Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Night In Pearl River Cruise -China Guangzhou

Have you ever enjoyed the night to its extreme? What can be more enchanting other than sailing on a charming River with beautiful and magnificent night views, casting a spell on the visitors. The Pearl River also known as the Canton River or the Guangdong River is located in the South of China and is the third largest river there. The name Pearl was given because of the pearl like appearance of the shells, lying underneath in water which flows in Guangzhou City. The trip to this city remains incomplete if you have not cruised this adorable River. To have a breath taking night time experience you must take cheap flights to Guangzhou and prepare yourself for an astonishing trip.

The Pearl River Cruise Guangzhou

The Pearl River is 2,000 kilometres long and it takes 1.5 hours to complete the voyage. Decorated with the magical sights along the water, this river is the most seductive and picturesque one. There are various historical areas and masterpieces strewed next to the Pearl River and reflect Guangzhou’s traditions and culture. The cruise provides the view of White Goose Pool also known as Night Moon over the Goose Pool where many festivals are celebrated. Other amazing scene is of Xinghai Concert Hall located on Island of Ersha on the shore of Pearl River. The hall feels as if a large aquatic bird is flying over the river coast. You will love to watch the illuminated Haizhu Bridge located in the south of Haizhu Square (Red Heart of the Pearl River), while enjoying your wines and buffets available on yatch. The view of the prestigious hotel building Aiqum Mansion also called as Aiqun Hotel genuinely mesmerizes the people. It was considered to be the tallest building, when it was constructed in 1934.

White Goose Pool Guangzhou China

Apart from such splendid scenes ,the Cruise passes many other awe inspiring sights such as White Swan Hotel, Zhuhai Square, Shamian Island and eight most tempting and astounding attractions of Guangzhou. Undoubtedly this yatch trip after dark under the glittering lights is much more gladdening and delightful as compared to the day time excursion. Full of visitors the cruise elegantly sails as blissful tunes are being played all at once.

The climate of Guangzhou is humid and warm with ample rainfall and adequate sunlight. Summers are usually long with constant downpour where as the winters are for a short duration with a little cold weather. So it is quite pleasant and comfortable season from October to September. You would definitely cherish a visit to this wonderful place so without wasting any further time, plan for the dazzling journey for Pearl River Night Cruise.

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