Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Majestic Escape to Ponta Delgada | flights to Lisbon

We offer an amazing getaway from daily routine work where you may not find time to enjoy in green meadows, sunny beaches, mountainous landmarks and more often it seems we are surrounded with machines. Why not we manage a journey where agriculture, dairy farming, livestock, ranching, fishing and tourism are the main industries. It is Ponta Delgada (Azores), which is located 1500 kilometers west from Lisbon, and about 3900 km east from each coast of North America. The island is conclusive array of nine volcanic island situated in middle of North Atlantic Ocean. Don’t miss opportunity to watch whales as it contains loads of whales, both many species of migrating whales and sort of whales who reside there all year long.

Porta Delgada Street

Book cheap flights to Ponta Delgada with Sata Airlines whereas lowest prices are starting from £195, Santa Maria, Terceira, Sao Jorge Island, Pico Island, Horta, Santa Cruz Flores and Curvo Island from £265. Those flights which are traveling via Lisbon will cost you price of £189 for above given destinations. Travel may commence from 30th Oct 11 – 28th Oct 12. Sata airlines allow booking flights from now onwards until further notice.


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