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This article is an open announcement for those who like animals to another level and want to spend time with wild life, see them close and want to spend their holidays in the lap of forests with different sorts and adorable creatures, that Nairobi is the place for you.
Nairobi is a fascinating, multi-ethnic city, sanctified with the most natural world in the world, building it an illustrious safari destination. Known as the ‘Green City in the Sun’, Nairobi is the leading city as well as the capital of Kenya.And Apart from the various wild life safaris the city also offers a wide range of attractions which includes the vibrant night life, the blissful shopping and the amazing beaches as it is famous that;
Africa, amongst the continents, will teach it to you,
that God and the Devil are one, the majesty coeternal,
not two uncreated but one uncreated…”
Karen Blixen, Author of “Out of Africa”
So without any further delay lets take you through those amazing things you can do in Nairobi in fact Nairobi tourist destinations are destined to captivate every tourist to the capital. One is guaranteed to be confused about choices because there are loads to see. Sample this;
Nairobi Mamba Village
  • The very interesting attraction to visit in the city is the Giraffe Center where you can actually get privileged to position next to the world’s tallest animal. And, by outing the Giraffe Center, you will keep up the noble grounds of carrying the harshly scarce Rothschild Giraffe species back from the rim of extermination.
  • At the Mamba Village, you will eyewitness quite a few thousand crocodiles shoving for a slice of rotten flesh. It is also and amazing place for horse back ridding and camel riding. Get to all this with our cheap flights to Nairobi.
  • One can also gaze at salvage leopards, lion cubs and monkeys from a very small distance at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage and from a moderately close assortment at the flanking Nairobi Safari Walk.
  • The most exciting and thrilling part is that you can as well touch the cheetah at the safari walk and bystander lions tearing at their lamb from less than a foot away. The orphanage and safari walk make available a first-class token of a wildlife safari.
  • Then you can also visit David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust have a hold over a nursery for orphaned baby rhinos and elephants. This is a very adorable and emotional experience.
  • You will be stunned by seeing the huge National Park of Nairobi, which offers a wide range of animals including Big Five minus the Elephant which would have need of a lot more breathing space to ramble, zebras, giraffes and several.
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Amboseli National Park Nairobi Kenya
Now after the wildlife if you want to enjoy the modern and ethnic part of the city then you also have a bucket full of choices.
  • As you desire to know-how the vivacious Kenyan traditions but don’t have the time to stopover an upcountry farmstead, be in no doubt to make a rendezvous with the Bomas of Kenya.
  • If you feel like to locate Nairobi’s rich culture heritage and history into viewpoint, be certain to go to the number of museums sited in the city.
The Railway Museum put on view numerous steam engines and locomotives.Karen Blixen Museum is in fact the ex-home of Karen Blixen who put pen to paper “Out of Africa” that was afterward crooked into a best-selling movie.The Nairobi National Museum boasts various striking archeological unearthing that confirm Kenya as the Embrace of Mankind.


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