Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Many of you would already know Douala as the largest city of Cameroon. Others would know it for its glaring commercial and financial importance for the entire country and yet many more would praise it for its wonderful culture, sightseeing, stunning natural beauty and its wealth of a precious animal habitat. There is no shortage of reasons for people who book cheap flights to Douala, to visit this amiable city. While many come here for business, holiday trips, nice and affordable honeymoons, historical and cultural exploration and millions of other reasons, let us introduce you to Douala at a time when the city hosts a festivity.

Cameroon in general and Douala, in particular, posses a large number of exciting activities for locals and visitors all round the year. However, Douala is truly a place to visit at a time when one of its exciting festivals is in progression. On such instances, you would see the city drenched in glittering lights, vibrant bonfires, dancing people and array of delicious delicacies being severed. Whether it’s Christmas or the famous Ngondo festival or the festival of African music or any other prominent event, the city has its own distinct way of expressing its jubilance and high spirits, while attaching high spiritual and religious value to them.

Ngondo Festival Cameroon

One of the most eminent and prominent of Doula’s festivals is the Ngondo Festival the River God or the Wouri River. The Ngondo Festival is a way to connect with the spirits of “water Gods” and has been celebrated as an annual religious/traditional festival for countless years now. The festival begins at the start of dry season, December that is. All costal tribes of Cameroon including Limbe and Kribi, come together to join in the festivity. Ngondo festival begins with a number of rituals and feasts performed to celebrate and rejoice the unity of various African tribesmen who gather there for further celebrations of the event. The first and in fact the most important venue of the festival is the Wouri River Bank where a major chunk of dancing and spiritual rituals of the festival are performed. These celebrations afterwards proceed to other river banks. The entire time period of Ngondo festival is marked by exhibition of African traditional dance, music, drum beats and ravishing handicrafts. Apart from this a race and a canoe parade are also a famous part of the festival. However, the most interesting and fascinating part of the entire ceremony is the declaration of the ancestor’s message from the waters to tribal heads. It sure is a life time experience to be in Douala at the time of this interesting and fascinating festival.

Another musical treat which offers a chance to the African locals as well as foreign visitors to rejoice together in a massive celebration, is at the African Music Market.  Also known as the ‘Le Kolatier’ in Africa the African Music Market Festival brings together the most famous and prestigious musical bands of Africa and Indian Ocean, after every two years. Professional musical bands from different countries gather together to share each other’s precious creations and to set a stage for the audience to get mesmerized. This festival is not only a collage of different bands performing their talent, but other activities such as workshops, trade fairs, seminars and other important opportunities for networking also carry on alongside.

Wouri River Cameroon

This time try booking flights to Cameroon for Christmas and you would cherish that experience for a life time. Like all around the world, Christmas is one event that is celebrated in the highest sprits all around Cameroon. Christmas virtually remains the biggest event celebrated in Gaborone with young and old joining in the festivity with highest enthusiasm. In Douala, especially the youngsters take eager part in Christmas celebrations as they strive to look the best and the trendiest. Douala has quite a notable trend of youngsters imitating local and international music stars in the way they dress and carry their selves. You would see girls and boys planning their Christmas celebrations quite a head of Christmas period. Moreover, the entire city is lit us like a candle over all and adding to the charm of the city, musical concerts, Christmas shows, tempting shopping sales and delightful confectioneries and gourmet; all stand at their best near Christmas time.
This time when you plan to book tickets for Douala, make sure you travel to the city when one of its alluring festivals are about to begin. Combined with the city’s overall attractions, witnessing Douala in its festive mood would surely be a treaty for you and your family.


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