are the Oceanic, Africa and Americas region consisting of the Sydney Opera house and Ayers Rocks (Australia), Great Sphinx of Giza and Abu Simbel temples (Egypt), Disneyland, the sky scrapping Manhattan borough and the Statue of liberty (America), respectively.

Apart from the continents, there is World Plaza with 108 poles as well as the supporting carved-wall that covers an area of 1680 square metres. There are six gigantic gates that represent distinctive cultures with the international stage being the most splendid and the greatest one. Also there is an International Street where the buildings’ architectures are mainly Islamic and European. You will love to shop at the gleaming markets and to relax at the churches and cafes. In its close vicinity lies the World Sculpture Park which is encircled with the lush green trees and is a home of more than 100 sculptures from different regions of the world. The sculptures will leave you in an awe and you will surly appreciate the masterpieces and the intelligence of those who actualized them.

You can also get adventurous for navigating the Colorado River at Grand Canyon, North American fields of archery, traversing the lush green forests in cable car and four thousand square metres of indoor skiing. No doubt this theme park worth a visit and you must spare you holiday break for a delightful time. The climate of Shenzhen is subtropical and monsoonal where winters are dry and mild and abundant rainfall occurs in spring. The best time to visit is between August and September when the weather is pleasant and series of festivals are celebrated. So you must travel to China for utmost enjoyment.

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