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cheapest flights to Namibia

Namibia is perhaps the best place to get lost in reason being its size which is large enough and the very small population of the country that leaves most of the lands in Namibia unexplored. This is also a good thing if you consider the fact that the places with more human activity often get spoiled. Same is the case with its premier National park called the Etosha National Park which is home to over 119 species of mammals and 340 species of Birds and is perfectly preserved. The white and greenish Etosha pan in the middle of the park provides a stunning landscape.

The park is located in the north of the country which means quite a lot of travelling from the capital Windhoek. Most visitors prefer the land routes for entering the country but if you want to travel into the country by air then try to find a cheap flight to Windhoek. From Windhoek you can take the bus to the Tsumbe bus terminal which is the last in the north and is roughly 110 km from the park. There are a number of car hire services in Tsumbe that provide cars for the tourists going to visit the park, or you can also wait for one of the safari busses that runs from the park to the Tsumbe but are not that regular.

Etosha National Park Namibia
The area of Etosha park was discovered first by the Europeans in the 18th century but the area did not get attention from the tourists until the early 20th century when the German governor general of the area became concerned about the diminishing numbers of the wildlife of the area and ordered an area of roughly 93000 sq km to be made a reserve, but the area was reduced to the present 23000 sq km in the 1970’s.
The park is divided into three parts and you can only visit the northern two parts if you are travelling independently as the third part is reserved for the tour operators. You will be required to pay an entry fee of 3.50 USD for each adult and child and 2.50 for the entry of your vehicle. Then head to one of the rest camps of the park with detailed maps of the area, a few restaurants and shops to refresh and resupply your self. Keep in mind thou that you’ll have to make a booking in advance for entering the park, you can do it either through a tour operator or through the Namibian Wildlife Reserve in Windhoek.

For observing the wildlife closely the best way is taking a ride in the safari bus that runs through the park and provides some awesome views of its wildlife as well as the stunning landscape. The so called haunted forest to the south of the park is a unique forest of strangely shaped trees, and is surely worth a visit if you can find the time. Avoid travelling to the park in the season of Namibian or South African school holidays as this is the favorite destination for the parents to take their children to in the region and cost of every thing will sky rocket in these

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