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cheap flights Must See Okavango Delta, Botswana

Botswana has always been a favorite destination for safari lovers around the world. Some claim the safari game reserves of Botswana to be much better than the ones in Tanzania or Kenya. The Okavango game reserve is premier safari reserve of Botswana and is getting attention with the tourists around the globe for not only the one of the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa but also because it’s the Africa’s largest wetland and world’s largest inland delta. This is a natural wonder created by the waters of Okavango river flowing from Namibia for thousands of years and has given life to a unique eco system.

Botswana is considered as a success story in the turmoil filled continent of Africa, with political and economic stability it is fast becoming a rock star of the continent. And it is evident when you arrive in the capital Gaborone, with some sky scrappers in its city center and some modern neighborhoods it is surely a symbol of the economic boom that the country is going through. But beware the city of Gaborone is unbelievably costly when you compare it with the capitals of other regional countries, so the best thing to do is try finding a cheap flight to Gaborone and then head right to the attraction you want to see which for most part is always outside the city.

Okavango Delta Botswana
Okavango is located in the northern Botswana so either you can arrive there by using the border crossing with Namibia if you are already in that country and just want to visit Okavango and then head back. But if you want to explore other attractions in Botswana as well then take a flight to Gaborone or to the city of Maun which is known as the gateway to the Okavango Delta. Okavango Delta is stretched over an area of 17000 square kilometers and was created in result of the drying of the Lake Makgadikgad a few thousand years ago. The Okavango River flowing from Namibia drains itself in the Botswana’s Kala Hari desert and creates gorgeous lagoons, islands and lakes which form this magnificent delta.

The area is so rich in wild life that it will take some extreme bad luck on your side for missing out on any one of the Africa’s Big Five. You will be able to see hundreds of Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Giraffes, Crocodiles, Buffalos, Cheetahs, hippos and many more exotic animals. The best way to explore the park is in a 4 WD in company of a game ranger who will take you to areas of the park with the highest concentration of animals and also will provide you security in case some danger emerges.

You can find all kind of accommodation facilities in the park ranging from the luxurious hotels to some that cater to the tourists that are on a budget. But the best experience will be camping out in the wild and spending a night outside in this awesome natural wonder of Africa.

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