Monday, 11 July 2011

Temptating Vacation in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco in the North Africa is fast becoming a favorite destination for tourists around the world. The blend of the Modern and medieval lifestyle makes Morocco a unique spot for your vacation. The locals are friendly and are always eager to help out the tourists. By following some simple tips you can make your stay in Morocco a more memorable one. 
Choose the Right Season to Travel:

The best season to travel to Morocco is spring when the temperature is mild and the country is lush and green. Avoid traveling in the middle of summer and winters as both of them are extreme and either the temperature soars or fall to an unbearable level. The season of Ramadan, the month of Islamic calendar in which the observant Muslims observe fasting during the daylight can be great cultural experience but keep in mind that most of the cafes and restaurants of the cities will be closed at the day time.
Kasbah Ruins Morocco
Learn a little Arabic:
We are not saying that you should learn to fluently speak the Arabic language, but learning a few basic words of the local language can be really helpful. For example for greeting a person you should say "Assalamu Alaikum" while for saying "Thank You "the word is Shukran.

Learn to Bargain:
Bargaining is parts of daily life in Morocco so don't consider the price of a thing in the market or a service at your hotel that is quoted to you by the shopkeeper or the owner as the final one. Try to bargain as it is a norm here and most of sellers expect it from you so they will be quoting a higher price than the real worth of the thing.

The Moroccans are the most hospitable of people in Africa, so you will find many locals offering you Mint Tea. It's impolite to refuse so just sit down and enjoy the cup of hot Mint Tea which is always refreshing.
Sahara Desert Mhamid MoroccoDealing with the Stalkers:
If you are a woman travelling alone in the country then you will find yourself centre of attention in most of the Moroccan markets. You may hear a few shouts of gazelle or even a few marriage proposals. Just try to avoid eye contact and if they really bother you then threat them with the police complaint which is always quite effective. 
Always Keep the Change With You:
A small tip to the waiters and drivers in Morocco can go a long way in helping you in enjoying the best vacation in Morocco. Tipping is considered a normal part of Moroccan life and a tip of 5 to 10 percent of the total bill will be appropriate for getting you the best services possible.

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