Thursday, 15 September 2011

Jet off to Bangkok with Eva Air

Well renowned among other tourist attraction Bangkok is forming a vast allure towards its radiant temples and palaces which are surrounding the entire city and increasing tourists hype every year. Bangkok is dynamic city and maintains an appealing and important worth, became famous being capital and main port. It is known as center for cultural, educational, political and economic events, it boasts lots of huge landmarks, buildings, several luxurious hotels, shopping arcades. The city is blend of West and East culture; city is still well suited for a glimpse of the traditional arts, religious and cultural activities and architecture. Fill color in this opportunity and bring it accessible with Eva Air.

Grand Palace Bangkok

Cheap flights to Bangkok are starting from £569 in the month of high season, December 2011 whereas assigned departures dates are beginning from 9th Dec – 13th Dec 11. Moreover lowest discounted fares to Bangkok are available from £479 on 30th Dec – 31st Dec 2011. Fares will be valid for ticketing from 14th Sep – 30th Nov 2011

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