Sunday, 3 July 2011

Busiest Year for London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow has entertained 68 million passengers in last the 12 months and recorded its busiest year in history, In May 2011 Heathrow entertained 9.3 million passengers and hence it has increased its number of passenger by 11.6 percent, when we compare with May 2010 (which was affected by volcano ash and Industrial actions at British Airways).

The Royal Wedding and Late Easter holidays led to more passengers at the beginning of the month whereas the Grímsvötn Eruption in Iceland led only to a marginal decrease in traffic.


The flag carrier of UK, British Airways (BA) offers direct flights to Cape Town from London Heathrow Airport. *Travel duration 12 hours approx.
  • British Airways offers twice daily direct flights to Cape Town except for Tuesday, when one direct BA flight operates only. On return as well there are two daily direct flights from Cape Town except for Wednesday with one flight only. 
  • The departure flight, BA59 departs Heathrow at 19:20 arriving in Cape Town at 08:55 am local times. The second flight BA43 leaves Heathrow at…Read more

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