Thursday, 21 July 2011

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Many of you must have desired to escape the occupied busy routine by visiting a serene and calm destination away from the bustling and stirring city. Rest easy as Lalbagh Fort or Fort Aurangabad is a magnificent Mughal palace along the Buriganga River in the south-west of Dhaka (Bangladesh) which is a real reflection of placidity and composure. It is one of the most-visiting tourists spot because of its splendid architecture and historical significance. Once you plan to spend your vacations grab cheap flights to Dhaka and must visit this glorious monument.

It was constructed in 1678 by Muhammad Azam who was the son of Emperor Aurangzeb but because of his death, the work remained incomplete. His beneficiary Shaista Khan did not pay heed to the importance of the fort till the death of his daughter in Pari Bibi(Fairy Lady) which compelled his mind to consider the palace to be apocalyptic. This fort is also the attestant of the defiance of the congenital soldiers who countered the British in the great 1857 revolt.

It was considered that the fort consisted of three main buildings but recent archaeological studies have shown that various other structures are also the part of the fort. Now the fort covers an area of about 18 acres and leavings of some 27 structures such as sewerage, fountains, roof gardens and water supply systems have also been found out. Among all the gateways, the one on the southern side is the most enforcing one which is a three-floored complex, contoured by the tenuous minarets. The gateway located at the north-eastern side is considerably simple and small-scaled. The third gateway locating in the middle of the northern bordering wall was left unfinished.

Lalbagh Fort Dhaka Bangladesh

The central area encircles the Mosque-which has three domes along with a water supply tank on the front side for Wudu, Diwan-i-Aam-which is a double-floored- structure joined to a Hammam on the western side and comprises of a kitchen, a water depository, an oven, open pavilion and a dressing room and Bibi Pari’s tomb-the most influential part of the fort consisting of 8 rooms which enclose the main room and contains the mortal leftovers of the Fairy Lady. The most astonishing features of the room are the bronze plated octahedral dome, ornamentation of the inner walls with white marbles, sides of the rooms glazed with ravishing patterned-tiles.

Besides, a Museum is also situated inside the fort that was built in 17th century during the reign of Shayesta Khan and consists of two floors, displaying antiquated items. Another great attraction is the Audience Hall that is considered to be Nawab Shayesta Khan’s abode and is located in the eastern side of the fort. The hall and its adjacent rooms are beautifully embellished with small vaulted corners and huge carved-in panels. Its three aesthetic multi-pointed embowed openings in the eastern and western direction are the most charming attractions for the tourists.

The Lalbagh fort with its grandeur and distinctive architecture has much more charismatic surprises for you. The climate of Dhaka is tropical with wet, hot and humid seasons. The best time to visit it is the cooler season which lasts from October to February. So this time when you plan your vacations do include Dhaka in your list of destination-to-visit.


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