Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ferrari Abu Dhabi-chap flights to Abu Dhabi

The city with magnificent natural aura and structural marvels that reflects the effulgence of human intellects is none other than the flamboyant Abu Dhabi ,that stands the largest of all the United Arab Emirate states’ with all its enigma and glamour. Much of this City’s allurements’ have gratified numerous people with its charisma yet there are many left to explore the magnificent mysteries of this distinct destination. Abu Dhabi is now offering you the extreme amusement and exceptional fun, by introducing the largest indoor theme park of the world Ferrari World and you can take cheap flights to Abu Dhabi for a convivial trip of your life.
Ferrari World was inaugurated in November, 2010 and is situated on Yas Island under the roof of 200,000 square metres. It owns one of the most thrilling entertainments-the largest roller coaster of the world ‘Formula Rossa’ with the highest speed of 240 kilometres/hour and a track of 6561 feet. A special hydraulic launch system has been introduced that accelerates the speed of the roller coaster after every 4.9 seconds and Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the Italian track influenced Ferrari to make this particular shape of coaster train.

Ferrari Theme Park Abu Dhabi

If you are a true race lover you will be glad to enter Cinema Maranello where you will bounce back to the time of 1920’s for acquainting the bewitchment and strong strength of the Italian race. You can get personal and close to the finest exhibition of the of Ferrari cars, at Galleria Ferrari where you will truly plunge yourself in to race mania. The experience of getting along with the drivers, visionaries, artists and engineers will be full of the stories of victory and teary eyes.

Travel along the risky venture of a boy as he adventures through 4D illusions and the world’s top credulous simulators will give you the flying feeling along the tumbling hills, through icy grottos, into the forest’s heart and to the depth of the sea-water in the Speed Of Magic .For the daring and the most courageous thrillers Ferrari World has the height of acceleration which is G-Force or the rocket tower. Bind yourself in the traditional Ferrari fashion seat because you are propelled with force to the height of 62 metres up in the sky.

Formula Rossa Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World offers much more than these mind blowing amusements. All you have to do is to pack up your belongings and cameras and equip with courage and fearlessness for the blood tingling Ferrari rides. The climate of Abu Dhabi is hot and humid and the weather gets pleasant and cooler between November and March so it’s time for you to plan up your holidays break for this adventuring and inspiring destination.

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