Friday, 23 September 2011

Emirates Cheap Flight Routes to Harare Lusaka

The four star ranking United Arab Emirates carrier boost up its network to Africa by making up an announcement to launch its flights to new destinations Lusaka and Harare.

Lusaka is the capital of Zambia whereas Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe which offers a wide variety of attractions for people belonging to all age groups. Both routes will link up with a five weekly flights from Dubai beginning from 01st February, 2012.

Kariba Lake Zambia

These new flight routes will be operated by aircraft A330-200 in three class configuration offering 12 luxurious First Class seats, 42 Business Class seats and 183 Economy class seats. Moreover regarding flight schedule carrier will departs from Dubai at 09:25 reaching Lusaka at 14:50 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Moreover this service will depart from Lusaka at 16:20 and reach Harare at 17:20 however on the way back flights from Harare will depart at 19:20 reaching Lusaka at 20:20, departing from Lusaka at 21:50 reaching Dubai at 07:10 (local times).

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