Friday, 15 July 2011

Top 5 Unusual Houses Around the World

We’ve often heard of comments like “what a pretty house”, or “such a gigantic residence”, or at times “oh! What an ugly place to live in” and many more of such expressions. Let us now take you to a trip to the top most unusual home architectures which would instinctively leave your eyes popping out and jaw dropped. Amusingly, these house structures are not an idea seeded from one specific place on Earth, instead you’ll be surprised to that a number of these houses are built is the most cornered or at least less popular places. There are actually houses here on are planet that have been inspired by a toilet, a mushroom, a shoe many more interesting designs. Tag along for a weirdly interesting tour. Next time when you book cheap flights to South Africa or purchase tickets for America, do visit these places for an absolutely rare experience if you get a chance to, for the time being read along for a weirdly interesting journey.

The Shoe House in South Africa:
The Shoe House South Africa

Located in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa, this shoe shaped house is constructed by an artist and hotelier, Ron Van Zyl, who initially constructed it for her beloved wife in 1990. Now the house is a part of a tourist complex in South Africa which also includes a restaurant, eight-roomed guest house, pools and parks. The interior of the ‘shoe house’ now houses a number of different themes on the different parts of the shoe. For instance there is a museum displaying Ron Van Zyl’s paintings in one part of the shoe and another part holds a living area. The Shoe house is truly an interesting piece of art. A view from the outside a view of the interior, heading towards the heel from the toe

The Upside-Down House in Poland:

The Upside Down House Poland

Often we get so gripped by some events around us that they secure a permanent place in our minds. Daniel Czapiewski is a Polish businessman and philanthropist who translated the effects of wars in the communist era into creating house that is upside-down. Daniel’s company usually takes no more than three weeks to create a normal house but it was reported that this house consumed 114 days for being built because the complicated angles of the walls bewildered the workers. This bizarre tourist attraction located in Szymbark, Poland often attracts a large number of tourists every year. However, the visitors some time complain feeling mildly nauseous after spending a few minutes inside the house.

Toilet-shaped home in South Korea:

Toilet Shaped Home South Korea

While not many of us might diligently be working towards a cleaner environment, Sim Jae-Duck seems to have an unparalleled determination for promoting cleaner toilets and hence, cleaner sanitation around the world. In 2007, while he carried out the celebration for launching the first World Toilet Association, the built the first ever built and the one and only Toilet-house in the world. An investment of around 1.6 million dollars, the loo shaped house resides on a 4,508-square-foot land and is a structure made of concrete and glass. The center portion of the house is a full glass wall that is a “showcase loo” area from the inside. Yes! A washroom made of visible glass all around. Not a good idea? Well, Sim has one extraordinary brain; the showcase loo features a device that would produce thick mist on the glass walls as soon as a person enters this huge toilet. With the help of these automatic sensors, one can easily feel safe while answering the call of nature! More over the toilet-house boasts two bed rooms, two guest rooms and other rooms along with a water stream and a small garden outside the house and of course there are 3 deluxe, marvelously shinning and spotless bathrooms that are also featured in this two-story house.

Located on Sim’s private land, which was once his former home, in Suweon, 40 kilometres (24 miles) south of Seoul, Sim lends this amazing house for $50,000 per day to guests who like to pose a stay inside this innovative structure.

Dar Al Hajar in Yemen:

Dar Al Hajar Yemen

If you’ve booked flights to Yemen and are taking a tour ahead from Suq al Wadi, it would become absolutely inevitable for you to stare at this grand palace of Dar al Hajar that seems emanating from a huge rock. This five story building seems to get taller as you come closer to it. The building is a ravishing showcase of Yemeni architecture and painting. Although, the palace was preserved and renovated for visitors but it isn’t a museum. Upon buying tickets to this wonderful structure, you can enjoy a tour of its five floors from inside. In the interior of the city, you would see the princess’ room, kitchen, storage room, royal meeting rooms, lavish halls and other interesting pieces of arts. On the top floor of the palace, you can see a traditional system of cooling water in earth ware jars. Not only is a building beautiful itself but its surrounding is equally marvelous. This palace is surely a must visit whenever you next book your cheap flights to Yemen
A Shell House in a Japanese forest:

Shell House Japan

One would generally expect seeing a shell house near a shore somewhere but this marvelous shell house constructed by a Japanese architect, Kotaro, is an innovatively marvelous structure made from wood and redefined concrete curvatures. Highly spacious and displaying the most sophisticated designs and intricate wood work inside the house, this shell house consists of two tubes and an oval structure, inspired from a conch-shell. The double-elliptical structure of this Japanese shell house offers extended bed rooms, lounges, LDK, lavish dressing rooms, a parlor and a lot more. Tucked inside the thick woods of Karuizawa in the Nagano area of Japan, a stay at this place is a true combination of adventure and style. For those adventure lovers or luxury addicts who would be purchasing cheap tickets to Japan, should definitely visit this intelligent piece of architecture.

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