Sunday, 3 July 2011

Qatar Airways Brings on a Celebrating One-way Deal

With the Royal Wedding froth setting down gradually, the hype is returning back to the ground! Many who flew from various corners of the world are now evacuating London, the city which had received more than 2 million visitors just a few weeks ago. Amid this shift back, Qatar Airways has decided to shower you with one more surprise before the royal wedding celebrations die out completely. Qatar Airways brings cheap flights to Australia, Asia, and Africa and various other destinations from London.

Starting from 18th May 2011, the airline will be servicing from Glasgow to different regions including India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Australia, Nairobi, China and a whole lot others. The airline plans to cruise its passengers on low cost airfares, all the way till 31st May 2011. The air fares start from a jaw-dropping low of GBP 75 to just GBP 278, depending on the destination you chose to fly to. Does the offer sound too good to be true?  Well, this is indeed how Qatar Airways plans to pamper its passengers. And this is not all that there is to this scheme; unlike most other airlines, Qatar Airways is not restricting its passengers with any minimum or maximum stay conditions. You’re as free to choose your stay duration as your brand of wine!

Since things do not always work according to plans, the airline has very understandably allowed for the facility of a rebooking with a charge as minor as GBP 100, considering the far stretched distances these flights would have to cover.  To top it further with generosity, all these flight deals come with a discount for children and infants – 25% and 80% respectively.

If you’re not traveling from London but still want to avail this exciting new offer, Qatar Airways has something for you even then. The Airline allows you to opt for add-ons but again without being to callous towards your pocket. Add-on include quite a number of destinations including Aberdeen, Belfast city, Edinburgh and more. The amount the company is charging for add-ons GBP 30 – 190, depending on the traveling class.

So if you’re planning to travel outside London, do not miss Qatar Airline’s astounding offer and allow the celebrations to continue, at least for another while.


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