Friday, 8 July 2011

Did the Day Drain You out Completely? Grab one of Chicago's Best Bites!

Chicago, the most populous city of the Midwestern United States and also one of the most favorite ones of the entire America, is known for cheering its local culture in whatever field of life one may draw out. The notoriety of the city's culture has been reflected through popular novels, theater shows, songs, movies and as a general perception, time and again. Most famous for a number of highlights, in a nut shell Chicago is a city of Sports, business and Finance, theater and music and the most heavenly American food, most importantly.

Where a large chunk of the talented lot manifests its creativity in from of inspiring plays and dramas, Sports has been a pumping pulse for many who dwell in this city and also those who book cheap tickets to Chicago. Declared as the "Best Sports City in United States' three times, Chicago's favorite sports tussle between the three big giants; Basketball, Baseball, and Football. Since the city knows its people's sporty and energetic nature, it has also made just the perfect arrangements to caress them with godly delicious food and bites. Let's have a look at where you can catch the most scrumptious of Chicago's hot-dogs and those divinely tasting Americano Pizzas. Tag along for a drooling treat!

You take a cheap flights to Chicago and if you drop the feet to the ground with an empty stomach, you would most likely be directed towards Charlie Trotter's as most Chicagoans are absolute fan followers of its unbelievably delicious American Contemporary menu. Charlie Trotter is also the author of 11 cookbooks that display his innovative and distinct style of cooking. The restaurant located on 816 W. Armitage Ave offers an extended variety of all American Contemporary dishes which are usually made with a magical blend of more than a dozen ingredients, leaving the diner mesmerized through a delectable spell casted on him by what sensitizes his taste buds in the form of juicy burgers and tempting hot-dogs, dripping pizzas and a array of refreshing drinks and most innovative cocktails.

If you prefer dinning in a French style, head off to the 'Michael'. A casually elegant environment complemented with the most blissful French gastronomy would sensually drive you into any of France's most posh restaurants. But Michael's wouldn't be lucky enough to take the crown of French best delicacies alone in Chicago city. Entering the competition, Las Nomades stands as a testing competitor for the Chicagoan heart throb- chef Michael Lachowicz. Well, Las Nomades had plans to beat Michael's all the way and hence, Las Nomades edge in locating itself near some of Chicago's finest shopping malls, prestigious hotels and core entertainment areas, along with its distinctively elaborating menu of extraordinary wine and an elegantly delicate ambience that altogether add a modish touch to even the most casual dine out plans.

How could one mention Chicago and leave out those juicy, poppy stomach teasing steaks? Keefer's Restaurant is the place to be for those who like their steaks cooked all the way to perfection. The place is indeed a carnivores' dream come true with its signature 22-once T-bone and 17-ounce American Strip that are tossed in expertly created Peppercorn sauces, bordelaise and other heavenly dressings. Aside from the meaty streaks, the restaurant also specializes in one of Chicago's finest Sea food servings. Tuna and crab cakes are the highlights of Keefer's sea food menu.

Mexico has a model of its own deployed in Chicago- Salpicon it is! Inviting the locals and the visitors alike with its festive and cheerful yet cozy environment, Salpicon is a homely venture of a husband and wife. The celebrity chef, Priscila Satkoff swings the wand of her magical recipes to create the most marvelous and dreamy Mexican cuisines in entire Chicago. This is in effect the best Mexican restaurant in Chicago, situated on 1252 North Wells Street, Chicago, IL 0.1 ft N.
Till now, Chicago was virtually deprived of a true sushi King until 'Arami', the true Japanese King, arrived in town. Placing itself in West town Chicago, the recently inaugurated restaurant has managed to take on the throne quite comfortably. A wonderfully fresh parched bonito topped with a black fig and stunning crunchy hamachi maguro ebi (yellowtail, tuna, and shrimp) swathe in rice paper, is where the journey to an unmatchable Japanese specialties just begins.

After all the heavenly meals that Chicago's top restaurants pamper you with, it's time for something sweet. But hey, it's not just anything sweet that we're talking about here, it's that something that would perhaps take you to Charlie's chocolate factory or let you grab that mischievous ginger bread man. It's the 'BomBon' cakes and pastries that we're talking about. Located in Pilsen, on the 18th Street, BomBon is renowned as the best bakery in Chicago. Their cakes and pastries are uniquely created with not-so-usual ingredients, uniquely designed and then marvelously presented. When it comes to chocolate, it's as if the bakery has special instincts about chocolate. Along with all other flavors, Bombon specializes in the most extended variety of chocolate delicacies.

So next time if you're visiting Chicago on a business trip or for that basket ball match that would mean everything to you, do not forget to take a break and revitalize yourself with Chicago's best bites!

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