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A heaven on Earth -Lake Saif ul Malook Kaghan Pakistan

A campestral that was once known for been created as a result of epic struggle of blood and wealth, unparalleled zeal and zest for freedom, and an unassailable will to become an upright separate nation, after 63 years of its domicile as an honorable country, today knows of reasons that have acted to crenel its status over the course of time. However, this phenomenon is not generally alien to great nations such as those who had been challenged in the past and had wisely crept their way out to tighten up postures at the end of the day. Pakistan is indeed one such country and a nation which is passing through an era of complicated and challenging times. In such a situation one might doubt the wisdom behind visiting a country that is known for having an unsafe or even ‘dangerous’ character.

We see the country being attached to horrifying incidents and an allegedly daunting character, time and again; sometimes through the godfather that many know as media and sometimes as a reflection of vague stereotyped ideas’. The interesting thing is, however, that most of these Pakistan-is-so-dangerous-facts that you’ll find in the air, would come from those who haven’t visited the country themselves, not even once. Quite logically, why should they? Who would want to risk a vacation to an insecure place or for that matter who would dare to know if the place is actually a vampire that many consider it to be or are these people in fact misinterpreting one gorgeous part of the world that has all the potential of hosting an amiable welcome?  Sadly, not many would care or have the wisdom to think that there might also be a brighter side of the picture; behind the dust and revulsion of alleged insurgency and unrest there might a subtle and heart touching side of Pakistan. For those who care, here are a few reasons why you should book cheap flights to Pakistan for your next holiday slot.

Lake Saif ul Malook Kaghan Pakistan

Ranging from the paradise of Kaghan Valley in the North to the hawk’s bay in Karachi, the country of Pakistan indeed bristles with bewitchingly gorgeous sites throughout its land. But hold on! Are there not other beautiful places in the world? You might want to know what is so special about Pakistan that one shouldn’t miss. Well, it’s a recipe of such striking factors that, if one realizes, make this country a truly irresistible and unparalleled attraction; Jaw-dropping sites and heart capturing tourism opportunities being just one these many factors.

Pakistan is naturally blessed with innumerable glittery water streams that rush across its humongous Himalayas; with such force as could easily conquer a heart, and snow peaks that perfectly match its lush green belts. From the magical valleys of Kashmir to the angelic flow of Lake Saif al Malook, from the exquisitely renovated Hindu temples at Said Pur Village to the eye-catching marvel of the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad; the ravishing capital of Pakistan, from the unique cultural appeal of  inland villages of the country to the fashionably contemporary dinning and leisure resorts in its highlighted cities of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and the like, the unlimited tourist attractions boasted by Pakistan can effortlessly beat all expression of words. All these vistas of natural and man-made tourist attractions, when coated with the four blissful seasons that the country is blessed with, together make up a perfect reason for purchasing cheap tickets to Pakistan.

Being tourists, you would be glad to see how contradictory the attitude of this country’s inhabitants is from the generally notorious reputation that they otherwise have. Especially those living in the Punjab Province are known wide for two things; their love for exquisite delicacies and eateries plus their warmth and hospitality towards their guests. However, stay cautious while shopping as some shop keepers here may charge you excessively due to their undying love for American dollars!  Otherwise, you could very well expect a heartiest welcome from Pakistani people; especially the educated lot.

Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad Pakistan

Even more strikingly interesting is the fact that as you get to know better the elite and educated lot of the country, you would notice their life style and living standards perfectly shoulder those found in any developed country in the world. Try knowing a few from the nicely educated batch and you would surely find in them an interesting company.

Whether you visit Lahore, book cheap flights to Karachi, or cheap flights to Islamabad you‘re most likely to be stunned to see a vast collection of chic cafes, posh hangout areas, irresistibly delicious cuisines offered at beautifully constructed restaurants, the top hotel chains including five star and four star giants for you to find a comfortable residing, and a series of sparklingly magnetic shopping avenues and much more. While there is no doubt about how amazing a shopping experience in the urban Pakistan can be, the best part is the fortunate strength of dollar over Rupee that allows your shopping hours in Pakistan to extend for as long as you want.

Let not your fears turn into paranoids and deprive you of a fantastic holiday opportunity to Pakistan. The country houses a population of more than approximately 187 million people many of whom have earned a big name in different international countries such as America, India, China and Europe. Pakistan is a land of peace; do not allow anyone to haunt you by painting a baselessly daunting picture of the country.


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