Tuesday, 19 July 2011

cheap Business and Economy class flights to Canada

Although there are number of places in Canada to visit, but when you are traveling to United Kingdom if you never visit London your trip will remain incomplete so this is not a story what to do and see in Toronto.

Toronto Skyline Canada

Anyway Toronto is harsh in winter, so many visitors come to see gorgeous place in summer, and it is the place where you can easily find European and Asian food almost at any point. You will experience world’s largest chain of hotels and resorts in this city and Nightlife is very attractive and naughty.

Hence, Lufthansa, Air Canada, British Midland and United Airways are offering Business Class flights to Toronto and prices are starting from £1555. Add-on flights are available with British Midland from all UK airports.

Travel season is defined from 21st Jul – 31st Aug 2011 and tickets can be purchased from 18th Jul – 1st Aug 2011. However tickets must be purchased 3 days before departures.

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