Wednesday, 20 July 2011

cheap flights to brazil to Salvador Air europa

Salvador has wonderful beaches, rich African culture, and carnival on the streets, number of excellent hotels and restaurants can be found in all places, tremendous nightlife and music where several local bands are part of it, Bahian cuisines and dresses have major share in its attraction.

Salvador Brazil

Bahian food has influence of African, Indian and Portuguese cultures as well as exotic local ingredients. Don’t forget to taste typical dishes Acarajé, Abará, Moqueca de camarão, Vatapa and many more these are simple and delicious.

Salvador greets your appearance and now you can book cheap flights as Air Europa launches generously stunning fares for its consumers. Air Europa will operate twice weekly flights from 11th Aug – 10th Dec 2011 via Madrid under validity of these fares which can be ticketed on or before 31st Jul 2011. Cheap flights to Salvador (SSA) are starting from £279 exclusive of taxes

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