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The Holy and Prestigious month of Ramadan is right on its way and for Jeddah, the largest city in the Makkan Province of Saudi Arabia, it’s time for bringing on the other side of its personality- it’s time for Jeddah to rework from being a morning daisy into a night hawk.

Ramadan is the Holiest months for Muslims during which they are required to Fast- to control one’s idish desires of body and mind and abstain from committing all sins- for a course of about 30 days. Whereas Jeddah already has a high-status among Muslims for being the main gateway to Makkah, it continues to witness a growing popularity in terms of its hospitality and magnetism for international tourists who come here for site seeing, exquisite shopping, best diving opportunities at the Red Sea and much more. Jeddah is popularly praised for hosting all kinds of travelers; from pilgrims to leisure seekers and also those who come here for business trips. Contrary to the usual mood of this city that reflects through a hip and happening surrounding all day long with a swift cosmopolitan life style, there is one part of the year where Jeddah’s nights turn even more luscious than its ordinary days. It’s the Holy month of Ramada. Witnessing the biggest flight of people, Jeddah is seen springing up with festivity and religious zest for the entire month of Ramadan along with its night beaming with such delight as not many countries would know of.

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Like all other Muslim areas around the world, Jeddah is seen wrapped with such aura that signals the arriving of this month of fasting, weeks before the traditional lunar signal appears. You would see markets full of Bedouin style banners chanting ‘Ramadan Kareem’. The streets especially Al-Balad, the oldest district of the city, sprawl with glittering smiles, awaiting eyes and humble postures of body and speech. Al-Balad is a market area quite famous in Jeddah which blossoms with everything from inexpensive eateries to those heavy rated brands. During Ramadan and especially at the beginning and end of the month, just before the grand Muslim celebration of Eid-ul-Fitar, Al-Balad comes under heavy lime light with a fiesta of preparations.

Ramadan Kareem

Of course every one Fasts during this religious month, so does that mean life here in Jeddah comes to a dull halt during this time? Quite interestingly, the Holy month of Ramadan is one period when the religious sprits are seen at the highest of their levels all year round. Even more fascinating is to see how the entire city is filled with a sense on unsaid jubilance that can be felt in the atmosphere even weeks before the sighting of the moon is announced. Shops are seen decorated with banners carrying well wishes and offering generous discounts, malls arrange for special indoor tents that serve as Ramadan Lounges for shoppers to take a break for Ifftar time (breaking the fast). Ramadan is a time when Shops and malls put up their biggest sales and shoppers are seen downpouring heavily for the preparations of the month.
Moreover, the restaurants around the area come up with innovative ideas for Ifftar Buffets and sweets sell just like they are supposed to – in abundance. Quite intriguingly, Women here in Jeddah seem to have kept their most expensive and elaborately designed robes and Abayas for this auspicious month of piousness. Females come out in their long sleeved and elegantly embroided robes that are hardly flashed in another time of the year.

Once the Month of Ramadan starts, neither the jubilance nor the flushing religious sprits are the things that change, but indeed one witnesses a switchover of the spirits of day and night. During daytime life in Jeddah becomes steady and quite for this part of the year where as the nights become extendedly vibrant. Most of the market area and shops remain close for the sunnier part of the day except the supermarkets. After Asar time, a few hours before the time to break the fast, restaurants and supermarkets start selling fried samboosa, pastries cheese pastries, spinach or meat and sweet treats like kunafa and basbousa and otherlocal delights. However, Restaurants and other pastry shops remained closed during the day. Typically the locals get together in form of family Aftars or with friends to break the fast with dates, fresh juices and soups of meat and oat, while leaving dinner a later hour affair. A few hours after breaking the fast and before the Isha Prayers, Jeddah’s streets remain completely uninhabited, only to let the night become a vivacious celebration anew.

Right after Isha, the city appears to have awakened fresh after a long slumber and streets and malls are seen pouring in with people; all dressed up again. From that time onwards, business runs in Jeddah like it does in the mornings of usual day, however many would still stay back for Taraweeh (extra worship). You would see many families visiting malls and restaurants and most enterprise remain open until Fajr (dawn).  In a way, the clocks start operating anti clock wise and night becomes day!
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