Wednesday, 27 July 2011

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When was the last time you gave your monotonous, dull routine a break and indulged in something as daring as descending down a cave? Probably never! Imagine this, as you move down into the shadows of the cave, a quiet breeze slips past you that leaves you feeling thrilled and a slightly nervous at the same time. There’s no adventure if it’s all too easy now is there? Washington’s Cave located at Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument provides you with the opportunity to experience something that can turn out to be the most exhilarating trip of your life.

More than 2,000 years ago, hot lava poured down the southern side of Mt. St. Helens.  As the boiling lava decanted and the surface cooled, it created a crust allowing the lava beneath to be insulated thereby letting it travel downwards the Valley of Lewis River. North America’s third longest lava tube was created as a result as the flowing lava pulsed for months through the tube.

Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument Washington D.C USA

Widely recognized as the Ape Cave at Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, this natural phenomenon is visited by tourists from all over the world. The name given to dual lava tubes alongside this trial by the primates were not monkeys. In fact they belonged to an outdoor club of 1950’s who discovered and explored the tubes. Book cheap flights to Washington now to feel the excitement run through your veins.

As one descends into the pitch dark cave, you encounter a breeze of constant 42 degrees. Thus, those brave adventurers out there who wish to take on this dare devil experience are advised to bring two lights sources at least and to be warmly dressed. For those who dig adventure in order to boost that ad reline rush, turn off the headlamp and experience what it is like to be surrounded with complete absence of light and sound. June till October are the perfect months to visit Ape Cave since the access becomes much easier due to lack of snow on roadways that lead the visitors to the site.

A Trail leading to two Forests can be found pretty near to Ape Cave. Take a stroll though a land of forest trees moss and lava by following this boardwalk trial of 0.25 mile boardwalk trail. Impressions and molds of ancient engulfed forest owing to the lava almost 2000 years ago and the breathing forest that remains evergreen will be discovered as one unfolds this area. There is one area that can be crawled through, provided a flash light is carried along. However, due to the tiny passing space, kids seem to better fit this small passage.

Ape Cave Washington D.C USA

This is a unique and audacious way to live life to the fullest. Most of us waste lives being too scared and are eventually left with that empty feeling of not ever being a part of something daring when life offered us. Well life has knocked on your door once again so avail the opportunity to the maximum and let the daredevil within you take over all the fears and hesitations.

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