Friday, 29 July 2011

Cheap flights to Mauritius

Mauritius is tiny Island on map it is located in Indian Ocean and well known for its radiant climate and sunny beaches with sparkling sand. It is also known as paradise for under water exploration so you will definitely enjoy Scuba diving by a close look of outstanding lagoon and excellent coral reef, many visitors use to visit Mauritius only for scuba diving every year, you can be one of them for that reason national carrier of Mauritius announces affordable fares for flyers intend to visit Mauritius in this season.

Cheap flights to Mauritius are starting from £369, in addition to flight to Mauritius airline also offers flights to Rodrigues Island with just additional charge of £40. Travel season divided in to three spells low, shoulder and high season.

LOW: 07 Apr – 17 Jul, 13 Aug – 10 Oct, 01 Nov – 30 Nov, 30 Dec – 31 Mar
SHOULDER: 01 Apr – 06 Apr, 18 Jul – 12 Aug, 11 Oct – 31 Oct, 01 Dec – 13 Dec
PEAK: 14 Dec – 29 Dec

These fares are being offered with validity of 12 months stay period and minimum is mandatory for 4 nights in any resort and stopovers are permitted in Mauritius when final destination is Rodrigues. Travel must start from 1st Apr 2012 – 31st Mar 2013 and fares are applicable for sales and ticketing from now onwards and will be valid until further intimation.

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