Friday, 8 July 2011

Enjoy the True Flavor of Bali with Bali Luxury Villas

The idea behind booking cheap flights to Bali would usually be to celebrate an intimate romance or to enjoy the marvels of Bali which is indeed a natural paradise. Such occasions however demand complete luxury and a perfectly relaxing atmosphere. Although Bali offers a number of hotels and resorts for its guests since it is a nicely developed and well kept tourist destination, its various private villas will prove to be the best choice if you value luxury and privacy the most.

The Bali Villas are stylishly designed to meet all desires for privacy or utmost comfort to make you forget pressures of daily life and let you unwind on a perfect vacation. Featuring spacious garden compounds with private swimming pools, comfortable living spaces, contemporary household facilities with extra benefits, princely designed bedrooms, verandas and terraces that catch the perfect morning and evening breeze for you to enjoy a blissful time under the twinkling sky or to let you watch the morning sunrise, the private villas of Bali would conveniently surpass any top-call well-reputed hotel or resort in this area. Then there are the Luxury villas for those who want a bit of that extra luxury and stature. No less marvelous than a king's choice these luxury villas in Bali make a flawless fit for these top notches. Let's sneak a peek into some of Bali's best private villas that are well capable of becoming your choice for staying for your next trip to Bali.

If you want to pocket a moment of your life that may be totally eclipsed from all hassles of time, you might want to hide under the shades of cinnamon trees and fragrant blooms in one of Bali's most elegant yet discrete escapes-the Kayumanis Ubud. Tucked in a quiet corner in the heart of Bali's majestic Ubud, the Kayumanis Ubad private luxury villas is a gateway to complete privacy and unparalleled beauty. The Villa is situated such that is overlooks the dancing lush jungles of Ayung River Valley. Boasting 23 villas, all themed for a distinct and special occasion, a stay at the Kayumanis villas is bound to be a special life time experience. New arrays of tropical sensations fill the evening at these villas with the entire place twinkling like a meteor on Earth, coupled with the cheerful musical sounds of nearby villages filling the entire atmosphere. Moreover, the immaculate services packaged within these deluxe lodgings take care of everything from comfort, design, style, tongue teasing cuisines and an exceptionally delightful ambience. The lavish features offered by the Kayumanis Ubud would make you feel no less pampered than at a 5 star hotel.
The village of Jimbaran in Bali is proud to own a peaceful and cozy place that offers top levels of luxury wrapped decently in a 3 bedroom villa. Villa Kalyana is a personal retreat bounded by strong bamboo trees from all sides to prevent all forms of outside intrusions and in the middle of this fence lays a truly spectacular marvel. Themed on the traditional Javanese joglo, these villas are a true masterpiece of intricate designs and a sophisticated d├ęcor. From elaborating suites to artistically designed bedrooms, from gleaming garden to a pavilion accompanied pool, the Kalyana villas further offer a whole blissful array of amenities such as complementary breakfasts, high-tea, unlimited internet access and a whole lot more. This villa is a perfect choice for a family vacation of 4-5 family members. The rates for this private luxury start from 500 USD, depending on high or low seasons.
Want to enjoy a unique Asian experience at you trip to Bali this time? Then along with booking cheap tickets to Bali, also make reservations for one of the favorite villas in this tourist heaven, the Villa Sarasvati. Named after a prestigious Hindu Goddess of wisdom, Knowledge and the arts, the sarsvati villa has two distinct portions engraved in its design that can be rented together or separately. The two portions are however separated with stone carved and decorated murals representing the great Hindu Goddess. One side of the villa is a classic example of chic art and contemporary designs flashed through its air conditioned lounge, a multipurpose studio room, modern lobby and a long walk way, a kitchen attached with a beautiful dinning pavilion and a whole bunch of other stunners. The other side is a complete opposite of the first one and features a vibrantly heart capturing show case of delicate antiques and the rarest collection of Taiwanese artifacts.
The famous Island of Bali is full of such awe inspiring and exemplary beautiful villas all around its land. For those life to travel to Bali with their families, staying at these villas will not only prove to be a truly mesmerizing experience but also the most economical yet luxurious choice.  http;//

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