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cheap flights to Ghana

Some make it an immortal memory for life with a simple click of technology, while others let it soak through the eyes to dwell in the mind as an everlasting image whose influence is then narrated through a million forms of prose and deed; Nature and its beauty is something that has charmed, or even more so, magnetized man through all ages. In the contemporary world, which probably reflects the highest levels of complex perceptions, an ever growing popularity and hence progressive discoveries of Nature’s beauty along with its sparkling man-made wonders, has further incited desires to dig out these marvelous spectacles of nature.
When nature’s allure is what drives you, there is one place on our otherwise gorgeous planet that can leave you absolutely dumb folded and heartfelt with its various styles of natural brilliance; the place is beyond doubt Ghana, the growingly popular country of Western Africa.

Want to discover the most beautiful and rarest luminosity of nature? Book cheap flights to Ghana and get prepared to witness nature at its best. Hey, do not miss out on the following some of the must-visit natural sites in the beautiful country of Ghana.

Kakum National Park Ghana

Kakum National Park and Assin Attadanso Resource Reserve:
Ghana, with its warm equatorial climate and fertile land, makes it the perfect ground for breading thick green rainforests. One such spectacular area that has a gleaming abundance of such vibrantly attractive vegetation is known as the Kakum National Park in Ghana. Extended on an area of more than 350 Km2, this place is an amalgamation of a Natural Reserve and National Park.

Apart from having a fortune of exceptionally high trees, some reaching a height of around 65 meters, the reserve comprises of the most exquisite collection of Africa’s wild life. Ranging from a large collection of gigantic mammals to more than some 400 species of butterflies and approximately 200 species of Birds, the Kakum Park by far remains the most popular site for eco-tourism in the entire country.
Wli Falls:

Many of you might have already heard of the magical views of the Wli Falls courtesy its increasing popularity amongst tourists. Located 20 km from Hohoe, these falls have been preserved by a beautiful surrounding of Wli natural reserve. The sight of water cascading from a height of massive 16000 feet throughout the year creates an astounding image on human mind.
When one hears the musical pour of these magnificent sprinkles combined with tunes of humming birds, the entire area presents a magical aura of tourists to indulge in. The place is also home to one of the moat fascinating Fruit bat species in the country. A beautiful place .to visit indeed.

Amedzofe and Bunso Arboretum:
Ghana has a number of areas which might force one to delusion being in Paradise. A couple of such extraordinary examples include Amedzofe and Bunso Arboretum, the former being one spectacular sight of rushing waters and dancing trees where as the latter is a stunning collection of the most spell bounding flying creatures in the world.

Amedzofe is a. startling setting of Hilltop flows of aqua that come gushing down from the rocky origins of 2500 ft above sea level. If you’re in search of a serene environment which offers angelic views, rush off to purchase cheap tickets for Ghana and let your desires be fulfilled at the Amedozfe hilltop.
The Bunso Arboretum is home to some 110 species of absolutely eye capturing birds and butter flies conserved in 6.5 hectares of indigenous trees and thick grasslands.

Wli Falls Ghana

Paga Crocodile Pond: 

If you think combining scenic beauty with a little adventure could be more exciting, and provided the idea of watching Africa’s deadliest crocodiles much more closing than through Nat Geo does not scare you, then visiting Paga Crocodile Pond is simply a must. Could you ever imagine touching and in fact caressing a crocodile, except of course while you’re dreaming? Well, why not? At Paga Crocodile Pond you don’t only get the chance to view the oldest reptile that now ages 85 years, but the non-hostile crocodiles of this pond have learnt to become exceptionally comfortable with humans who can now have a chance to come as up close with these otherwise feared creatures as touching them. Get all set for a once in a life time experience at the Paga Crocodile Pond.

Ghana has a seemingly unending assortment of such and even more heart capturing natural beauties and wonders. The best part however remains that these wonderful sights have not yet been over exploited .But as the popularity of Ghana as a tourist destination increases, these sites are likely to become densely crowded and hence lose their charm of serenity. So grab your tickets now and get mesmerized by nature twinkling at its best in the country of Ghana.

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