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Ancient Secrets of Egypt

Egypt is one country whose roots are embedded in the most ancient of all times. Interestingly, this eminent country in Africa went through enormous changes of empires, cultures, life style, rulers and all sorts of changes from time to time but even today, the wind and sand of this land narrates a story of all that Egypt was before. Even today Egypt is known for holding its glorious historic treasures in the form of pyramids, temples, Gods, landscapes, statues and monuments. It is utterly astounding to see the manner in which the city camouflages its ancient secrets into its contemporary allure of Cairo and Alexandria. The magnetism of modern-day Egypt that drives many tourists to book cheap flights to Egypt, whispers mysterious secrets and stories about the country’s past. This is perhaps the reason why many people fly off to Egypt every year in the name of its fascinating tourist attractions.

While today we look at the marvelous statues and Pyramids of Egypt, some made with gold and precious gems while others are humongous carvings of stand and rock, in awe and amazement, in ancient Egyptian times these statues meant utmost sovereignty and reflected the divine powers to the People. These Egyptian statues including the statue of Pharaoh were the living God of all creatures on Earth. Filled with power, glory, discretion, murder, mystery and deceptions these Gods were the all mighty, whose powers are still remembered and celebrated even today.

Pyramids Giza Egypt

Today, those who visit Egypt are seen clustering around the Pyramid of Abu Simbel, the second biggest and most famous Pyramid after the Pyramids of Giza. As impressive as the monument itself, are the events that lead to the preservation of this ancient marvel; when the temple was dismantled and each pharaoh was pulled 60 meters up a hill where they were again reassembled into their original position from the sun. Even more interesting is the Abu Simbel Festival which is marked by traditional dancing, postures and acts of submission to the Gods.

Today, Egypt is most known for having housed the gloriously famous Pyramid of Giza, in fact this place serves as a Mecca of tourists for Egypt.  While a contemporary visitor is likely to be stunned by these fascinating structures and the construction of these pyramids still remains an intriguing   mystery for modern times, the King Khufu’s great pyramid was in the ancient times, and is even today the largest pyramid of Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, Pyramids were used as the burial tomb of the Royal families who were buried safe with their most illustrious and expensive belongings that were believed to assist them in life thereafter. The most expensive items were discovered by modern historian and explorers from the tomb of King Tut, residing near King Tut’s mummy.

Another thoroughly intriguing mystery is the one regarding the great Sphinx that stands high in front of the three great pyramids of Egypt. Time and again, explorers have searched for clues that would reveal secrets behind this marvelous historic piece of all times, but have failed continually till this date. The Sphinx is a large Carved out structure extracted from a single rock and appear like a gigantic cat like structure, believed by contemporary men to be the ancient Egyptian “Father of terror”. Even though no one is sure as to why this sculpture was created, many presume that its purpose was to protect the pyramid of Giza. Today, Sphinx stands as a jaw-dropping architectural wonder and a mind boggling reality.

The Temple of Luxor, as we know it today, is another key to the mysterious locks of Egyptian history and the interesting and multifarious cultures that this country had lapped through primeval times. Known for having been established by the Pharaoh Amenophis III, this temple is believed to have been a festive site for ancient Egyptians; where the most important festivals and rituals were held including the famous Egyptian festival of Opet. This temple was a place where statues of all important Gods were united during the one month of festivity. The temple of Luxor, which is reputed as one of the must-visit sites in Egypt, went through an array of transformation: from serving as a temple in Greek and Egyptian times and a church in pre-Islamic era to the famous and one of the most beautiful mosques of all times, the Mosque of Luxor which stands glorious and is praised for its architectural beauty even today, constructed at the time of Muslim rulers.

Pyramids Abu Simbel Egypt

A country which was once a rich and precious den of the greatest of all Egyptian Kings, later held the flag of Muslim empires and with the course of time, each dynasty and each civilization left its significant marks in the country to let them be cherished for generations to come. Cairo is one city lined with deeply engraved Muslim features and the best site to witness the glory enjoyed by Muslims in Egypt, is the Medieval Cairo. Being a maze of streets that gleam with life, Medieval Cairo beautifully wears a necklace of eye-catching and beautifully constructed mosques and a few ravishing church buildings. Among the important mosques of Cairo is the Mosque of Mohammad Ali, which is also among the largest mosques in the whole world.

This time when you purchase tickets to Egypt or book cheap flights for Cairo, you would know that It is not only the architectural splendor of Egypt‘s historic buildings and tourists sites that attract a large number of tourists to the various parts of the country, but it is the captivating tales and mysterious facts about all these historic evidences that bring back tourists time and again to this wondrous country.

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