Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Marvelous Man Made Wonder Visible From Space

Dubai is rightly called as the Jewel of the Desert as it has many shining and precious masterpieces of the world. The most incredible and impressing one is then artificial island “Palm Jumeirah” built on the coast of Dubai, which has caught world’s imagination with its ingenuity and magnificent scale. Apart from it two more islands Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali are under construction. They are the largest man made artificial islands of the world that can be viewed from space. The Palm Island has doubled the magnitude of Dubai coastline and is self-declared “Eighth wonder of the World”. So get your bags and cameras ready and take cheap flights to Dubai. Airport cabs, buses and metro train services are available to take you to this astonishing place.

Palm Jumeirah has the shape of a palm tree which consists of a trunk, a crown with 16 leaflets and an encircling island that makes 11 kilometre long embankment and it has an area greater than 800 football pitches. The crown is linked to the mainland with the help of a 980 feet long bridge and the crescent is joined to the palm with a tunnel. The lavish marine-themed resort “Atlantis” intensifies Palm Jeremiah’s glamour which is a legendary architecture and combines the height of comfort with unique and incredible attractions, keeping you in awe throughout your holidays. This six star resort has:

Water Aquaventure Theme Park:
A mind blowing water park with nonstop water and nonstop fun. Aquaventure utilizes 42 acres, overflowing with amusements including speed slide, rapids, rivers, lush tropical landscapes ,master blasters, splasher’s children play area, and private beach .Guests staying there have infinite access to the park.

The Lost Chambers:
A life time experience to explore the hidden and mysterious ruins of Atlantis, lost for so many years deep under the sea. Just imagine 65,000 marine animals in placid waters, swimming near and far; you will certainly be compelled to cut out all the works and move towards this dream land.

Ultimate Dive Experience:
Submerge yourself in the depths of 11.5 million litre water where you are assured to skirr alongside sharks, guitarfish, rays, wrasse and many others.

Dolphin Bay:
An exceptional enjoyment of an up close meeting and interaction with the most playful residents of Atlantis. You will love, playing, touching, holding hand, and hugging the charismatic dolphins.

Palm Jumeriah has much more you require to enjoy an extraordinary holiday break. The magnificent sunsets, miles of beautiful beaches, night time bars, fine selection of restaurants, unwinding in spas and many other daytime activities will truly hypnotize you. Summer vacations are the best time to head towards this bewitching resort so pack up your luggage and get ready to have the endless festivity and joy.

Dubai offers a great chance for those who are looking for a family travel, sight seeing and especially t hose whose wallet can handle a budget holidays. Dubai is known to be one of the city with luxurious shopping malls, leisure centers, luxury hotels, clubs, bars and best sight seeing options

Dubai offers last minute holiday packages, cheap tours and a great escape to the city, now you can stay for the over night in just AED 450 if you book your self a over night safari with dune bashing package.
safari in dubai
safari in dubai

Dubai’s official safari company offers cheapest tours with 5 star buffet dinner, bar b q tikkas, saltish meats, tender chicken and beef, belly dance, dune bashing, henna painting and loads of camel riding in the desert.
over night desert safari dubai
over night desert safari dubai

You get separate sleeping arrangements, separate tents with next day morning breakfast as you book your overnight desert safari tour, all the entertainment will cost you no more than AED 450 per person, we can pick you up from Dubai airport, any location of your choice with in Dubai and sharjah and you’re done!

You can also try Dubai city tour which will show you Dubai’s best beaches, Jumeirah beach which is always busy with tourists and locals for entertainment and relaxation,


If you are thrill and adventure fanatic than we will highly recommend you the safari in Dubai, this desert safari tour will make your trip unforgettable as you will experience 30 minutes of dune bashing and spinning over sand dunes with out any breaks .Up and down, drifting over sand mountains in speed, and from there your next stop will be desert safari sunset point where you can take breathtaking pictures.

dune bashing dubai
dune bashing dubai

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