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cheap flights to Goa India

Before the vibrant and striking sunshine of summers gets shaded away by dark winter clouds, plan a splashing trip that could ease you into enjoying a refreshing delight and help you wash away the glaring heat. To farewell the summer season with a family bash, book cheap flights to Goa, a city known for its glittery gold rivers and pearl white beaches. By far, this famous Indian city is most known for the numerous water Sports that it makes available.

Moreover, the city offers a variety of water cruises along its splendid rivers that have the potential to fit in any of your desires of site seeing, an intimate trip or any other. But those of you who have a passion for water sports and have a strong will to strike against the rushing tides, Goa invites you for a fiesta of its thrilling yet entertaining Water Sports. Next time when you fly to Goa, plan your days in the city keeping in mind these superb water games; after all we do not want you going through the hassle of extending a trip.

Water Skiing in Goa

Water Skiing:
Water Skiing is perhaps one popular sport that has water addiction as its obvious side effect, apart from minor injuries that it often results in. In Goa, Water Skiing means challenging rushing speed and facing the most unpredicted water brushes beneath your ride. Many tourists come to Goa for its immense potential of water Skiing as precisely all the beaches here bring out the best there is to this sport. Moreover, each beach has comfortable residing resorts that not only offer the most relaxed housing but are fully equipped with sport arrangements. Looking for a perfect water skiing experience? Goa is undoubtedly the best.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving:
If you’re a marine admirer then you sure would think of the perfectly cool blues of Arabian Sea as the best option for Scuba Diving. Goa has long been inviting locals and foreigners for this passionate sport. Although not the perfect visibility, but Goa’s coastlines do allow a reasonable amount of underwater visibility ranging from 2 to 20 meters which however varies with water and sea conditions. Grand Island off the Mormugao Harbour is one perfect spot for Scuba-Diving in Goa that comes with no strings attached but instead has a perfect underwater visibility. Most visitors choose this spot in Goa for this enthralling sport.  Moreover, Goa’s coastline is pearled with magnificent marine life including the cheeky sergeant-major puffers, damsels, barracuda, tuna, snappers, jacks, blennies, lobster, eels, goat fish, lion fish, scorpion fish, surgeon fish, bat fish and many more. When planning a trip to Goa with family, Snorkeling is an excitingly viable option for entertainment on Goa’s shinny coastlines, with its absolutely well chalked out tours and up-to-date equipment; snorkeling in Goa makes a perfect entertainment for kids along with parents.

Snorkeling in Goa

When in Goa, you do not necessarily need to gulp down canes of Red Bull to give you wings; the city has more entertaining and much safer options for you. Once in Goa, you may want to compromise on any other ravishing attraction or activity but we certainly do not recommend you to skip an experience on this one. This dynamic city of India is all set to sweep you off the ground and sway you away for a soaring experience in the air. With the wind gently brushing by you cheeks, it surely is a priceless experience of Parasailing. When it comes to Parasailing, Goa thinks there are two best ways to enjoying this world wide water sport at its fullest- winch-boat parasailing and beach parasailing. Whereas winch-parasailing would require of you to land on the winch boat after you’ve glided in the air, Beach parasailing asks for a bit more experience at the sport, for you have to land on the beach itself. The best spot for parasailing in Goa is known to be near the Sinquerim-Candolim-Calangute, which gives a splendid experience of viewing Fort Aguada while you sail in the air. Other recommended areas are surely the rossim-Cansaulim, Miramar and Mobor beach.

Jet –Skiing:
Have you ever experienced the thrill of challenging speed? Well, here is what you can do in case this sounds interesting; Goa boasts a jaw-dropping site for Jet-Skiing that is thoroughly equipped with 100-135 hp powered jet-skis that are bent upon to give you a breathe taking experience. These Jet-Skiing tours, that allow you to rip through the air and experience the force for wind, come with perfectly safe and to the mark equipments and are also complemented with expert guides. For those who may be daring towards this fascinating experience for the first time, these jet-skiing trainers would guide you through all the techniques and once you’ve got a slight hold of the sport, you may go for a solo tour- an experience like none other.
Rush out of bed and get yourself booked on cheap flights to India, for an exhilarating water game experience in Goa, before the season runs down on you.

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